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  • Kaum bangsawan
  • Дворянство
  • النبلاء
  • 大貴族
  • 大贵族
  • 노블레스
  • 8.42
  • 8.50
  • 489
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  • 118,416
  • 8,016
  • 2,195
Rai wakes up from 820-years long sleep and starts his new life as a student in a high school founded by his loyal servant, Frankenstein. But his peaceful days with other human students are soon interrupted by mysterious attackers known as the "Unions".
Reading progress:
  • Volume 0/8
  • Chapter 0/544

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If there only one manga/manhwa I could rate 10/10, I think this one might take it ! The mix of intense action, op lead characters with great character development and hilarious comedy. Honestly super good, defo recommend !
For those who want to read the entire series, you can either watch an ad to read one chapter per day on webtoon, or you can read the entire series here for free! This is the site I use lol

Pinging you just in case you’d like somewhere to binge read it again like I’m doing lmao
I read alpha and i realy liked it, so i started to read the main manhua and honestly, its trash. Im at chapter 180 so im not sure it will ever get any better. Its just so linear, it says its a seinen but its just some shounen trash. The fights are okay, but thats all there is, there is no sigbificant character development or lore.


That sounds so stupid. Why would they put a retarded paywall?
No English version? Cmon.
I used to read this on Kissmanga (RIP), before I learned about Webtoon. Which is the official site, meaning it actually benefits the creators. So ofc I started reading it over there. This series, is bad. Like really bad. It's extremely formulaic. Badguys are all exactly the same and completely cliché, side characters are just filler till the MCs show up (just like in DBZ), they get development and continuously get stronger, but the badguys scale up with them so they never get a satisfying victory.

But I love it. It's awful, but I love it. The characters, the comedy, the action. 100% guilty pleasure. I've read all 550 chapters multiple times.

HOWEVER. Webtoon introduced a new mechanic involving completed series. Called a "Daily Pass" where you have to pay for chapters or be locked behind a wall.
But that ruins the point of completed series, bingeing. They put a daily pass on Noblesse. Even though it's two chapters a day, it'll still take someone a year to finish. No one in their right mind would do that. That's why I'm here, to re-read my guilty pleasure. Yet out of every other webtoon ive found on this site, this is the only one without any english chapters. what the hell man.
This was one damn awesome series. It has left me so many memories and feels. If you are here to find about if you should read it or not then i suggest you just for it.
You ll love it.
I wish i had all chapters here so i can keep tracking of it easier.. hope someone will pick this one again
I liked it at first but then it just got the point of kill, kill, enemy too strong, lose, get stronger, kill, repeat. It just goes on forever, dude. Like I read 180 ish chapters hoping that it gets better somewhere and it just cycle and repeats. 500 chapters? No thanks.
Isn't better to just read it for free on Line Webtoon and support creators?

This series is getting stuck behind the daily pass BS on Webtoon that Girls of the Wild's and a bunch of other completed series like Bastard were already stuck behind. I wouldn't actually have a problem with this at all if daily pass wasn't designed in a fairly obnoxious way, so the next time I feel like reading this I'll probably have to slum it on some other site since the whole thing is unlikely to ever be on here.

Some TL;DR about the purchasing option through Webtoon if you're curious.

Edit: Actually just downloading the whole motherfucker directly from Webtoon right now. Apparently they sort of made their site easy to rip from despite blocking stuff like right click image saving. Perhaps this is the real reason they don't list everything on the website and try to force you to use their app, they knew about this loophole? Seems about right.
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This series made me give up on all Korean stuff for a long time. Mate I was reading this when it was like 20-30 chapters. I think I quit at 200 or so. There's 500? Boi.
@hezkezl tbh it’s no hassle at all, if u just download webtoon app it has looooots of cool webtoons and there is no ads at all noblesse already is completed on the app along with many other cool stuff
I run adblock all the time, along with several privacy-centered plugins. I do not want to take even the slightest chance that I'll get my computer infected with something from some random ad, so going to the original website to view on there would only waste their bandwidth and make me visit yet another website, instead of just reading everything on here...

Not to mention probably needing to sign up for yet ANOTHER website to be get notifications of an update for them, when this site does that already... So for me, personally, it's more of a chore to go to the official English site to read than it would be to read on here.
Isn't better to just read it for free on Line Webtoon and support creators?