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Crimes commited using manned combat-androids dubbed "Katana" run rampant. In an effort to maintain order, the government has organized the AKCD - "Anti Katana Crime Division." Togusa of the 8th squad of the AKCD, while holding existential doubts as a Human-Katana hybrid, continually casts himself into battle...
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When he first logs-on, he sees his friend fall into a coma before his very eyes. Now Kite is searching for the answers as to why, and how to save him, inside 'The World'. Based on the original PS2 .hack series, Infection Expansion (Vol.1), Malignant Mutation (Vol.2), Erosion Pollution (Vol.3), and Absolute Encirclement (Vol.4).
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Sugiri Yukio is a mangaka. To be precise, he hasn't won a prize, his work hasn't been published, nor has he had any experience being an assistant. He's a complete newbie. Thus, at the moment, he just spends his days as a househusband! A two-part oneshot of his daily life and interactions.
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A story set in an alternative universe, where Hal and Kai switch bodies.
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Akiyoshi Wataru is your average student. He attends cram school, hangs out with his friends and does what boys his age do: Go after girls. One day a particular girl, Iwashita Ayane, catches his attention in cram school, because of her red fingernail. Later in town he sees a familiar girl and follows her. But the girl enters an image club. A brothel that specializes on cosplay. What's more, one of the girls working there goes by the name of "Ayane". What does that mean? And what will Wataru do?
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France, 17th century:
After the "dishonorable" death of his father and teacher, D'Artaignan vows to not become a warrior of justice anymore. The beautiful youth is more interested in the women around him. However, when a cute girl shows up in his town one day, being chased by a mysterious swordsman, accompanied by ravens, his past seems to shine in a different light. So the womanizer just can't ignore the call of his blood and of a great adventure.
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Collection of cute and sweet short stories for all to enjoy.

Due to Mangadex Character limit, more authors can't be added. Kindly Refer the Index:
Table of Contents

Note: Multiple chapters are being worked on simultaneously, so whichever oneshot is done editing and ready gets released first
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Magnus, a mage who always got yelled at "just shut up and follow my orders!" by the Hero because he was deemed "useless". One day after getting fed up with his party he left, upon leaving he met a merchant that sold him a mysterious book.
And it turned out that the book which was written in the god's language was actually an ultimate encyclopaedia book that had a lot of useful information on how to defeat the Demon Lord!
Thanks to that book, he was able to know about boss monsters' weaknesses and raise his level more efficiently, data about important people, and it even had info on complete gourmet spots in any city! Moreover, by using his wits and scheming mind, he's even able to outclass the hero party! With the ultimate encyclopaedia in his hands, advance to the true route to defeat the Demon Lord!

Magnus wasn't chosen by destiny to be the hero. That's why, He's going to beat the Demon Lord with his own power and wits and save the world.

Webnovel :
Japanese Light Novel: Bookwalker
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The Western Kingdom of Fortinu is in a dire situation due to the incursion of the Demon Lord. The captain of the female knights, Klinfeid, fearful of her body being sullied and the long history of the House of Laz being smeared, decides to kill everyone including herself before the orcs get to them! However, the newly appointed princess Luka is having none of that, and decides to run away from the female knights. What will happen to her?!

Based on an RPG.

Other links:
Artist's Twitter
Official game
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When the Wischtech threatened to invade the fiefs of Szaalanden, the Emperor dispatched fourteen youths. Of these, the Seven Heroes halted the invasion to herald a time of prosperity while the four Lances of Betrayal were supposedly defeated.
Two decades later, the Lances of Betrayal have reappeared and formed a bandit militia near the frontier fief Gormbark. A man with a black sword and a scar over his left eye slays an entire troop of that militia. He is identified as the boy, Koinzell, and becomes as much an object of fear as of hope even as his own past, motivations, and purpose are a mystery to those he meets on his journey.

Volume 0 encompasses a plot arc which leads directly into the main plot of Übel Blatt in Volume 1. It also introduces and develops the attitudes and motives of a few other characters aside from Koinzell.
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Raised in a home nearly all his life, Sanetora has been provided for anonymously for as long as he could remember. When his mysterious benefactor offers to foster him, he is more than thrilled—it's like a dream come true! The person waiting for him at his would-be new home however, is a startlingly young man with a sharp tongue! Kanae, Sanetora's foster father, is a businessman who runs a company, and is not without an ulterior motive: Sanetora suddenly finds himself employed! As if that wasn't perplexing enough, it turns out the company is no ordinary company—it deals with strange objects that can turn their owners into freaks of nature!! Just how is Sanetora going to live his new life?!
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Satoki Houma is an imaginative girl who enjoys shoujo manga. She has long comes to terms with the fact she will never be the type of girl that is the heroine of a manga purely because she isn't pretty, and she has decided she prefers to watch events unfold rather that get involved in any case. However, in the perfect shoujo manga twist, one day she gets dragged to an alternate world where the people have summoned a Holy Maiden to save them!

Except so did her classmate, Haruka Toudou, who fits the exact model of a Shoujo Protagonist. Naturally, Satoki is overlooked for Haruka except it's not Haruka who has the powers of the Holy Maiden they wished for. What will Satoki do!?
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Many generations ago, Sonogong, a 300 year old being, was the lone survivor of an attack on the village he vowed to protect. The leader of that attack only wanted Sonogong's great power for himself, but Sonogong would not bow before anyone. He was then sealed for 1500 years to prove to him that the world humans would bring forth wasn't worth protecting. When Sonogong awakens... what will he think about the society humanity has birthed? What if he doesn't like it?
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Once, there was a hero who vanquished the darkness on this land and liberated the people from it. Then he built a kingdom, and had his descendants to rule as kings. Although they had ruled the land for so many years, the truth is the politics is being centered on the elders from each region of the kingdom. A prince's journey is about to begin.

Belca Noctircus é o filho de uma plebéia e do Rei Noctircus. Ele é o terceiro príncipe na família real Noctircus e na linhagem para o trono. Logo após voltar do exterior, seu irmão, o príncipe da coroa Hector Noctircus, revelou sua ambição de criar paz com os Amonel, considerada uma raça de monstros. Porém, misteriosamente, Hector Noctircus morre devido a uma doença crônica. Belca e seu segundo irmão mais velho, Orcelito, descobrem a conspiração por trás da morte de Hector, e Belca quase é morto por conta disso. Porém, ele é salvo por um bardo/estudante viajante chamado Eco, que concordou em ajudar Belca, mas Eco realmente é quem parece ser? Enquanto isso, Orcelito é capturado por Lagen, e seu filho, um jovem nobre, manipula Orcelito para fazer coisas pelos desejos de Lagen...
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A new story from the duo behind the Kami-sama no Iutoori series.

Humanity had to flee the Earth and venture into space to save itself. When five children finally awaken on their ship, they find they are all that remain...
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A group of young people tormented by ghosts join hands to find a scientific explanation for their paranormal experiences -- and a way out of them. In their desperate quest, they visit a haunted house and encounter a terrifying, blood-thirsty ghost with a tragic past. Will they come out alive? Or will they too become possessed by demon spirits?
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It's closing ceremony and romance blossoms amongst the bubbles..
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The pre-anime film debut manga about the new Cyborg 009.

See AnimeNewsNetwork for the anime.
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The year is 2028, location in New Koshigaya. A young boy, Isurugi Neru, lives in a poor family and is forced to quit school so that he can find his own way in life. Neru on the other hand, only thinks of one thing: to take revenge on Yagami, a classmate, who's especially gifted and has humiliated Neru numerous times.
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Teased unmercifully for his past as an orphan and a slave, Teito has only his best friend Mikage to ease his days at the elite Barsburg Academy - and his mastery of the magical art of Zaiphon! But even that will not be enough to save him when he discovers a horrifying secret behind the ruling Empire. Trapped in an ancient battle between a wicked Death God and the Seven Ghosts and guided by three mysterious priests, Teito discovers a power that could save the world... and shed light on his own mysterious past.

See AnimeNewsNetwork for the anime.

Russian / Русский
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This is the story of Elishé, an asexual succubus who deals with depression once she's disinherited for the deserting her own race.
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A legendary firefighter with a success rescue rate of 100%. What is his special ability?
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From the mangaka who wrote "The Story of an Onee-San Who Wants to Keep a High School Boy".
A Private Girls' High is a special school nurturing young maidens to be graceful, delicate intellectuals.
Except that class 1-A, infamously known as the "Class of Monsters," is full of bullies, blackmailers, scheming sadists, and other trouble makers.
Within a week, every teacher who has taught this class has either quit, resigned, or even been imprisoned.
However, the plain-looking Jimi Tarou shall carve out his name to become a legendary teacher.

  • Author's Twitter
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    Ryuunosuke is the heir to his father’s wealthy business that, due to a trauma, become a shut in.

    One day, his father took him back in order to prepare him to inherit the business. Ryuunosuke finds out that he is required to date 10 women candidates whom one of them will become his wife.

    Every woman has their own personal reason to be a candidate but one person will be dismissed after every week. Who will be the chosen one at the end?
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    Andou Sora felt the limit of his talent, and quit soccer after middle school graduation. However, an encounter with a representative of Japan's national womans team, Wakamiya Shiki, moved something that slept deep inside Sora's heart.
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    It is the year 2100 A.D., and humans have developed a virtual reality game with a realism level of 99%. Feng Lan, due to a bet with her twin brother, vows to succeed in playing the game without using her "female benefits." Due to this, she becomes the first and only female to play as a male character in "Second Life." As her infamy rises as a bloodthirsty warrior, can she keep her identity a secret from her real life acquaintances whom she has beaten up?
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    Collection of short stories:
    1-3. 100-HANDRED-
    4. Bonus Gamer Coming out!
    5. Josou Kyoudai
    6. Saejima-san

    This is volume 2 of Takabatake Enaga Short Collection.

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    During a tournament in middle school, Rui fell in love at first sight with Youhei from the basketball club. I loved, loved, loved him, chasing after Youhei until we finally became lovers. Although we became separated in high school, I would die if it were for Youhei. I was happy as long as they were together.... Or so I thought. I had to study properly and think seriously about my career, but my greedy feelings overflowed and ahhh, the brakes won't work anymore!!
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    Yotsuya Yuusuke along with his classmates Shindou and Hakozaki have been transported to a strange and unknown world inhabited by mythological creatures. As soon as they arrive, they meet somebody calling himself the Game Master who then grants them a time-limited quest. To aid them in this quest, he also bestows Shindou and Hakozaki with the roles of a Magician and a Warrior while Yotsuya is randomly granted the role of... a Farmer!? This is how a hectic life of adventuring began for three students who now have no choice but to complete the quests for several phases in the fantasy world if they want to protect the real world from the demons and monsters they encounter.

    Anime Announcement
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    Raising a hundred heroes and ending the war with an evil god, Eisen saved the world. Having received a great injury from protecting the heroes, he left for the Other World to recover. In that time, the heroes made use of their abilities to contribute greatly to the development of the world. Longing to meet again with the master they admired, they reported to him of their achievements in detail. Reading their letters, Eisen makes a decision to set out and pay each of them a visit as he travels the country to sightsee.

    Light Novel: Bookwalker
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    Mysterious monsters attack the people of Japan, but heroes are there to protect them with powers that run on a rate of yen per second. For Hiasa Sen however, there are much more important things to worry about, like catching sales on groceries, his many part time jobs and most importantly, taking care of his little sister. When danger approaches however, he has a secret power of his own, but it may be more trouble than it's worth.
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    From the creator of Monster Musume comes a new series, 12 Beast! Join ninja apprentice Eita Touga as he embarks on an epic adventure searching for his missing brother Kouki and save the Autana (Humanoid Beast) race of "Live-Earth" form the mysterious Gigas seeking to exterminate them.
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    A collection of 12 short stories (& one extra) by Yoshida Satoru. The first features a woman who quit her job one summer, and is trying to find a happier life. The next few feature an unconventional method of getting rid of a ghost, and some annoying peeping neighbors who underestimate the cleverness of their large-chested target. [tethysdust]
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    Mondo Fujieda is in love with a girl named Izayo Gorugo. However, there's a problem: her family are all assassins and he ends up humiliating her and upon this humiliation, she vows to kill him. Luckily for him she moves away. Years later, she comes back to seek vengeance, but what is a guy to do against a skilled assassin?

    Oneshot featured in Gintama volume 24.
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    An anthology of short horror stories by masters of the genre.
    The tone tends to vary between tragic, grotesque and humorous, making for an eclectic mix.

    Kanako Inuki Ch. 1 - Your Story
    Madoka Kawaguchi Ch. 2 - Too Scared to Tell You
    Madoka Kawaguchi Ch. 3 - Wall Woman
    Yoshimi Seki Ch. 4 - My Funeral
    Kaoru Ohashi Ch. 5 - Falling Down
    Kei Arita Ch. 6 - Hiyamugi
    Piyoko Marui Ch. 7 - Taro’s Train
    Kozono Atomori Ch. 8 - The Days of the Carrot and Stick
    Takuya Hirono Ch. 9 - Sullivan’s Syndrome
    Kuro Ch. 10 - The Midnight Assemblies
    Keiko Hirata Ch. 11 - The Human-Face Tumor I Love
    Tomomi Sanjo Ch. 12 - In the Cavern
    Ichiro HIrai Ch. 13 - Book Browsers
    Yumeji Tanima Ch. 14 - Blood Covered Snowman
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    An artbook by Range Murata, with contributions from various artists.

    Full List of Artists:
    FUJI Choko
    HIRAMATSU Masaki
    ITOH Yu
    John Hathway
    KATAOKA Jinsei
    KODAMA Yuuki
    KONDOU Kazuma
    MAESHIMA Shigeki
    MIURA Yasuto
    MURATA Range
    OGAWA Youko
    SHIINA You
    SUZUMI Atsushi
    TADA Yumi
    TOUME Kei
    TOUYOU Kataoka
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    This is the story of a terrible kidnapping and gang rape crime committed against a 17-old-girl, by 17-year-old boys. Why did such a thing happen? Why was no one able to prevent it?

    BIG WARNING: Not for the faint hearted, based on a real life case.
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    Follows the story of Rinko Ikeuchi, the daughter of wealthy parents who's on the fast track to enter medical school, but when her family falls on hard times Rinko is forced to take a job, any job, to make ends meet. When the handsome Sawakura shows up offering Rinko gainful employment she can't really say no, even after she realizes that it involves working as a production assistant in the world of hardcore adult videos.

    Live-action movie links:
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    The Second World War is about to blow. The brothers Elen and Maximillian are students that struggle at becoming part of nazist organizations.

    Elen meets Alex in a short trip. A few years later, they meet again and find out they're in love for each other. But they're emotionally wounded by the war and stay apart.

    Occasionally, the three of them get closer, but that's just the start of the tragedy.
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    "I have no interest in real women! My wife, Lilliel, is a 2D girl!" But something unexpected appears in front of Okumura, the president of the Manga Research Club... A real Lilliel? An exciting cosplay love comedy begins!!

    Portuguese / Português:
    "Eu não estou interessado em uma mulher real! Minha waifu Liliel está no mundo 2D!" Okumura, presidente do clube de mangá, um dia na sua frente apareceu... uma Liliel real?
    Uma super comédia empolgante começa!

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