Bitter Virgin
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  • Горькая невинность
  • ビターバージン
  • 惨痛处女
  • 慘痛處女
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Popular high school student Suwa Daisuke has no interest in dating newcomer Aikawa Hinako, a quiet loner. That's because she recoiled from his flirtatious touch, and he took it as a personal affront. Daisuke informs one of his buddies that he wouldn't date her, not knowing Hinako was listening. Daisuke's attitude changes after he accidentally hears her confession in an abandoned church; she's been sexually abused by her stepfather and has given up a child for adoption. His former annoyance turns to compassion and concern. Hinako is unaware that he knows her terrible secret. Believing him to have no romantic interest, she becomes more relaxed and comfortable in his company. Their relationship faces a lot of obstacles, including jealous classmates.
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Some parts were just too unrealistic for me, but that’s okay. For example, the reactions seemed too unreal for such a deep topic. It was good and it said what it needed to say. However, towards the end, it did seem rushed. The character, I feel, did not fully complete their cycle or grow. Not one of my favorites.
I guess it was good. Its storytelling and message was phenomenal, the premise was great and decently executed and it definitely made me melancholic here and there. But it’s pretty short, the character development and world building was hastened and rushed, and the ending leaves much to be desired.

Overall, I’d say it’s a really good read while it lasted, but besides from the underlying moral lesson this manga gave, I doubt there’s anything else memorable about this manga.
Man that synopsis. If someone recoiled from *my* flirtatious touch, I'd totally take it as a personal affront too
Should you read this? Depends. You like tears right? Seeing them, shedding them, having weird dreams were you wake up with them crusted on your pillow... if so, please read on.
Nice read. Better than most emo bullshit but
Really meaningful read, a classic.
1/10 - waste of time.
Overall this was a very good read (initially i had something else written here but it seemed spoilerish)
This series destroyed me because of the way the author convey the feeling of each characters and the scary part this happens in real life. I actually don’t regretted reading this manga and I have a hate love relationship of this series. I recommend this series if you are interested to read it.
Need to reread it to, it's been so many years since the last time
Well that was a feelercoaster to get through. 10pts.
But why must you foreshadow every bad thing in the very end?
Still, let's just be optimistic that they can pull through every forthcoming trouble and together have one kid or two, till death do them apart. Dream worlds should never have pessimistic endings.
Its honestly a little miracle that the author of something as trite as Girl Saurus also wrote such a masterpiece, only thing it lacks to be absolutely perfect is an epilogue of some kind, but MAN this has nothing to be ashamed with the likes of Fruits Basket or Kare Kanojo.
One of the first and most memorable manga for me. This had some impact on my own personality and perspective in life.
i mean... it's guilt romance, and the romance starts in the last chapter so LUL
oh man, one of my favorite romances. To people who's afraid to read this because they think it's depressing all i gotta say is don't be afraid this is more bitter sweet than depressing. It has depressing back story for female lead tho, but overall really great series
Just came back to reread this one. I'm glad it got moved over.
@Purplelibraryguy I agree. It's a classic to be sure. The most I could nitpick is that the execution is a little clumsy, but no manga is perfect.
Oh look who it's the infamous PLG
Just binged this story all night...
It's almost 4am here was that good I couldn't put it me and classes tomorrow haha