Mozuya-san Gyakujousuru
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  • Mozuya-san Goes on a Rampage
  • Mozuya-san Gyakujou Suru
  • 傲娇少女大骚动
  • 百舌谷さん逆上する
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  • 6.62
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Mozuya Koto is afflicted with the medically accepted disorder known as Dr Josef Tsundere’s Bipolar Personality Disorder, or just “tsundere” for short. With her golden hair, blue eyes, twin tail, and being rich on top of all that, Mozuya Koto comes equipped with all the basic necessities of being a top class tsundere. When Mozuya wants to be friends with somebody or when she likes somebody, she will take offensive actions that are completely opposite from what a normal person would actually do in the same situation and it is completely outside of Mozuya’s control.
The manga is pretty serious most of the time, focusing on Mozuya’s troubles with getting along with people as she keeps turning violent due to her tsundere disorder.
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  • Chapter 0/58

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I often find that things that are polarising interesting, I really like this one, after only being a couple of chapters in. I am also sleep deprived, maybe I'll change my mind tomorrow. Good night.
When I see the new chapter, she looks normal enough to pass as normal person, her dissease is more like made up by her grandpa
Took the words right out my . . . keyboard. I waited for the translation to continue, and it was good for a minute. Devolved into this current dredge.

Shit, I almost forgot the original main character was Kabashima.
Series starts shitty, becomes decent then turns even shittier, not expecting much from whatever ending it may get.

Basically 90% of the side characters are pretty awful too.
Idk. I did not enjoy this manga. Read 3-4 chapters, no idea what's about. Girl acting weird something. It had nothing to interest me except detailed art. The premise was ok, but didn't shape into an interesting plot.
Dude looking like an r/13or30 picture lol
Yep, being tsundere is a sickness. They're ill and got problems with their brains. This manga proves it.
Read the first 5 chapters and thought it was a meh series. Came back 4 weeks later and i gotta say i was bery surprised with how well the series was after chapter 12
This is a masterpiece. They took the tsundere trope, made it a clinical, hereditary disease, and have fleshed out a serious story that explores everything from the way people treat each other normally, how some use crippling diseases as an excuse, and it excellently explores how the "cripple" herself would grow up and mature while dealing with everything at once.
This isnt lighthearted, tropey manga. Its here to make you reconsider your perspectives, to show you that there are more than just one or two perspectives to every situation, countless opinions and complications arising from any interaction, and far too many misconceptions and misunderstandings we experience on a daily basis.
The part with the stock market is a great allegorization of the entire story: she's good at reading everything around her, but in the end discovers that there are far more factors in play she cant understand or control. Its the same thing with every one of her relationships, and with life in general. Nobody is perfect, nobody knows everything. Everybody is struggling to make sense of things, to deal with their own situations and feelings, and if you step back and look at it all from a wider angle you can see that it's all just a huge mess.
The tsundere disease is obviously fictional - but what we're being shown here applies to every other form of being somehow crippled, to every kid diagnosed with some "problem", as well as " normal" people who aren't actually all that much different from the "weirdos".
This manga is one of those once in a lifetime masterpieces that can open your eyes to a lot of things. Like when they made kids read " The Child Called It" in school to get kids and teachers to open their eyes to bullying and abuse and how we treat each other, though I would say this is a far more potent story that covers a lot more than shoving a single stereotype situation into your face.
@ParanoiaAgent Tsundere is just a trope, a gag, an exaggeration of things people in real life might feel... it's something meant for comedy and not supposed to be taken seriously by readers...

Basically, in a normal manga, if you see a tsundere, you are supposed to take their attitude with a grain of salt..

But this series seems to be one that makes it into something taken seriously...
I hope im not the only one here, but I only care about mc and his quest for self improvement through physical training. I want to see the relationship of him and koto grow even if its a dysfunctional one. I abhor the current tones of NTR, and I absolutely couldnt care less about the subplots or most of the side characters.
Not a personality traits, rather, a disorder or illness in the case of this manga.
@robloxoof this is a story about all kind of degenerates tropes you can find. You see all characters being confronted to their grotesquely comical tendencies to go over-the-top and haywire. All those people have something missing in their brain, hence the comical aspect
@robloxoof So basically in this story tsundere is a condition where positive emotions lead to the patient becoming violent to people around them or the person their emotions are directed to. So feelings such as love and happiness can cause a spark in the syndrome and make them violent. This is why the main character tries not to make friends and why they nearly killed the person they had a crush on. However, she became friends with the masochist guy since he loves pain and can take her constant abuse and torment.
Read through this and tbh I don't think I liked a single one of the characters, am dropping it.
I don't normally like tsunderes, but this is pretty good.
so good
Mangakas still think being tsundere is a personality trait?
I think it's quite an interesting take on the tsundere trope, a good read.
ahhh yeah fragile male ego manga