Boku Girl
Alt name(s):
  • Eu sou uma garota
  • Ich bin ein Mädchen
  • Je suis une Fille
  • Soy una Chica
  • Tomgirl
  • Я девушка!?
  • ボクガール
  • 仆少女
  • 보쿠걸
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  • 8.34
  • 1,038
Pub. status:
  • 198,975
  • 8,777
  • 650
Mizuki gets confessed to by a boy in front of a special mirror. Legend has it, that if you confess to someone you like in front of that mirror your wish comes true.

There is a slight problem in this equation: Mizuki is just a very feminine looking boy.

Also, it seems that he caught the attention of the Norse Trickster God, Loki, while glancing into the mirror. Loki decides out of boredom to mess with Mizuki and turns him into a real girl.

Suzushiro Mizuki est un lycéen en 1e année victime de quelques difficultés dans sa vie : en effet, les gens le confondent constamment avec une fille ! Les garçons qui l’entoure finisse toujours par lui déclarer leur flamme. Même la fille qu’il aime le voit plus comme une amie que comme un potentiel petit ami. Et pour couronner le tout, Loki, déesse des farces fatiguée d’embêter les dieux, décide de se tourner vers le monde des humains, faisant de Suzushiro sa cible. Résultat : Mizuki se réveille dans un corps amputé de la seule réelle preuve de sa masculinité. Comment va-t-il réussir à gérer tout ça ?

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    I smelled gay.
    I found gay.
    I liked gay.

    I rate 9/10 tho cuz no
    I cant help but feel disappointed that there was no real closure for Loki. Did Loki fall in love with Mizuki?
    this is soooo fucking good. it got the ending i was hoping for which is nice.
    Man, reading this as a transwoman was probably not the best idea. I'm always so sad when I think about how I wish that were me. Guess I have to keep living in reality lol
    loved reading this - finished it in two days (and only because i had to sleep)


    the ending made me sad. i was seriously rooting for .

    i'm happy with the MC's final decision on which sex to stay as though, given the choice. so much for my ending though... lol

    on a final note, i swore to myself i'd never root for the MC to go either way, but i always do this ( → Д←) i always root for one or the other, and the one i root for is almost never the one the MC stays with!
    It's pretty good but Over the top humour gets boring closer to the finishing line.

    I'd say this one, Onii-chan is Done For and Kanojo ni Naru Hi are the greatest gender-bender mangas I have read so far.

    Of course, there is Youjo Senki, but I don't think you would read that just for having "gender swap" tag in it. It's amazing for other reasons and barely touches the actual topic of swapping gender.

    Gotta dive deeper into it
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    That was just okay
    Really nice read, the only thing I would change is how the author handled the comedy, it gets so unbearable with the over the top characters at times that it's detrimental to the overall experience.
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    That was beautiful. I'm actually sad to see it end.
    Boku Girl is the best gender bender I've ever read.
    This manga reminds me oddly of Tensei Pandemic or is it the other way around...
    The best gender bender Manga that I know. Nothing beats this one.
    Great read, binged it in one night ! It's a great romance, with decent comedy (some great moments 'though), and an ending that really pays off in my opinion.

    What would have made it even better, as it would in most stories, is a timeskip... I believe that whenever a timeskip could bring more closure, it should be included, but oh well, still a fantastic, and beautiful, manga.
    Runs out of ideas halfway.
    dont read if you dont like yaoi or traps
    classic GB manga. P.S. to the people surprised by the end, foreshadowing in the first chapter before the change.

    When Mizuki is talking to Takeru, Mizuki picks a girl he likes Fujiwara.

    I loved this series does anyone know where i can read Boku no Arbeit the novel i cant find an english version to read
    Good manga. That said, Mizuki has horrible taste in clothing the entire run. He only looks good when someone else picks out his clothes.
    I thought this was going to be a disgusting deviant manga.

    But after reading it, it’s actually good and sweet and the character are all likeable. It’s only a little deviant.