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  • Splendid
  • 天晴
  • 7.88
  • 7.44
  • 9
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A collection of one-shots:

1. Tensei:
The day Shinohara Chiaki met Gotou-kun was in April during her second year of high school. The new class lists had just been posted and she was nervous that she would not know anyone. Gotou, the school judo star, instantly introduced her to lots of people and made her feel at ease. To Chiaki, Gotou-kun was like a impressively bright blue sky. But one day, during one of his judo matches...

2. One and Only:
Matsumoto Rika was on her way to her part-time job as a waitress at a restaurant when in her rush, she yanked open a door right into a guy's face. The guy glared at her in pain and in surprise and embarrassment, she ran away while barely apologizing. She hoped she would not ever have to see him again, but when she arrived at work...

3. Aishitekurenai:
Fukazawa Akira is dating Yasuda Tatsurou, but Akira is worried that Yasuda doesn't actually like her all that much. It's been a few weeks now since she asked him out, but nothing romantic has happened between them. In addition, she always sees him spending more time with an older friend of theirs named Yuka-chan-senpai, who he had a crush on in the past. Is Yasuda just using Akira to get over Yuka-chan-senpai?
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