Boku Girl
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  • Eu sou uma garota
  • Ich bin ein Mädchen
  • Je suis une Fille
  • Soy una Chica
  • Tomgirl
  • Я девушка!?
  • ボクガール
  • 仆少女
  • 보쿠걸
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  • 8.34
  • 1,734
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  • 308,732
  • 13,928
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Mizuki gets confessed to by a boy in front of a special mirror. Legend has it, that if you confess to someone you like in front of that mirror your wish comes true.

There is a slight problem in this equation: Mizuki is just a very feminine looking boy.

Also, it seems that he caught the attention of the Norse Trickster God, Loki, while glancing into the mirror. Loki decides out of boredom to mess with Mizuki and turns him into a real girl.



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    this manga sparks a deep primal rage within me and i don't even remember why.
    A comfort story for me. I like this manga a lot. It has a lot of weaknesses (esp the secondary characters) but no matter what and no matter how many times I read it, I just love this story too much. I relate to Mizuki a lot, too, that might help haha
    Still tho. As some put it before, I didn't say it was good, I said I liked it ;)
    I was thinking this god is a d*ck but then I realised that god irl is an absolute d*ickhead!
    As soon as the obligatory loli-god makes her entrance to "Midgard", my interest tanked and I skipped around, maybe half of the manga.
    But, the pairing is kino even if the (really) annoying Yamada character blueballed that one chapter. Great if you turn on your tunnel vision and only pay attention to genderbend hijinks and Takeru x Mizuki.
    Even the "oh gee, maybe I was only admiring her and I didn't really like-like her" stuff was nice, as nothing beats established relationships.
    All the other characters...pass. I find wacky casts full of background goofs detract from romance plots, but maybe I'm getting too old for that kind of comedic appeal.
    Either way, give it a go, and if you find yourself losing interest, just skip to Ch85 and finish from there. You're really not going to miss anything that they won't explain again.
    The people in this manga are absolutely retarded, im so damn tired of these forced "thick headed kawaii uguuu" characters. 2/10
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    Held in my piss so I could finish this in one sitting.
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    Oh god, finally managed to trudge until the end. I give this a 3/10. Be warned, his bestie and the side characters are... disturbing.

    Short review below:
    I'm so soo glad that she picked him!! I was super anxious that she'll pick the girl cause I ship the Childhood friends together sooo much!! Literally! Oof. I think I cried a little at the ending, and I cried a lil too with the little loli gone TwT.. I really reallyyy enjoyed it!
    enjoyed it
    So glad I finally got to finish this manga. Bit of mixed feelings about the ending but all in all a good one.

    Mod Note: Please use spoiler tags when talking about chapter-specific or future events.
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    Mod Note: Please use spoiler tags when talking about chapter-specific or future events.
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    Mod Note: Please use spoiler tags when talking about chapter-specific or future events.
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    I feel incredibly underwhelmed by that ending, zero emotional impact and weird lead up to it, everything is just off and shallow. This manga peaked in the first 25 chapters or so and just became an incoherent drawn out mess with weakly developed and annoying characters. 3/10
    i like this, it was nice
    Came into this very skeptical and while it did have an overall satisfying ending, I felt like some characters needed more closure. If anyone can find any similar gender-benderish manga. please hmu.
    Yamada easily drops this a point or two by himself, he's that unenjoyable
    Just okay. Would be better if characters like Fujiwara and Loki had a better development. Well, Loki didn't develop at all... But I'm glad my favourite couple got together in the end.
    tbh i don't know how i feel about this ending.

    and what about loki? what happened to her?