Ore ga Ojou-sama Gakkou ni "Shomin Sample" Toshite Rachirareta Ken
Alt name(s):
  • I was Kidnapped as "Commoner Sample" for an All-Girls School
  • Shomin Sample: I Was Abducted by an Elite All-Girls School as a Sample Commoner
  • Простолюдин в школе благородных девиц
  • นายสามัญชนจอมกวน ป่วนหัวใจยัยคุณหนูไฮโซ
  • 俺がお嬢様学校に「庶民サンプル」として拉致られた件
  • 关于我被绑架到大小姐学校当「庶民样本」这件事
  • 내가 아가씨 학교에 "서민 샘플"로 납치 된 사건
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  • 699
Pub. status:
  • 415,124
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In a hidden school surrounded by mountains, young ladies of good families are taught everything a high class lady needs to know. They are also completely cut off from the outside world, keeping them sheltered and innocent. However, a problem has come up recently-- more and more graduates are failing to cope with the modern world after graduation. To deal with this problem, they've decided to kidnap a male commoner student, and enroll him as a student. They hope that this will be a gentle way to introduce the girls to the outside world. Kagurazaka Kimito is chosen for this dubious honor, mostly because he seems utterly average. However, the school leaders also seem to have concluded he's a homosexual with a muscle fetish. When Kimito hears that the alternative may be castration (to protect the girls' purity), he eagerly plays along with this misconception. Now he'll just have to survive the attention of many high class young ladies that are completely out of touch with the world.

Portuguese / Português:
Em uma escola escondida, cercada por montanhas, jovens senhoras de boas famílias aprendem tudo o que uma mulher de alta classe precisa saber. Elas também são completamente isoladas do mundo exterior, mantendo-se protegidas e inocentes. No entanto, um problema surgiu recentemente: Mais e mais garotas não estão conseguindo lidar com o mundo moderno após a graduação. Para sanar com esse problema, foi decido sequestrar um garoto "plebeu", e registrá-lo como um estudante dessa escola com o objetivo de este ser um caminho mais "suave" de introduzir as meninas ao mundo exterior. Kagurazaka Kimito é escolhido para esta duvidosa honra.
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@juances19 huh, I missed that page I guess, welp, that was pointless then.
@randomname92 did you actually read it all? Page 20 in particular.

Nevermind, missed one page and it completely changed the special chapter.
Last edited 20 days ago by randomname92.
Great series overall, has many best girls, but yikes on that ending outcome
You know a series is good when you can't decide who's the best girl at the end of it. I wish I knew irl girls like the ones in this manga.
@ZionZ https://mangadex.org/title/23661/yonakano-reiji-ni-harem-wo, https://mangadex.org/title/26936/ojousama-no-shimobe, https://mangadex.org/title/7/the-world-god-only-knows and https://mangadex.org/title/21437/atsumare-fushigi-kenkyu-bu
I actually kind of liked this one, especially Karen.

Oh well, axes happen. And at least i didnt have to read this whole thing and then get an Eri win in the end, if that had happened.
@pilkington The entire manga's premise is absurd so it doesn't make sense to get bent about one part of it. A doppleganger? Amnesia? A school that's left off google earth like a military base? Rich people who are so sheltered they haven't used the internet? C'mon, man. You cannot sweat the details of such a silly manga.
is there anything else like this? Felt sort of good reading it with the comedy
@icantnotthink Nothing really fancy,
What happened in the last vol of the LN? If you know, I mean
@icantnotthink It got axed, the last vol of the LN has been cut out
Maybe I'm just salty over no real conclusion and Kimito not marrying anyone, but it feels like the ending just came out of nowhere. Did it get axed? Or is this how it ended in the LN?
I think it’s an amazing coincidence that I just finished the anime today and all the chapters of the manga finished uploading.
@RonBWL Ah, thanks.
@bane_ecf She is Hakua's personal maid
Was Sakimori one of the maids? It's been so long since I read this I can't remember.
@RonBWL Chapter 4 has been translated, I just need to find a proofreader for it :v