Tower of God
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Alt name(s):
  • Dievo Bokštas
  • Guds Torn
  • Isten Tornya
  • Kami no Tou
  • Menara Dewa
  • Sin-ui Tab
  • Tanrının Kulesi
  • Toi La Ai
  • Torre de Deus
  • Torre de Dios
  • Turm Gottes
  • Turnul lui Dumnezeu
  • Wieża Boga
  • Башня Бога
  • برج
  • برج الإله
  • 神の塔
  • 神之塔
  • 신의 탑
  • 8.89
  • 8.94
  • 1,392
Pub. status:
  • 657,260
  • 18,139
  • 1,995
Bam, who was alone all his life has entered the tower to chase after his only friend, Rachel, but how will he survive without having any special strength or power?

"What do you desire? Money and wealth? Honor and pride? Authority and power? Revenge? Or something that transcends them all? Whatever you desire—it's here."

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this was always #1. batoto was originally made to host tower of god, after all. mangadex ripped everything batoto had when it was going to go down, afaik.
wait, am i the one with bad memory or *this was not the #1 id manga before[/i

i faintly remember it was some doujin lmao
It's the same, just a different translation.
Is jahad the same family as zahard? If not, who is the jahad family?
Damn, TOG was the first story to be uploaded here on mangadex?
o ik this why is it the 1st mangadex thingy
I came here just because I'm curious what is the /title/1/ and I'm pretty surprised that it's not a manga cuz... you know.. its mangadex
Last edited 3 days ago by Tomahawk58.
@zer0v how do you not know that
"I came here because a lot of people recommended this story. Is this story really good?"
"Maybe. But if you really want to know the answer, head to the top, the answer you are looking is at the top of the tower."
"... ... ..."
@zer0v cause it is already free to read on a reputable platform, and officially translated too
hmm im just wondering why mangadex tower of gods not updated? any idea guys
Epic story. A male MC lacking in charisma. But several other side characters hold my interest. As in, I am seriously attracted to Princess Androssi.
Last edited 19 days ago by DeathGlider.
@Wesp8672 Pretty much. The official English translation is already 400+ chapters deep, so there's not much point in releasing it here lol
@Cutebaka lmao where did you stop reading? He legit becomes the opposite of a simp during a certain arc that isn't even too far in
All the chapters are translated on webtoons website all are free to read
What is with this obsession of making MC a simp lord
i knew i recognised the anime, it's because i read it on here hoooooooo
First read this ages ago. Got whole s1 in pack when download random manga that just completed(at that time manhwa & webcomic wasn't a thing yet) And i glad i did.

This manhwa, because of the art i want to drop it. Even the storybuild in early chapter suck! Or so i thought. But since i already got d pack, wh not finished it. And i fall in love.

The art getting better. Every character had their part. Not forgotten. So did the story. like one piece. The games remind me of HxH. Just if the fashion get better too. LoL.

If you want simple story, it may not for you. If you want middle to short chapter its not for you. It had double(even triple) length of normal webtoon. If you dislike too much side character that actually important, it may not for you. If you want character that too OP no one can beat him. Its not. Our MC indeed strong, but lotta person stronger than him. But he gradually got stronger. Remind me of Luffy. LoL

If you like one piece & Hunter xHunter you may like this one too.
So did they stop updating it on mangadex?