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    Due to COVID-19 I will be moving back home for the duration of April 12th to at least early September.

    Previously, I had decided to take a break from suggestive/adult content, but now I will be taking a break from commissions all together to work on myself.

    Please directly message me via my Discord or here on MangaDex if you have any questions.

    Sorry for the trouble, and I hope everyone stays safe during these confusing times!

    This is a group for projects I've been commissioned to scanlate. Please see AOC Translations if you need a sample of my work.

    You can either use my commission form (linked above) or you can reach me directly on Discord for a quote. I accept payment on Paypal once an agreement has been made. Please keep in mind that all payments are in USD and that I may ask for a small deposit before starting on a larger project~!

    Fiverr is a platform that guarantees your money back, or another form of compensation if I do not deliver something up to your expectations. They do charge extra for the buyer as well as take a cut of the earning from the seller. I understand there may be some hesitation ordering from a stranger online, I am absolutely happy to help you overcome this by offering a "custom order" for your needs on Fiverr. As mentioned earlier, since a cut of the earning is taken from me, I will be charging more for the same work on Fiverr to make up for the difference.

    Feel free to use this as a joint or solo group if you want to credit me when you release something I had a hand in helping. Otherwise, this group will be used to upload chapters that I have been requested to share by commissioners.

    My Discord server is open for general inquiry and such. But be warned, it's quite empty! :)

    ❖ May I join your group?

    Sorry! But this is a commission service! I am not a scanlation "group" so I will not be accepting members.
    ❖ How do I place a commission?

    Thank you for the interest! You can either fill out the order form linked above or message me directly on Discord or MangaDex. I will then give you a quote for the commission and we can go from there.
    ❖ How much would it cost to scanlate ____?

    It depends! I'm happy to give you a free quote as long as you have the raw material. I can still try and give you a rough estimate if you do not currently have the raw material, but it depends if I can find a sample of what I'm getting into or not. I am happy to try either way.
    ❖ How long do you take to complete each commission?

    It all depends on what type of commission you're looking for, the material itself, as well as my current project status. If I have no active commissions at the moment, you should receive the files within the timeframe listed on the pricing table. (linked above)
    You can also check the commissions master list to see if I have any active projects at the moment, I try to keep it as up to date as possible. I also suffer from a bit of executive dysfunction, so please be patient with me! I am more than happy to show you my progress when requested.
    ❖ Will you take hentai/explicit projects?

    Absolutely! I rarely turn any projects away. It is a judgment-free service. However, there are themes I am uncomfortable with such as: snuff, torture/ryona, and scat. While it does not mean I will reject projects with such themes straight away. I may choose to if it is too much for me to handle. I apologize in advance.
    ❖ Can I still place an order if I don't have the raws? (untranslated files)
    Maybe. In most cases this is a yes, and if the raws are available for purchase online, I will either ask you to first send me the funds to do so, or show you how to obtain the pictures to send to me. In the former case, I will take that as the deposit for the project. If the raws are only available in traditional print format, then I will ask you to send me the appropriate funds for the cost of the books + shipping, as well as a small fee for scanning and converting the pictures into scanlation ready material. I will forward any shipping/order-related emails with my personal info redacted, and the amount you paid will again be taken as your deposit. Unfortunately, if there is no way of obtaining the raws, then I cannot take the commission as there is no material to work from.
    ❖ Can I upload my commission to share?

    Of course! Once I send you the final files, it's all yours. You can choose to upload it yourself to MangaDex and such. While I would appreciate a small credit for scripts, and I do include a credit page for speed/full scanlations, they are completely optional. You can also choose to credit this MangaDex group if you wish.
    ❖ I need to edit something on the credit page you included, how do I do that?

    The .psd and font file used for my credit page can be downloaded from my Discord server. Just open up the file on Photoshop or any photo-editing program that supports .psd and you should be good to go. Please feel free to message me for a change if you do not have the needed tools.
    ❖ You seem a bit more distant on Discord... Why is that?

    I apologize in advance if I come off that way while giving a commission quote or update. I try to keep a friendly, but more professional distance from current and potential commissioners to minimize conflicts or misunderstandings. I've received unsolicited sexual comments in the past when discussing suggestive content so I'm trying to prevent that in the future. Sorry!