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Shiramine Mana is sent to live with relatives in the mountain town of Sanaemachi after failing her high school entry exam. Accompanying her is her pet cat, Sasuke, who has just been revealed to be a bakeneko. But there is more to her having been sent to Sanaemachi then simply needing to study in peace and quiet...
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Sakura Hane has to ride her bicycle up several steep hills just to get to her new high school. As she is desperately pedaling, she sees and hears a motorcycle zoom past her and instantly falls in love with it. It turns out that bike was driven by her new classmate Amano Onsa, one badass girl who decided to attend this school because of one reason, there is no policy against motorcycles. Not only that, there is apparently a motorcycle club on campus. Hane and Onsa instantly become friends and she is able to convince Hane to start riding a bike. Now the only thing Hane has to do is get a license...

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    A Japanese goddess of old takes a keen interest in Anamori Izumi and her ability, a more powerful form of synesthesia. The goddess has a request for her, one which will require her to break out of her shell... and learn how to play the electric guitar.
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    One day, a blue moon appeared, and all the cities and most of the people disappeared. Now the children that have been born since then are 13! The tale of the strange and slightly painful days of three middle school girls in the countryside.
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    Set during the Meiji period, Chirori follows the titular attendant of a coffee shop in Yokohama. It’s a story about hard-working girls throughout the seasons.
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    Kowata Makoto is an airhead with a bad sense of direction who just moved into her relative's house... but is that all?

    The Oneshot was originally published under a different pen name (Ishioka Chikai).

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    High school girls' everyday surreal life. Two.
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    Accepted to a high school specializing in the arts, Yuno moves into a nearby apartment complex to make her commute easier. Just a few days into her new routine, she quickly discovers that creativity doesn't end with the art school bell! Her neighbors -- Sae, Hiro, and Miya -- are all fellow students, and each has her own hilarious quirks. And eccentricity clearly rules this school; Yuno's homeroom teach is a cosplay otaku and the principal is just weird. Will the quiet Yuno be able to handle this creatively kooky cast of characters?
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    Destination is a state of mind. A tale of one girl and her bike and the road ahead. Kino wanders around the world on the back of Hermes, her unusual, anthropomorphic motorcycle, only staying in each country for three days. During their adventures, they find happiness, sadness, pain, decadence, violence, beauty, and wisdom. But through it all, they never lose their sense of freedom. They discover that because of the world's imperfections, it is actually a thing of beauty. "The world is not beautiful, therefore it is."
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    A geta-sandals wearing girl from Kumamoto at a high school cheerleading club.
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    It's time to see what dragon tastes like!
    The crew of the airship Queen Zaza makes their living hunting dragons. Succeed, and the reward is riches and all the meat they can eat! Fail, and all that awaits them is a messy end.

    Follow the grand hunting and cooking adventure of the Queen Zaza as they chase dragons across the sky!

    Russian / Русский:

  • Nominated for the 10th Manga Taisho Awards in 2017.

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    Suzume works as a maid in an English manor house. Due to a certain incident, she ends up living in a small apartment in Japan.
    So what does she find comfort in as she begins living overseas by herself for the first time? Japanese cuisine!

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    Within the winding streets of Kyoto's geisha district, there lives a 16 year old girl named Kiyo. After failing to become a Maiko, an apprentice traditional Japanese performer, Kiyo works as the caterer for her troupe. This is the story of her daily life.

  • Won the 65th Shogakukan Manga Awards in the shounen category.
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    I thought I could keep moving forward, but in an unexpected instant, I’ve lost myself in the gaps of this vast universe. Where have I seen this, this landscape that doesn’t exist? Right over there, in a time that will never come to pass. Welcome to the world of panpanya.

    The 22 chapters of Makura Uo, which include stories like Ame no Hi (Rainy Day) and Gomi no Sakebigoe (The Cries of Trash), were either serialized in the special web edition of Hakusensha’s Rakuen Le Paradis magazine or published as doujinshi. Included are entries from panpanya’s diary as well as annotations from the author herself.

    (Source: Anilist)

    rus: Странные будни странной девочки в странном городе, полном странных созданий.
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    The story centers around a lazy girl's love for famous literary works along with her bookworm friends. Sawako "Miss Bernard" Machida wants to be well-versed in literature but she doesn't actually read those books! Encounter various prominent works including the Bible, The Tale of the Heike, The Great Passage, Fermat's Last Theorem and more that she hasn't read.
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    Furutto is a cat that leads a double life. On one hand, he's the companion of a young woman in an apartment building named Kujirai, who feeds him (when she hasn't gambled away her meager manga-assistant's paycheck) and spends time with him in her apartment. On the other hand, he wants to keep his street cred as a stray cat and spends a good amount of time hanging out with the other strays, trying to steal food out of trash cans and rumbling with the cats from the next town over.
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    The four-panel manga follows the everyday life of Mayu Morita, a girl who is exceedingly gentle and thoughtful, to the point that she does not say much of anything to anyone in high school.

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    This peaceful manga features the daily life of Fujimura Sachi and her dog Mozuku. Sachi also has a quirky mother, a father who wears glasses, and a little brother. Sachi spends a lot of time caring for and walking Mozuku, who is a very clever dog with interesting thoughts on his world and the humans that share it. [tethysdust]
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    Kooru, a young elementary school girl from Tokyo, is suddenly given the news that she will be moving to Mugentou along with the rest of her family. It's a mysterious secluded island lost to the times and cut off from the rest of civilization. It lacks the many technological advances but has abundant natural life and beauty complemented with many magical and paranormal phenomenons.

    Follow along and see where Kooru's imagination will take her.
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    Daily life of Kohana the cat.

    German / Deutsch

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    Imagine going home after a tiring shift from work... when you open the door, there lies a paradise of three fluffy house cats! This story is about a tired office lady living with her three unique cats. They interrupt her meals and when she's cleaning, and has to put up with their moody attitudes. Her everyday life is constantly at the mercy of her cats!
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    Takase Michiko, 29 years old

    A somewhat hopeless girl who overflows
    with joy at the sight of delicious alcohol.

    Normally drinking beer or sake, but occasionally settling for whiskey...
    She usually ends up drinking way too much with her peers, Yuki and Sono

    The 4-koma that will make you want to go drinking!
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    It's an everyday life of a shy girl called Yuuko Konagai and three "cats" Maa, Rou, Shii. These cats are girls with cats' ears and can speak human language.
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    A spin-off of the YuruYuri series featuring Sakurako and her sisters.
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    From pastel rhapsody:

    Atelier "Paraiso."

    A place which is protected by God and where people study painting.

    As the war worsens, they seek their own heaven, not to be entangled in the harsh reality.
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    Artist's Twitter: @yukimotosyuji
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    A surreal yet heartwarming 4-koma series about everyday life.

    From the author of Shoujo Shuumatsu Ryokou/Girls' Last Tour.
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    "But suddenly, I had a little sister. That was the problem."

    After her father's remarriage, Sachi suddenly has a new stepsister, Ayari. At first, their interactions are awkward and very brief. However, they soon discover a shared love... of food?

    Sachi eventually discovers Ayari's passion for cooking, and the two step-sisters soon begin to bond over Ayari's delicious cooking, and begin to overcome the barriers that had once kept them apart. While their parents are away on their honeymoon, they learn to cope with their differences and bond over a seemingly insignificant thing.
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    Sketchbook revolves around a group of high school students who are members of the art club at their school. The plot follows a slice of life style via the students' experiences at school through the club. The main character is a young shy, and quiet girl named Sora Kajiwara who goes through life at her own pace. She tends to look at the little things in life, and is often at awe of the more simpler things. Sora knows several stray cats around her town and has given them names.
    • -- (8.42)
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    • 20,576
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    Sora Hiyodori, a housewife who's oddly familiar with machines and programming, went on a trip through space to deliver the ashes of her husband who passed away from illness to her mother-in-law. Accompanying her is her son Chuujirou, a robot installed with an AI.
    • -- (7.93)
    • 1,067
    • 12,547
    • 3
    Naru-san of the company and Yuki-chan, a runaway girl. A story of two women living in close contact with each other in a corner of modern society. “The world of people is hard to live anyway”, but now this place is safe.
    • -- (8.38)
    • 4,664
    • 109,431
    • 19
    The story of the girls who met at Okinawa's sea.
    Amane who invites her neighbor living next door Sango to the sea.
    While bringing about a stormy mood, the two of them also head for the sea today!
    • -- (7.98)
    • 174
    • 23,805
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    • -- (8.57)
    • 2,702
    • 72,909
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    Murasaki Wakako, who is 26 years old, loves going out alone to enjoy eating and drinking, especially when something unpleasant happens at work. This manga follows Wakako through many solitary outings, where she enjoys different combinations of food and drink!
    • -- (9.35)
    • 26,625
    • 782,694
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    Yotsuba is a strange little girl with a big personality! Even in the most trivial, unremarkable encounters, Yotsuba's curiosity and enthusiasm quickly turns the everyday into the extraordinary!
    2016 Osamu Tezuka Culture Award - grand prize. Yotsuba&! received an Excellence Award for Manga at the 2006 Japan Media Arts Festival. In 2008 Yotsuba&! was nominated for the 12th Osamu Tezuka Culture Award and the Eisner Award "Best Publication for Kids" category, but did not win either, and was runner-up for the first annual Manga Taisho award.
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    Rin, a girl camping by herself at the base of Mt. Fuji. Nadeshiko, a girl who came to see Mt. Fuji on her bicycle. The scenery the two witness over a supper of cup ramen marks the start of a new friendship and many adventures to come, camping in the great outdoors!

    Russian / Русский:
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    A jobless man with hopes of entering a Tokyo university begins living in an aparment building where everyone is busy studying to do the same.
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    • 264,328
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    Four mischievous girls illegally occupy the former Traditional Tea Ceremony clubroom, in order to create the "Amusement Club." These scamps...who ignore repeated warnings—in direct rebellion with the righteous directives of the Student Council—decide to remain in the room until they finally get off their bums and do something! In this slightly sluggish manga, full of fits and starts, the four girls set off from their homes for a walk together with days full of a little this and that!
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    This 4-koma style manga features 3 school girls as they hang out and chat. Friendly, clueless Yukari, enthusiastic, childish Yuzuko, and the more level-headed Yui hang out and talk about various subjects, like ketchup and mayonnaise, hands, the sun and more.

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