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The Iron Widow, the Spider Widow, the Male Hunter, the Witch of the Neuschwanstein Castle, the embarrassment of noble ladies… These were all the words used to describe the Marchioness Shuli von Neuschwanstein. Despite receiving such harsh criticism from everyone, she persisted in raising her 'children,' left behind from her late husband. On the day of her eldest son's wedding, signaling his possession of the family's seat as Marquess, she felt she had finally tied up all loose ends and could live the rest of her life out peacefully. However, she had been terribly mistaken as she finds herself getting caught up in an accident and dying whilst leaving the castle on his wedding day. Upon opening her eyes, she finds herself waking up to the day of her husband's funeral, seven years ago.

'I refuse to suffer any more. I won’t live as I did in the past a second time!'

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There is a famous fairytale. A kindhearted girl whose father and stepmother got married and became a family of five with her two stepsisters. The poor girl who was condemned by her stepmother and stepsisters when her father died. The very fairytale, Cinderella. But I am not Cinderella, I am the stepmother. At the age of thirty-seven, already married twice, been widowed twice and is raising three daughters!

Daniel Walford, a man who keeps approaching me while I’m busy trying to raise my three daughters.
“Can I kiss you?”
As a son-in law, I think he’s a little bit older but why does he keep approaching?… Oh, I don’t know.
Once I let Cinderella marry the prince, I can live quietly.
But is this fairytale really ‘Cinderella’?

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In order to receive love from her father, Keira tried her hardest to live the life of a perfect, submissive daughter. However one day, Cosette appears claiming to be his real daughter and Kiera is executed under the assumption that she is a fake.

In the last moments of her life, Cosette whispers to Kiera, “Truthfully, you were the real one.”
Kiera, recalling those words, returns to the past. Although revenge is important, what does it matter who is fake and who is real?
Now that I have been given a life again, I will live it freely for myself!

A cute female protagonist’s coming of age romance who has never made friends.


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A refreshing, unique villainess who's been dropped in the world of a novel, only to overthrow it all! The reason why? She couldn't just stand by and watch the female lead be manipulated by all four shitty male leads. The story of a pragmatic villainess who intends to throw out all the jackasses, the friendly heroine who is equally miffed at said idiots, and a wolf that only yearns for the villainess!

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Based on the Original Webnovel by Soda Ice
Season 2: ~April 2021
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Kasia Del Roman is a soldier crafted to become an assassin. She lost her human emotions long ago and lived her life as a simple tool, just to be thrown away in her final moments. She couldn’t even die a proper death as she opened her eyes to a battlefield of a different world. Will she live the same life she did in her original world?

Spanish / Español

Based on the Original Webnovel by Lemon Frog
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Duroa Valrose reincarnated as a villainess in the book. In order to avoid the fate of being burned at the stake, she approaches the hero, Nocton Edgar. It hurts every time she gets closer to him. Nevertheless, for her survival, she does everything he wants her to do.

“Come again, Valrose.”

The mysterious Nocton unexpectedly sought her out every day. Then one day, her friend for 10 years says something unknown to her.

“Actually, I had a dream. The Duke of Edgar is a terrible villain!”

He is not the hero, but the villain? As soon as she realized that she had misinterpreted the role, she decided to get away from Nocton.

“Let’s not meet anymore.”

But the villain’s reaction was strange.

“Don’t go. You’ve always been special to me.”

She was suspicious of his sudden change of attitude. Will she able to get rid of Nocton safely?
Based on the Webnovel by G-ANNE
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Due to various circumstances, Letzia, the daughter of a ducal house, sought to have her engagement with the prince dissolved. Her efforts were successfully rewarded when the prince splendidly (?) ordered the annulment of their engagement. Just when she thought everything was settled… she remembered her past life! Remembering her busy days as a nurse, Letzia is determined to live an easy life accompanied by her beloved alcohol. To this end, she sets her sights on the easygoing countryside, but for some reason, she gets dragged into incident after incident?!

French / Français:
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"Why am I a villainess!? I definitely don't want to die!"

I was reincarnated into my favorite novel, [Villainess Daughter, Viara]. I thought I had to persuade the heroine to avoid the [Death Penalty] ending as soon as possible, but the heroine hasn't even entered the school! If nothing is done, it will be a straight line to marriage with my fiancé, the prince! If this happens, I should cancel the engagement on my own!

At that time, the servant, Sid who has always been by my side said "I'll do something about it!". Is it loyalty? Or is it love?

"I'm sure, I'll be absolutely happy with Sid somewhere other than here!"

Lady x Servant? Slapstick comedy? It'll all begin soon.
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To Neveah, the world seemed like an eternal winter. Her parents and maids had given her the cold shoulder ever since she was a baby. When she fell down in the snow, no one spared her a glance. It was truly a dreadful winter.

While living day to day like a doll on a display shelf, Neveah was engaged as part of a pre-natal agreement between her father and her fiancé’s father. Her fiancé was a Wistash. Duke Valor Wistash.

As in the prelude to every tragedy, it all began with a damned love.

“Love has its moments. You missed them all, and now I don’t love you anymore.” Neveah said to her fiancé who had never once looked at her for the past decade, then left the Empire for the neighboring country where she was welcomed with open arms.

She didn’t expect anything there and was simply planning to live quietly, but the Emperor’s attitude towards her was exceedingly friendly.

“I want you to be happy. You can wish for anything and do as you please. I want to give you a season where you don’t have to be constantly wary of other people.”

After meeting Arendt, Neveah's winter began to overflow… into spring as the snow began to melt.

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Due to a mistake one night, I became the target of the most obsessive man and a villainess!

After possessing Ripley, a count’s daughter and an extra in a novel, I became the female lead. Since this is the case, I will try to enjoy the riches and luxuries of a nobleman that I couldn’t experience in my past life.

I can remember up to drinking alone in a corner at a party... but I woke up the next day in the male lead’s bed!

Ripley became the target of the villainess after the male lead’s remarks that she should be responsible for spending their first night together. Knowing the fate of the female lead, Ripley tries to get rid of the male lead by causing trouble, not washing, and all sorts of things. Nevertheless, the male lead’s unwavering single-minded heart begins to shake.

Based on the webnovel written by HWANG DoTol with insert art by MSG

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    Violette, a proud and beautiful daughter of a duke, commits a crime out of jealousy towards her half-sister. Convicted, she faces her own heart with sincerity in a prison cell and regrets her sin. Then time rewinds to a turning point—to her first meeting with Maryjun one year ago.

    Violette makes a decision. She will not make mistakes this time. Without committing a crime and bothering anyone, she will live an ordinary, plain and inconspicuous life...! However, incidents contrary to Violette's expectations occur one after another...?!


    Official English Light Novel
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    I absolutely hate a world filled with sweet talking. I'll fight the Heroine's rationale head on!!!

    After waking up as the villainess she admires so much from her favourite otome game, Alicia trains hard every day to become the greatest villainess of all time.

    Mangaka's personal twitter
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    Avoid the BAD END! That's the goal of the villainess in this plot-twisting story!!
    She has been reborn into the world of an otome game as the villainess, Aileen. Using her memories of her former life, she recognizes flags indicating she's en-route to the bad end, so she makes a plan to conquer the last boss (the evil king Claude), make him her lover, and see if she can open up a new route!

    Russian / Русский

    Mangaka’s Twitter
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    I was poor and with no one looking out for me, I was struggling financially. Because of this, I had trouble adjusting to school as well.

    My only hobby was reading a fantasy web novel <The Fake Lovers of the Academy> and imagining that I could become the main character of it. One day, after falling asleep and imagining this as usual... I woke up but instead of becoming the heroine, I'd become the villainess, Louise Sweeney, who meets a terrible ending.

    "Since I know the original novel, if I just avoid falling in love at first sight with the male lead, I definitely won't have a tragic ending!" Thinking this, Louise avoids the male lead.

    But what's this...? Unlike the original novel, the male lead passionately confesses his love to Louise, and the heroine, who she believed to be kind, has it in for her...?!

    How did this happen? Wasn't it supposed to all work out if I just avoided the male lead?!
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    After a night of heavy drinking, I found myself transmigrated inside a novel as the villainous Empress Julia, who will be executed for treason in three days.

    This is a project to find a way for the workaholic empress to live, to exact her revenge and prevent treason from happening.

    Will I be able to become a good and wise ruler?

    The constitution of an unexpected empress.

    The turbulent reign of the straightforward and gentle looking, but iron-fisted Empress Julia.


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    • 35,836
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    • 366
    Somehow, before the appearance of the female lead, I became the male lead’s temporary wife. Since things had already turned out this way, I decided to try my very best. However…

    “It’s so fortunate that someone like you became Cedric’s partner.”
    “…I’ll admit it. It’s a fortune that you were the one to become his wife, Dylan.”
    “It’s such a fortunate chance that you were the one to become the Lady of the Brighton House.”

    …I think I did too much of a good job.

    When Cedric’s destined partner arrives, I will have to leave. What should I do? To someone like that, Cedric had said this.

    “Would you have ever thought that the one I would fall in love with would be you?”

    …Would you still say the same to me after the real female lead, Adeline, makes her appearance?
    • -- (8.36)
    • 13,321
    • 331,868
    • 169
    Started as a two-part oneshot about a guy accidentally transported to an Otome game by his sister. To get out, he needs to clear a love route but he tries his best to find another way.

    Summary from Niconico:
    Because of his little sister, high school student Tarou (alias) is transferred to an otome game as the heroine. The more he tries to avoid the handsome love interests, the further he advances into their love routes!

    In the end, will he be able to return to his original world?!
    And will he be able to protect his chastity?!

    Now serialized monthly in Shounen Gangan starting Jan 2020.
    • -- (8.74)
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    • 536
    Reset, and game set.

    When I opened my eyes, I was in a different world. I had become the game's villainous princess who was feared by all. Not to mention... Completely naked men I didn't even know were approaching me left and right!

    “Are you cold? Shall I warm you up with a hug?”
    “Oh? Have you not had enough yet?”

    Seriously, what’s up with this situation? And just how the hell am I going to get out of this freaking game?!

    Official Indonesian Translation
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    • 59,585
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    Crown prince Cecil was so brilliant that everything in life was easy to the point of boring him, then one day, his fiancée Bertia suddenly said "Prince Cecil, I am a villainess!" Claiming that this world is the same as that of an "otome game" from her past life and that she is playing the role of the "villainess" in it, she aims to play her part well and have their engagement annulled. With that goal in mind, she sets about causing turmoil in Cecil's daily life.
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    The engagement between Scarlet, a noblewoman from a ducal family and the Second Prince Kyle was suddenly annulled during the ball. She had been falsely accused of harassing a girl called Terenezza, daughter to a baron, whom the Prince doted on heavily.

    Condemned by everyone around her, forced to burden all manner of crimes, she finally decided enough was enough.

    “Before I leave here, may I please ask you just one last thing?”

    As the crowd threw their boos and jeers, and that good looking guy flung his insults──

    Her palm spun like a drill and the ballroom floor was stained with blood. From her fists, their reckoning!

    Original Web Novel
    • -- (8.44)
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    I entered the body of Niviea Herbert, the only daughter of God in the kingdom, who was offered as a sacrifice.

    She sacrificed herself as the eldest daughter of her family for them, lost her fiancée to her rival, and gave her life as a saintess for the kingdom... there was just calamities upon calamities happening.

    "There's no point in dying. Fuck the sacrifice."
    Destroying her death flag and aiming a bow that will change her fate to fight God, the final boss!

    “So the actions I’m taking to save my life are evil?” She lifted the corner of her mouth and laughed.

    “If that’s the case, then I'd be happy to be a villainess."

    Official English translation on Comico's Pocket Comics app
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    • 43,089
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    • 241
    "I'll annul our engagement!" my fiancé suddenly declared?! Apparently he's in love with the recently transferred count's daughter and is planning on making me the villain in order to annul the engagement. Although I have no lingering attachments about the engagement, I do have to claim a hefty consolation fee, don't I?
    • -- (8.42)
    • 15,313
    • 331,315
    • 39
    A collection of 14 short stories by various mangaka, centered around the hit series I Reincarnated into an Otome Game as a Villainess with Only Destruction Flags…

    LINEUP [Working titles - TBC]
    1. “Super Farmer Recommendations” by Sakurai Yukke
    2. “Gerald’s Melancholy” by Ameno
    3. “That Other Day with My Nee-san and I” by Majiko
    4. “A Nostalgic Taste” by Yoshimura Yoshi
    5. “The Fluttering Palpitations Just Won’t Stop!” by Katsura Ichiho
    6. “Bittersweet Time” by Kakitsubata Waka
    7. “An Awkward Flower” by Touya Tsugumi
    8. “The Capture Targets’ Meeting for Conquest” by Takahara Yu
    9. “Blessed Field” by Stroma
    10. “Keith’s Ordeals” by Regu 95
    11. “The Story Behind Each Present” by ichinomi
    12. “Preventing a Date at All Costs” by Hayasereku
    13. “Happy flag” by Mochizuki Kazuomi
    14. “Katarina-sama Wants to Eat the Food She Dreamt About” by Sayu
    • -- (8.66)
    • 43,668
    • 833,366
    • 478
    Adele was adopted by the duke in order to replace his dead daughter who died from a rare disease. She worked her entire life so she would be loved, but as soon as her younger sister was born, she was abandoned and set to be married off. On the journey toward her marriage, she was assassinated by mysterious enemies.

    "…Is this a dream?"

    But when she opened her eyes, she had returned to three years in the past! Since she will be abandoned when her younger sister is born, she tries to live life the way she wants, but things keep going wrong.

    "Weren't you interested in me?"

    And a mysterious knight in black keeps pursuing her…

    Russian / Русский:

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  • Official Indonesian Translation
  • Official Japanese Translation
    • -- (8.92)
    • 28,259
    • 585,504
    • 243
    Constance, the daughter to a Viscount whose only value is her honesty, and Scarlet Castiel, the most reviled villainess of the era who was sentenced to death ten years ago. When the two people who were never supposed to meet encountered one another at a night party, the story that should have ended with Scarlet's death began anew.

    Although their relationship only began out of mutual interest, they soon became true partners in an effort to unravel the mysteries of a grand conspiracy borne out of the past, that still has a vicious grip on the present.
    • -- (8.37)
    • 3,523
    • 30,130
    • 13
    A Shoujo hero gets isekai'd to a fantasy world and is tasked with smiting the Demon King.
    • -- (9.02)
    • 37,597
    • 636,525
    • 313
    Anne-Sophia, the Princess who remembered her previous life at a young age, as well as her old self’s intense love of magic, set off to live out her fantasies in this fantasy world.

    One day, during a magical mishap, she stumbled upon a scene where her brother Algard was breaking off his engagement to his fiancee, Euphilia.

    What nobody could have foreseen is that this strange meeting would end up changing the course of history.

    Português Brasileiro:
    • -- (8.62)
    • 41,909
    • 1,011,289
    • 288
    Deep sunken cheeks, dirty skin which lost its original color, twig-like wrists, filthy fingernails and a much smaller body for her age. And with neglected hair hanging over half of her face, this small child is actually the forgotten Royal Princess of the Empire. Unable to stifle her hunger any longer, she crawls out of her hiding within a tiny, old, worn-down castle in search of food…

    "I'm hungry," the small girl who's wearing nothing but shabby clothes murmured without even realizing, "Can I eat this…?"

    Her small fern-like hand tore a piece of vegetation off of the ground, but she eventually put it down while shaking her head from side to side. The little girl hadn't had a proper meal for three days…

    "Estrella…" the child recited the name, her words one with the wind. It was a precious name that she had earned only after a long time.

    "I'm sorry I'm late."

    "…It's alright," the little one who replied then slumped onto Elias' chest.
    • -- (8.78)
    • 52,335
    • 1,732,078
    • 295
    Sakuradaimon is the school's prefect. A prefect is a student who is authorized to enforce discipline. As a prefect, he's supposed to be a role model to other students, but unfortunately he's not perfect. Kohinata is one of the people who Sakuradaimon has tried to discipline into wearing appropriate school attire, but she has thus far been disobedient.

    And so this is a story of the two interacting with one another.

    Author's twitter: @kyooteta
    • -- (8.61)
    • 35,621
    • 608,672
    • 382
    I seem to have reincarnated in the world of an r-rated romance fantasy novel. And not just as an ordinary character, but as the witch who loses her life to the crazy male lead!

    Luckily there is a long 200 years until the main characters are born and grow into their roles.

    Now that my life is not in imminent danger, shall we leisurely think of ways to avoid death?

    However, I had not taken notice of a very important detail about the time I’d be spending ‘safe from imminent danger’. 200 years was by no means a short waiting period and by the time the younger version of the male lead appeared in front of me , I had completely forgotten the original novel’s plot!

    Oh, whatever, now that it’s come to this, the only way to survive is to raise the male lead into a sane and stable adult! The first step to avoiding death by the hands of the tyrant male lead is changing this extremely frightened child’s life.

    “It must be very inconvenient for you to have me suddenly show up on your doorstep, I’m sorry. You can tell me to go away, I’ll be fine.”

    “Nonsense. Do I look like someone who could be inconvenienced by a little boy like you? Also, what do you mean by you’ll be fine even if told to go away? It’s not like you have anywhere to go back to, kid.”

    The little boy burst into tears.

    ‘Oh, this is so not it.’ Was what the witch thought to herself as the little boy sobbed.

    Russian / Русский:

    Turkish / Türkçe:
    • -- (7.61)
    • 15,530
    • 206,439
    • 83
    A peaceful but uneventful countryside.
    Senia Sunsethill's goal in life is to escape the rural village for a brand new life elsewhere!

    One early morning, however, a man clad in sleepwear suddenly appears with tearful eyes!

    "To think that I'd... you..."
    "Wh.. who are you?"
    "Please... marry me."

    All of a sudden, this man, falls to his knees to propose to her!

    Even though she suspected him to be a bit mental, he turns out to be the man who eliminated his entire family for his title,
    the vile and infamous Duke Thessar Nathan Ardiel?!

    The man sobbing his eyes out, telling her that he'd do absolutely anything if she'd wed him- is that very Duke!
    What is Senia supposed to do with him!?

    We present Senia's guide to rearing a crybaby villainous Duke: "The Villain Demands I Love Him"!
    • -- (8.71)
    • 40,914
    • 949,640
    • 481
    Although she had been a promising practitioner of kendo in the past, due to an accident she was forced to lead a plain life. After Seo Yuri gets into a car accident during a trip back home, she reincarnates into the novel, "The Song of the Moon," and becomes the elder twin sister of a side character who meets a destructive ending-- Selena. Selena hopes to prevent the destruction of her family, however, she is forced to take the place of her runaway brother, Celestine, in the knights’ squadron! Will she be able to avoid the villainous Crown Prince, Ignis, and survive?!

    • -- (8.67)
    • 43,093
    • 988,559
    • 269
    Love Interests? More like NOT interested! Gimme that cute commoner NPC!

    After reincarnating, I found myself as the Villainess in an Otome game I often played in my past life, the world of “Love☆Magical”?!

    Although I reincarnated as the Villainess Isabella… Having memories of my past life, if I let the scenario play out as it did in the game, I’d be going down the execution route…?! To free myself from the worst possible ending, my noble battle begins, however…

    Is it possible I could fall in love with the non-Love Interest character I loved so much in the past, can I really…?!

    Can this overly unusual Villainess rewrite the ruin route awaiting her――
    • -- (8.42)
    • 33,348
    • 688,667
    • 285
    I reincarnated as the villainess in an otome game. If it proceeds like the game, what awaits me is either a 'death in anguish' or an 'instant death'. I'll die on any route. At this rate, I'm going to die.
    If that's the case, I will change my fate! Therefore, I will become a man. But the story takes an unexpected turn when I made a mistake during an event...!!
    If revealed as a woman = instant death!! I will aim for a peaceful life!!
    A Villainess x Crossdressing x Romantic comedy starts!
    • -- (9.30)
    • 46,902
    • 853,680
    • 661
    I accidentally took possession of someone in a 19+ reverse harem novel.

    The problem is that I became Roxanna Agriche, the older sister of the sub-villain. My damn father kidnapped the heroine's brother. Now, is the only thing left to meet a terrible end from the vengeance of the heroine?

    But what if I can avoid that horrible development?

    “I'm also interested in this toy.”

    "I'll protect you until you can get out of here safely."

    The heroine's brother, Cassis Pedalian, will definitely be able to pay me back later.

    ※Please be advised. This work contains somewhat sadistic expressions and portrayals of bloodshed due to the nature of the genre. There are images that may make you feel a little uncomfortable, so please take note.

    Additionally, this is not smut; it's just R15.

    Russian / Русский:
    • -- (8.69)
    • 45,127
    • 1,383,492
    • 488
    Annulled engagements, "serves you right"s, condemnation events, doting, royalty, reincarnated heroines, banishment endings… it's fully loaded with all the charms of villainesses!

    The comic adaption of 5 popular villainess stories that were published on Shousetsuka ni Narou! An anthology of oneshots with happy endings!!

    Volume 1 Descriptions/Info:

    Volume 2 Descriptions/Info:

    Volume 3 Descriptions/Info:

    Volume 4 Description / Infos

    Despite all the villainess' stories starting off in dire straits, in the end they're… all happy endings♪

    "Shousetsuka ni Narou"'s popular oneshots are gathered here to leave you feeling satisfied in this Villainess Anthology!!

    Raw Short Story Sources (by RiderKaixa)

    Portuguese (BR) / Português (BR):
    • -- (8.51)
    • 12,497
    • 112,574
    • 31
    Cardinal, a researcher who loves light novels, had been reincarnated as the villainous daughter of an otome game. Her banishment flag is raised, but oblivious to the game's storyline, she doesn't know how to overcome or avoid it. She makes the critical decision to live on her own and become a villainess until the very end! She'll rise up in this unknown world embracing her new role.
    • -- (9.21)
    • 57,532
    • 1,545,437
    • 771
    I’ve transmigrated into the body of a princess, living on borrowed time.

    It’s okay, though, we can cure this illness!
    My goal is to lead a life where I can do whatever I want!

    First, I decided to rave over all of my favorite characters in the novel!
    But, because I am a villainess, people around me tend to be wary…

    “You will die soon, and yet… how can you laugh like that?”

    Well, it’s ‘cus I’m super hot.

    Russian / Русский:

    Turkish / Türkçe:

    Based on the Original Webnovel by SEO Gwijo
    Official Traditional Chinese Translation
    • -- (8.74)
    • 22,548
    • 313,767
    • 171
    The curtains rise on the tale of a young lady who once stormed the battlefields now getting to start her life all over again!

    The young noblewoman, Jill, was sentenced to death by her fiancé, the Crown Prince. Just as she was on the brink of death, time rewinds back to when she was 10 years old, to the party where her engagement had been decided!

    Determined to avoid going down the same path to ruin, Jill hastily proposes to the person behind her, only to discover that he’s none other than Hades, the Emperor of the neighboring kingdom who’s (set to) fall into darkness, ergo the worst villain.

    This is the story of the redo-life of a noble girl who rushed headlong into battles, brought to you by the duo behind the adaptation of “I’m a Villainous Daughter, so I'm going to keep the Last Boss”!