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Even in high school, Ritsu and Uta really get along, but suddenly, they have to pretend to be lovers...!?

The real brother-sister exciting love comedy starts!!

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    Aho Girl's spin-off manga.

    This series is licensed by Irodori Aqua.
    Buy official version here.

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    Rachel, the Duke's Daughter, was accused of crimes that she had never even heard of by the Crown Prince Elliot and imprisoned in the palace dungeon. Was this a plot hatched by one of her rivals or a conspiracy formed by political foes of her family...!?

    Rachel, however, only had one thing on her mind...

    "Hooray for prison! An endless lazy slow life! No more of that wretched royal education or those suffocating servants for me, it's time for a vacation!"

    Rachel, who was ready and rearing to go, will enjoy her leisure filled days harassing the Prince from her prison cell! Her liberating and pleasant (slow) life in prison is about to begin.