Houseki no Kuni
Alt name(s):
  • Country of Jewels
  • Il Regno delle Gemme
  • L'Ère des Cristaux
  • Land of the Lustrous
  • Mücevher Ülkesi
  • Reino de Gemas
  • Страна самоцветов
  • 宝石の国
  • 보석의 나라
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  • 9.33
  • 1,206
Pub. status:
  • 635,592
  • 13,470
  • 434
In the distant future, a new life form called Houseki (gems) are born. The 28 Houseki must fight against the moon dwellers who want to attack them and turn them into decorations, thus each gem is assigned a role such as a fighter or a medic. Though they hope to fight the moon dwellers, Phos is a gem who is given no assignment until the gems' master Adamantine asks them to write an encyclopedia.

  • Nominated for the 8th Manga Taisho Awards in 2014.
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    @Xh30 Ah, is it out? And is it reasonably caught up? I was under the incorrect impression it wasn't, but maybe I will.
    If that bothers you, just read the official translation.
    Loved the anime, want to love the manga, but the fact at least the earlier translations can't respect the gender the author set for the characters, and I hear the later chapters don't either, really ruins it.

    The gems are not he, the gems are not she, the author has explicitly stated this. Why's it so hard? I get why some other languages have problems but the English translations should be a bit more competent than that because they can be.
    The reason why Adamant can't pray is much more simple than you think. He has developed an ego, with his own desires, which directly contradicts the role he has to play. He can easily end the suffering of everyone by praying and removing them from existence to eternal nothingness, but he can't because he can't let go of his desire to be with the gems. The lunarians most definitely still desire nothingness, it's just the gems being on the moon made their own suffering a little more bearable, but in the end they are still suffering.
    Okay, so here's a thought.

    Adamant is broken not because there's something wrong with the prayer system but because he subconsciously knows that something's wrong with the prayer system. That is, Adamant subconsciously knows that the prayer system is bound to overload and his prayer would wipe out all life, so he stops the prayer from starting every time without really knowing why. This means Aechmea is the real asshole because he's pushing for extinction despite the fact that moon civilization already CHANGED with the arrival of the Gems. The whole reason for the death wish of the Lunarians was their eternal boredom and continued failure to avoid repeating past mistakes. However, the Gems already fixed that. All the Gems have had a deep influence on Lunarian way of life, from giving them a princess and an idol, to providing a purpose for their scientific research, to something as simple as reinventing skater culture. There is no longer any need for the prayer. Only Aechmea really desires it at this point, knowing full well why Adamant subconsciously rejects it.
    I agree that it's got more boring as it went on. It's transparently a Buddhist allegory about how attachment to desires brings suffering. It might be a little unfair to say that a slavish devotion to that allegory has warped the story, because obviously it was the initial premise. But as the allegory became more transparent the story felt more and more artificial, it really ruined the suspension of disbelief for me.
    this is so hype
    @HenrykDodwel I think it just keeps getting more and more interesting, personally.
    @HenrykDodwel like which part that it got worse ?
    I'm glad that stopped anime at the first season. To be fair, the story now is way worse and i feel disappointed about how it went.
    Yes Phos. Put them to dust. Make em dust. Put them in their OWN dust
    F for the gems
    "I have allowed you a few pages of happiness, Merry Christmas. Now for maximum sad."

    - Ichikawa
    Merry Christmas, time to die
    It's slow to start but now that I've caught up, I can say comfortably that this is stellar.
    Yup, that's what i want to see from my favorite psycho gemstone ;D
    Yes Phos. Destroy everyone.
    >This character development makes 0 sense, this is turning into quite the dissapointment.

    To me it makes perfect sense, in a way. They are static, eternal lifeforms, so it figures that after giving up - away so much change would be this drastic.

    I also have an inkling of suspicion that her whole life arc somehow resonates in concepts found in buddhism, but both my current awareness of, and desire to learn about its principles are too casual to be blasting definitive statements about it, not to mention they already are too easy to encounter in fandom.
    when is this going to end? i'm tired of this endless cycle of nothing-action on the moon'
    i've been following this for years, i just want it to end now
    Woaw Phos has really changed (well after losing so many parts of herself its quite obvious that she's no longer the cute little gem of the beginning ^^)
    I'm pretty curious to see her transformation, I think she needs to feel the real pain and the pure sadness before obtaining the enlightment (or the absolution), after all for now every actions is inspired of buddhism concepts.