Mozuya-san Gyakujousuru
Alt name(s):
  • Mozuya-san goes on a rampage
  • Mozuya-san Gyakujou Suru
  • 傲娇少女大骚动
  • 百舌谷さん逆上する
  • 7.72
  • 7.52
  • 65
Pub. status:
  • 32,641
  • 1,627
  • 20
Mozuya Koto is afflicted with the medically accepted disorder known as Dr Josef Tsundere’s Bipolar Personality Disorder, or just “tsundere” for short. With her golden hair, blue eyes, twin tail, and being rich on top of all that, Mozuya Koto comes equipped with all the basic necessities of being a top class tsundere. When Mozuya wants to be friends with somebody or when she likes somebody, she will take offensive actions that are completely opposite from what a normal person would actually do in the same situation and it is completely outside of Mozuya’s control.
The manga is pretty serious most of the time, focusing on Mozuya’s troubles with getting along with people as she keeps turning violent due to her tsundere disorder.
Reading progress:
  • Volume 0/10
  • Chapter 0/?

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My boy Bobby Hill.
this manga is one big bruh moment
Ah, a new volume cover of Mozuya-san. For some reason that blush terrifies me 😏😏
Btw anyone know if Shinofusa has been the assistant of Kitazaki Taku? Sometimes some of the characters are extremely similar, but most often not at all, so it gets me wondering.
These characters take a while to warm up to, but when you do, this story's a real treat. Looking forward to more. Gotta say though, can't say that Wife-san isn't a driving factor... Hot damn, what a bombshell!
this has 50 chapters and 10 volumes... i can only hope to read it all sometime.
Btw the author was probably thinking about borderline personality disorder but for some reason named it bipolar instead. Maybe it’s more we’ll known pop-culturally in Japan or so.
Where’s the “CUCKED BETA MC NTR”-crowd?

Edit: This is really fucking good. Like one of the best I’ve read in a long time. The art, the characters, the interpersonal relationships, the wacky humor, wow.
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Cave man don’t like read me no like words me only want big honkers and rom com why look like old and young at same time ヾ( ・`⌓´・)ノ゙
i know that this manga have lots of texts to translate and it will take very long time to translate it, but the fact that it has been 4 days since then and we have no other news worried me that they will also drop this
I never expected this to get picked back up. It must be a slog to translate with all the text.
@Kryon_PL That would be a retarded assement, the author is manipulative and can be deranged, but saying she would be bipolar would mean we have an excuse to flat this woman's face against the pavement if we even saw a glimpse of her in the streets of Tokyo in comendable, repudable and justified self defense.
@briezh I suppose technically Bipolar is a mental illness rather than personality disorder, but in common verbiage the two terms are often used synonymously.
We've got a red alert, [Tsundere] is active. All hands on deck.
I always wonder if Mozuya is a self insert by the author, anyway thank you once again for bringing this manga back
@ebsolas That’s not what I learnt in my french national psychiatry book.

Bipolarity has nothing to do with personality disorders. Check out what is said in the DSM 5, the American classification of psychiatric disorders.
You don’t use medication to treat personality disorders
Also, holy moly those foreheads are small.
@breizh Bipolar is a personality disorder though. The World Health Organization (WHO) officially recognizes it as one. Although the root cause is unconfirmed, it is believed to be caused by a malfunction in neurotransmitters and brain chemicals; noradrenaline (norepinephrine), serotonin, and dopamine. The fact that mood stabilizer and antipsychotic medications help alleviate symptoms supports this.
I know this is comedy but bipolar is having swings between being too happy and too depressed (roughly) and it has nothing to do with personality disorders.
@carero12 I guess it's time for waking up?