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From the creator of Monster Musume comes a new series, 12 Beast! Join ninja apprentice Eita Touga as he embarks on an epic adventure searching for his missing brother Kouki and save the Autana (Humanoid Beast) race of "Live-Earth" form the mysterious Gigas seeking to exterminate them.

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Third year middle school student Anna has begun living with fourth year college student Ema, and is swung about by the tactless Ema. Drawn in by the romantic designs of Ema, the once perfectly ordinary Anna is brought into the adult world. And then, she is shown the scene of a kiss between two girls...
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Female knight Leo has never had ladylike qualities, she's a soldier through and through, adorned with scars and rock hard abs to match. She's never really been treated as a woman...until one day the magician Fooly confesses his love for everything about her. These two will challenge the quest named "Romance", which is tougher to complete than a super hard dungeon! How will our steel-willed protagonist act in the face of love?
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After a misplaced confession lands the letter of Touno Hitomi in the locker of Saijou Nagisa, both of them experience feelings of attraction towards each other...
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Satou Yukinari is an ordinary high school boy. However, while playing a game of pocket pool one day, he suddenly felt as if he was passing a kidney stone. But this kidney stone was shiny and pink?

A trip to the hospital shows that Yukinari has a medical malady called Adamasu Syndrome - in short, whenever he jets his juice, a little diamond pops out of his saltshaker. Of course, it's painful as hell, to the point where even the act of popping the champagne bottle will shave off his lifespan. And of course, once his secret comes out, dozens of women flock to seduce him, their best friend now stuck inside his best friend. Can Yukinari survive when the world wants to sell his seed?

Released in Gekkan Young Magazine

- Twitter author: @ruarua201
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She's as noisy as she is dumb.

As the name implies, "Aho" Girl, or Dumb Girl, is as stupid as you can get. Which is why her crush and childhood friend, Akuru Akutsu (or "Akkun" as everyone calls him), isn't the only one unwilling to put up with her fallacies. Along the way, they are joined by many other fellow idiots as they probe deeper into the true meaning of idiocy, and the true relationship between Yoshiko and Akkun.

Volume 1 through Volume 6 Hiroyuki using 4 Koma/Panel Format, Volume 7 and so on become Normal Manga Format

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    Aki Sora revolves around Aki Aoi and Sora Aoi, a pair of close siblings who have shared an intimate bond since childhood. During their coming of age, they each come to realize the true depth of the love they feel for each other and consummate that love in secret. They keep their younger sister, Nami, Sora’s twin in the dark about their new relationship. Nami, clueless of what is happening in her household aims to set her brother up with her best friend, Kana Sumiya. Despite these relationships Nami seems to have feelings for someone near to her too but keeps them secret.

    See AnimeNewsNetwork for the OAV.
    See AnimeNewsNetwork for Yume no Naka (OAV sequel).
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    Spin-off of Himouto! Umaru-chan about Umaru's friend, Ebina.

    Portuguese / Português
    Spin off de Himouto! Umaru-chan, sobre a amiga de Umaru, Ebina.
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    In a world after death, Yuri, the leader of the Shinda Sekai Sensen, rebels against the god who destined her to have an unreasonable life. On the other hand, Tenshi (Angel), the chairperson of the student council for the world after death, battles against the SSS members. SSS members utilize armed weaponry to battle it out against the angel's harnessing supernatural powers. A prequel to the anime, showing the formation of the Afterworld Battlefront. The novel version covers the first 23 chapters of the manga.

    Portuguese / Português:
    Em um mundo após a morte, Yuri, a líder da Sekai Shinda Sensen, esta se rebelando contra o deus que não deu a ela uma vida razoável. Por outro lado, Tenshi, a presidente do conselho estudantil do mundo após a morte, luta contra os membros do SSS. os membros SSS utilizam armamento pesado para entrar na batalha contra o tenshi que tem poderes sobrenaturais. O mangá conta as histórias dos membros do SSS antes da chegada do Otonashi no mundo após a morte.

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    Angel Beats! -The Last Operation- will reveal why the Afterlife Battlefront members came into this world.
    New Angel Beats! manga series serves as the "true arc."
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    It's the beginning of a new era in the Egypt of pharaohs, the marriage of the young Hatshepsut to her half-brother Seti ensures his rise to Pharaoh, under the name of Thutmose II. Ambassadors of the gods on Earth, they shine to their people and seem at first glance like the perfect couple. However, under her mask of a perfect wife, Hatshepsut hides a deep rage... She doesn't want to accept the restrictions others try to place on her as a woman, she wants to become the Pharaoh, like her father!

    Loosely based on the actual historical figure.
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    Mu-kun has moved in with his new wife, Hinata. Instead of moving into their own house, though, he's moving into the house that is also shared by Hinata's mother, her aunt, and her two little sisters. Most of these women are quite well-endowed, and have very loud personalities. He and Hinata are eager to have sex, but it's so hard in such a crowded house! Will they be able to find time to be alone together?
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    Guts, known as the Black Swordsman, seeks sanctuary from the demonic forces attracted to him and his woman because of a demonic mark on their necks, and also vengeance against the man who branded him as an unholy sacrifice. Aided only by his titanic strength gained from a harsh childhood lived with mercenaries, a gigantic sword, and an iron prosthetic left hand, Guts must struggle against his bleak destiny, all the while fighting with a rage that might strip him of his humanity.

  • Won the Award for Excellence at the sixth installment of Tezuka Osamu Cultural Prize in 2002.

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  • The Golden Age Arc I
  • The Golden Age Arc II
  • The Golden Age Arc III
    Anime (2015):
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  • Season 2
  • Season 3
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    The largest rise of Dark Skin Gyaru girls of this century! The start of high school life with best and strongest girls out there!! High School Teacher Imada Sasamichi has been assigned to work there at this school, only to find out that everyone in the class is a dark-skinned gyaru!!!! Kuroi, Kuroiwa, Kuroiso...all the names are Kuro (Black)!!! Meanwhile, Kuroi Mariko already fell in love with her sensei...!? It's the start of these lust-filled girls straight love-attacks on Sensei's life!

    Portuguese / Português:

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    Site help manga.

    To be expanded with additional guides.

    If you'd like the PSD files to translate to another language PM ixlone on site, @ixlone in comments, ping me on Discord, etc.
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    Does a two-bedroom apartment in the Tokyo metropolitan area with a rent of 30,000 yen sound too good to be true? Our hero certainly didn't read the fine print. After renting his dream apartment, Tooru quickly realized that the front door of his new home connects to a dungeon. But it isn't all that bad - after he saves a young knight, he quickly learns that his home can also be a rest stop for adventurers.
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    A spin-off of Little President, featuring former delinquent Aihara Masane, her step-brother Jun, and her step-mother Chitose. Most of the humour comes from how Masane and Jun are madly in love with each other but can't figure out how to express it, and how Chitose is probably more OK with this than she should be. Published in Pixiv, just like Little President.
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    Naruto was a young shinobi with an incorrigible knack for mischief. He achieved his dream to become the greatest ninja in the village and his face sits atop the Hokage monument. But this is not his story... A new generation of ninja are ready to take the stage, led by Naruto's own son, Boruto!

    Portuguese / Português:
    Continuação direta de Naruto. O mangá terá foco no filho de Naruto e Hinata, Boruto (Bolt), em Sarada, a filha de Sasuke e Sakura e na nova geração de ninjas após a 4° Grande Guerra Ninja.

    Russian / Русский:
    Cерия манги за совместным авторством Кодачи Укьё и Икемото Микио в жанре сёнэн, пришедшая на смену "Наруто".
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    The story centers on Noel Niihashi and Ninny Spangcole, who work as witches at the Wing Bird headquarters in Reverse London's Natural Dragon Management Agency. Those who live in Reverse London are able to see supernatural creatures such as dragons. Noel and Nini work to help promote coexistence between these creatures and humans, but sometimes must undergo missions to exterminate evil creatures.

    Official anime site

    Portuguese / Português:
    Existem duas londres... A normal e a Reversa... Na segunda existem dragões, bruxas e todo um incrível mundo criado pelo mesmo criador de Bleach, Kubo Tite! Descubra-o lendo agora!!!
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    From Girls in Boxes: Mari's girlfriend, Arisa, loses her memories of the past three years, including all memory of their life together. However, it turns out that being crazy in love with someone transcends all realms of possibility.
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    In 30 B.C., Cleopatra fell into eternal darkness--or so it should have been. However, she was drawn from the underworld by the gods of Ancient Egypt, gaining eternal youth. She lurked underground in North Africa until she resurfaced in 1942, during World War II. Along with the Lieutenant Antonio, whom she fatefully encountered, she heads for the base of the general of the German army. However...

    After more than two thousand years, the curtain rises on the reconquest of Egypt!

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    Want to diet? Want to train? School-girl body modification comedy!
    Join gyaru Sakura Hibiki and ojou Souryuuin Akemi as they lift weights and exercise with the help of macho-man Machio! Learn for yourself how good form, good diet and plenty of exercise will help with healthy living!! Let's muscle!!!

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    After Minoru Soramoto's parents run into crippling debt and abandon him to fend off by himself, he finds out that they left him under the care of his neighbor, a stunning, coddling and mysterious young woman who is obsessed with him.

    Only one thing is certain: she loves him, adores him with all her heart, insanely so, beyond her means... but why?

    What has Minoru done to be loved that much!?
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      The story is set in the distant future. The land is ruined, and humanity establishes the mobile fort city Plantation. Pilots produced inside Plantation live in Mistilteinn, also know as the "birdcage." Children live there knowing nothing of the outside world or the freedom of the sky. Their lives consist of battling to carry out missions. Their enemies are mysterious giant lifeforms known as Kyouryuu, and the children pilot robots called FranXX to face off against them. For the children, riding the FranXX proves their existence.

      A boy named Hiro is called Code:016, and he was once known as a prodigy. However, he has fallen behind, and his existence seems unnecessary. Not piloting a FranXX is the same as ceasing to exist. One day, a mysterious girl known as "Zero Two" appears before him. Two horns grow out of her head.
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      Official 4-koma manga of Darling in the FranXX.
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      Distributing thrilling videos in secret!! A school game that puts life and death on the line!!
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      Years after the end of Death Note… The legacy of Ryuk’s death note carries on!!

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      Meet Shinichi Honda and Mako Wakamiya. One’s a boy, and the other’s a girl.
      But both don’t hesitate to say exactly what’s on their mind IN CAPITAL LETTERS.

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      From the author of Addicted to Curry and Youkai Shoujo - Monsuga:
      The Twitter comic that is generating buzz on Twitter!

      In the case of women who find it hard to give rejection, would they listen even to indecent requests, if done in dogeza?!
      The chests and undies of those women you could enjoy seeing before, now in full color publication!!

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      Shiki Tsubasa has just moved from Tokyo to Hokkaido in the middle of winter. Not quite appreciating how far apart towns are in the country, he gets off the taxi at the next town over from his destination so he can see the sights around his home, but he is shocked when he learns the "next town" is a 3-hour walk away. However, he also meets a cute Dosanko (born and raised in Hokkaido) gyaru named Fuyuki Minami who is braving 8 degrees celcius below 0 weather in the standard gyaru outfit of short skirts and bare legs!



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      Dragon Ball Super follows the aftermath of Goku's fierce battle with Majin Buu, as he attempts to maintain earth's fragile peace.
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      Eighth Research is a large biotech company based on advanced research and development of DNA manipulation. Naoya Graphico is on the security team for the company run by his uncle. Naoya has been acknowledged for his high combat skills and is sent on top secret missions regarding Eighth Research’s interests.

      His most recent task has Naoya infiltrating a rival company where a mysterious girl named Celcia has been kidnapped. Naoya’s passion for protecting the weak always helps him accomplish missions; he just needs to make sure his libido doesn’t get in the way.
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      Zashono Academy is unique in all the world. It has 54,000 students and this allows for some VERY specialized clubs. There are clubs for just about everything you can think of... and then there's the Eiken club. No one seems to know just what it's about, but they do know that it's filled with some of the most bodacious babes ever to be brought together! ...and then there's Densuke. Densuke is a little awkward and clumsy and he always seems to be in the most compromising positions with all the other club members. And all he really wants is to be with the cutest girl on campus, the lovely Chiharu. Will he ever be able to get away from the uncomfortable club activities and let Chiharu know what's really on his mind?
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      A manga about a tomboyish girl dating her elf boyfriend. The stories before and during dating are separate.
      Author Pixiv
      Author Twitter
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      Terror has paralyzed the clockwork metropolis of Tokyo! Possessed by demons, people have begun to burst into flame, leading to the establishment of a special firefighting department: the Fire Force, ready to roll on a moment's notice to fight spontaneous combustion anywhere it might break out.

      One of the Fire Force teams is about to get a unique addition: Shinra, a boy who possesses the unique power to run at the speed of a rocket, leaving behind the famous "devil's footprints" and destroying his shoes in the process. Can the Fire Force discover the source of this strange phenomenon and put a stop to it? Or will the city burn to ashes first?

      Portuguese / Português:

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      Writing light novels isn't all that easy, especially when you're in high school&and you have to do the cooking and the chores for your shut-in stepsister who's hardly come out of her room the past year! In the light novel business, it's crucial to have the right person illustrating your books to help them sell--and maybe get made into manga and anime! But in a world of online pen names, the author and the illustrator may still not even know each other . . . until one day they realize they've been living in the same house all along! Now the home life of confident writer Masamune Izumi and his reclusive sister Sagiri--aka the artist ''Eromanga Sensei''--will be a drama to compare with their rising careers, their restive fan base, and their rivals in the industry!

      See AnimeNewsNetwork for the anime.
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      The Indigo League: the ultimate challenge for Pokémon trainers. Structured like a massive tournament, anyone eager to show off their Pokémon can participate, from rookies to gym leaders to even the Elite Four themselves.

      This is the story of Red, Blue, and Green, three friends who decide to partake in the tournament.

      Author's Pixiv: https://www.pixiv.net/member.php?id=411252

      Author's Twitter: @seijyun09

      Author's Booth: https://seijun.booth.pm/
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      A story about a video production company going to another world to film adult videos.

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