I Love You Baby
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You are the "first" of everything for me who is afraid of guys.

A 7th grade girl by the name of Mirei is not allowed to do anything after school due to her strict parents, but one day she goes out on her own after her mom has left for work. That day, she meets a boy that seems to be younger than her. What will become of this meeting?
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Fyi, calling out to anyone who is still don't know there's a side story to 𝐈 𝐋𝐨𝐯𝐞 𝐘𝐨𝐮 𝐁𝐚𝐛𝐲 when they're in high school. It's called【 桃色秘事 】Momoiro Himegoto, a oneshot from her previous works, 𝐊𝐈𝐒𝐒. 🥰

it's not in english tho : https://readmanga.live/kiss__komori_mikko_/vol1/3#page=1
ughhh so cute T-T
Thank you for translating this series! Love the story 😊
So precious and cute 🥺🥺
I'm so glad this finally updated!!!!!!! I've waited 2 years for an update, thank you!!!!!!!!!
Fast read, cute story uwu
I wanted to slap the mother from the very beginning.
Ending kinda fast but sweet fluffy read. Thank you for translating to the end!!!
;;; they’re growing up omg this slow burn is so delish; also, THANK YOU guys for picking this series up and translating!! :’) We really appreciate the dedication and time, effort, sanity into your projects!! I hope you will get some rest!
I'm so glad this is getting pretty regular updates now! The way that mirei's home life is, really reminds me of my own upbringing so I feel a lot of empathy for her... I'm really glad to see this kind of dynamic in a manga
And if it's quite all right
I need you baby
To warm the lonely nights
I love you baby
Trust in me when I say

Oh pretty baby
Don't bring me down I pray
Oh pretty baby
Now that I've found you stay
And let me love you, baby
Let me love you
I feel so sorry for her. Growing up and in a strict home I was never allowed anywhere outside of school. I cried a bit ? it reminds me of myself and that makes me so sad

Scanlation groups are usually composed of many different people, all of whom have different interests and responsibilities outside of scanlating. When one member of the team (e.g. the translator) is less active, the project can be held up, even if the the 'scanlation group' itself has other active translators.

So, it's not like scanlation groups are all directed by some chain of command at the top. It's just likeminded fans cooperating when they're able.
@rabbitsamurai ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
why are there so many groups translating the same thing? i swear translation groups just keep getting too many projects and take forever to translate, then they take manga that have been dropped by the author and then they translate the same thing.
yeah they can do wherever they want, but their organization skills are really lacking...
Other than the cheesy title. A very precious manga to enjoy.
@Kirin-kun there is.
I thought it was a shoujo manga from the 90s.

But no... 2014.

I guess there's still an audience for that kind of "pure" shoujo.
I seriously wish they'd stop translating if they couldn't keep up with it. Always picking up series but can't finish it cause it isn't that popular.

Edit: By the way if you wanted to read chapter 10 and 11 go to dessert's official site. They have those chapter there but it seems as if they've stopped translating since the last chapter was uploaded in 2017. I love this manga but it seems to have already been abandon by the groups who picked it up. So basically, if you don't want to get heartbroken because of the lack of releases DON'T READ THIS. Find other mangas to read, I suggest you read Hibi Chou Chou because it is very similar (if you're not already here because of it). Anyways, I have no hope for future releases (as I've said, it's already been at least 1 and a half year since the last update.) Continue anyways if you'd like.
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I would kill to read the rest of this.... I wish i knew japanese