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Collection of cute and sweet short stories for all to enjoy.
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This comedy manga takes place in the room of a college girl named Yoshizawa. Her friends, Itou, Kitahara, and Nishida often stop by, and they run into funny adult-level problems. For instance, there is the day when her friends drop by while Yoshizawa's hungover in bed, and she suddenly realizes that she doesn't have on any underwear under the covers. Yoshizawa also has unusual problems, like her need for advice on drawing realistic penises in her manga, since she's never encountered one in real life before. There are a lot of quirky things that can happen in a college girl's home!

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  • 21,719
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A serialization about the story of a mute transfer girl who uses a sketchbook to talk to people, and a bullish classmate with a special ability who befriends her.

Portuguese / Português:
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  • 120,997
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A straight girl wanders into a lesbian mixer.
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After a misplaced confession lands the letter of Touno Hitomi in the locker of Saijou Nagisa, both of them experience feelings of attraction towards each other...
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  • 23,953
  • 799,271
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Funatsugi Makie is in love with a girl who just so happens to have a voracious appetite. Little does he know, despite acting as normal as any middle-high-school-aged girl, she's actually an eldritch horror in disguise. Psychological horror and romantic comedy shenanigans ensue.

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Typesetting 101 Practice
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Short comics from the official Arknights manga anthologies, based off the game of the same name.
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A fan made manga by Xiujia_yihuizi based on the mobile game Arknights.
A comedic slice of life manga about operators in the Rhodes Island Pharmaceutical, Inc.

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  • 2,882
  • 194,419
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Parker's fan made manga based on the mobile game Azur Lane that is about anthropomorphised WWII ships.
This series is a mix of slice of life comedy and psychological drama.

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You can also find other works by him there too J( ´.`)b
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A fan comic posted to r/AzureLane by u/Cpl_Ethane, Akagi^2 is based on the mobile game Azur Lane, which is about anthropomorphised WWII ships.
This series is focused on Akagi-chan and her antics around the base. Note that this is drawn in an "American newspaper" style, and is read top to bottom, left to right.

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  • 3,813
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A fan made manga by Kurukurumagical based on the mobile game Azur Lane that is about anthropomorphised WWII ships.
A comedic slice of life manga about headpetting shipgirls.

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  • 1,336
  • 59,188
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A fan made manga by Subane based on the mobile game Azur Lane that is about anthropomorphised WWII ships.
Follows the light-hearted story of a Skeleton Commander in charge of a home port.

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  • 2,384
  • 91,796
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A fan made manga by Xiujia_yihuizi based on the mobile game Azur Lane that is about anthropomorphised WWII ships.
A comedic slice of life manga about shipgirls.

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A doujinshi made by 三稜 釜次郎 (Kamazirou).
A side story that takes place in the same universe as his previous manga, "In In Order to be a Woman Suited for the Commander, Enterprise is Doing her Best!". This side-story explores the other side of the Cheerful Edinburgh.

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Official 4-koma webcomic from the popular mobile game Azur Lane

official trailer for anime adaptation
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  • 8,444
  • 712,209
  • 37
A collection of stories by different mangaka and illustrators about the ship girls of the mobile game Azur Lane.
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  • 2,793
  • 117,952
  • 14
Breaking news!!
A new series to bring you the latest events and characters from the game "Azur Lane" as fast as possible!
Bringing you plenty of comics to make you love Azur Lane even more!
  • -- (8.31)
  • 7,043
  • 490,667
  • 71
Official manga adaptation from the mobile game Azur Lane about anthropomorphized WWII ships. This series centers on Queen Elizabeth and the Royal Navy.
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  • 2,838
  • 31,811
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A cute and sugary oneshot of a gyaru chasing a guy.
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  • 219,215
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Killy is a man of few words. He wanders, seemingly endlessly, through a lonely, gargantuan labyrinth of concrete and steel, fighting off cyborgs and other futuristic nightmares, searching only for something called Net Terminal Genes. And he has a very powerful gun, which he uses without hesitation whenever anything resembling danger rears its ugly head.
Who is this quiet, violent, determined man and what are these Genes he seeks? The small communities he finds tucked into the crevices of this towering, dystopic ruin hardly give him leads on his treasure, driving him to find larger enclaves of civilization where people can reveal more about the world he lives in and the quarry he seeks.

Officially Translated:
  • In French by Glénat
    • -- (8.34)
    • 16,800
    • 383,795
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    Mizuki gets confessed to by a boy in front of a special mirror. Legend has it, that if you confess to someone you like in front of that mirror your wish comes true.

    There is a slight problem in this equation: Mizuki is just a very feminine looking boy.

    Also, it seems that he caught the attention of the Norse Trickster God, Loki, while glancing into the mirror. Loki decides out of boredom to mess with Mizuki and turns him into a real girl.



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    • -- (8.52)
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    One day, a four-year-old boy came to a sudden realization: the world is not fair. Eighty percent of the world's population wield special abilities, known as "quirks," which have given many the power to make their childhood dreams of becoming a superhero a reality. Unfortunately, Izuku Midoriya was one of the few born without a quirk, suffering from discrimination because of it. Yet, he refuses to give up on his dream of becoming a hero; determined to do the impossible, Izuku sets his sights on the elite hero training academy, UA High.

    However, everything changes after a chance meeting with the number one hero and Izuku's idol, All Might. Discovering that his dream is not a dead end, the powerless boy undergoes special training, working harder than ever before. Eventually, this leads to him inheriting All Might's power, and with his newfound abilities, gets into his school of choice, beginning his grueling journey to become the successor of the best hero on the planet.

    Russian / Русский:

    Note: Because a takedown notice was sent to MangaDex from the owners of this series, My Hero Academia is currently unavailable to be viewed. The series can be read in its entirety at the official Shonen Jump website, with the first and latest three chapters available at any time and the rest accessible with a Shonen Jump membership (which costs about $2 a month and can be accessed via a VPN if you are outside the US). The three most recent chapters can also be read on MangaPlus for free at the below link.

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    A story about the humble marriage of a corporate slave salaryman and a housework robot.
    • -- (7.38)
    • 10,604
    • 238,395
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    Sakamoto Ryouta is an unemployed 22-year-old who lives with his mother. In the real world, there may be nothing really special about him, but online, he's one of the world's top players of the combat game "BTOOOM"!

    One day, he awakes in what appears to be a tropical island, though he has no memory of how or why he has come to be there. While wandering around, Ryouta sees someone and calls out for help. The stranger responds by throwing a bomb at him! Now Ryouta realizes both that his life is in danger, and that he has somehow been trapped in a real-life version of his favorite game! Will Ryouta be able to survive long enough to figure out how and why he ended up here?

    Russian / Русский:
    • -- (8.06)
    • 4,246
    • 97,178
    • 28
    Himeno is a sweet, shy little centaur girl. In her world, everyone seems to be a supernatural creature, and all her classmates have some kind of horns, wings, tails, halos, or other visible supernatural body part. Despite their supernatural elements, Himeno and her best friends, Nozomi and Kyoko, have a fun and mostly normal daily school life!

    See AnimeNewsNetwork for the anime.
    • -- (9.06)
    • 67,462
    • 1,847,521
    • 683
    Broke young man + chainsaw dog demon = Chainsaw Man!

    The name says it all! Denji's life of poverty is changed forever when he merges with his pet chainsaw dog, Pochita! Now he's living in the big city and an official Devil Hunter. But he's got a lot to learn about his new job and chainsaw powers!
    • -- (8.78)
    • 11,820
    • 328,662
    • 126
    Chio-chan is a gamer and a high school girl who gets into some interesting predicaments on her way to school. For instance, she was once running late for class due to staying up all night playing a game like Assassin's Creed, and her usual route was blocked. Prompted by the previous night's gaming, she decided to take to the rooftops, a strategy that does not work quite as well in real life! She also faces more mundane difficulties, like awkwardness in interacting with a friendly acquaintance met by chance on the way to school. Join Chio on her funny and unusual daily journeys to get from home to school on time. (From: MU)
    • -- (8.14)
    • 1,054
    • 18,696
    • 11
    • -- (7.70)
    • 18,297
    • 689,404
    • 174
    Shikada Kokonotsu's father owns a rural sweets shop, and his plan is for Kokonotsu to take it over one day. However, Kokonotsu wants to be a manga author instead! One day in summer, the cute but weird girl Shidare Hotaru, from the famous sweets company, comes to pay a visit. Apparently, Kokonotsu's father is famous and she wants him to join her family's company. However, he will only agree if she can convince Kokonotsu to take over the family business.

    Russian / Русский:

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    • -- (8.70)
    • 10,165
    • 317,638
    • 88
    A new series by Asano Inio (Oyasumi Punpun, Solanin) about the lives of two high school girls living in Tokyo after aliens have invaded. Dead Dead Demon's Dededededestruction is a self-styled dystopian slice-of-life that reflects on modern societal and political issues in Japan while still maintaining a sense of humor and frivolity.
    • -- (8.76)
    • 52,358
    • 2,026,564
    • 403
    Meet Shinichi Honda and Mako Wakamiya. One’s a boy, and the other’s a girl.
    But both don’t hesitate to say exactly what’s on their mind IN CAPITAL LETTERS.

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    • -- (8.34)
    • 33,526
    • 1,457,452
    • 220
    A young man, Naoe Tomoaki, works as a consultant at a popular Seitai therapy clinic. He is in charge of the treatment of a woman on her diet course. But the woman is an elf from a different world with sharp ears and a bow! Why are the elves, who should be slender, getting fat? And will her diet succeed!?
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    • -- (8.61)
    • 4,523
    • 77,045
    • 28
    Today, there’ll be discoveries and encounters again. For the girls marching forward in a world in its afterlife, there are still various things to experience: The remains of an extinct civilization, other living things, as well as lessons taught by the ruins.. there is still a lot to be seen in the world. That’s why... living is still fun!

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    • -- (8.11)
    • 46,201
    • 2,076,151
    • 433
    I love long hair! Tatsu Yunoki, our MC who deeply loves beautiful long female hair, heard a voice scream his name. It was Kotoka Hatsushima, and, under the impulse of alcohol, both he and she decided to date each other. All they know is that... they love each other's hair and back?! It’s not necessary to know anything else! They clash fetish against fetish, and come together in a fun and romantic comedy! And, well... What is your fetish...?

    Español / Spanish:

    Português / Portuguese:
    • -- (8.38)
    • 14,248
    • 220,265
    • 137
    In the not-too-distant past, the Ice Witch blanketed the world in snow, starvation and madness, leading the inhabitants to seek their salvation in fire. With that, an unusual destiny unfolds for two young orphans, Agni and Luna, blessed with the ability to regenerate. But will this ability prove to be more of a curse than a blessing?

    Russian / Русский:

    Nominee for the 2017 Manga Taisho Award.
    • -- (8.38)
    • 1,065
    • 17,424
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    Flan Scarlet is tired of existing. It's probably awful to be locked in a form, without the ability to change or live out a story.
    • -- (7.86)
    • 448
    • 6,211
    • 5
    Otasa joins an otaku club in the hopes of being worshiped as a princess as she'd be the only female member, but the club she joins only has two members (including herself). Based on a one shot of the same name.
    • -- (8.51)
    • 10,620
    • 272,524
    • 32
    Tenma Gabriel White graduates Angel College as top of the class and is sent down to earth, along with her classmate Angels to study Humans as a High School student to learn how to better lead them down a righteous path.

    At least that is how it should have gone down. Instead Gabriel got addicted to video games and junk food. She even tries to skip school. A failure of an Angel.

    Portuguese / Português

    Russian / Русский

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    • -- (8.24)
    • 2,263
    • 53,219
    • 20
    Honda-san is at war - with business, with out-of-print books, and with people who love manga! Who knew there were so many laughs to be found at the manga counter of a bookstore?! These are the day-to-day happenings that take place at a certain bookstore where the love of manga is abundant.

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