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    Fiverr | Discord | Pricing | Order Form | Commission Master List

    This is a group for projects I've been commissioned to scanlate. Please see AOC Translations if you need a sample of my work.

    You can either use my commission form (linked above) or you can reach me directly on Discord for a quote. I accept payment on Paypal once an agreement has been made. Please keep in mind that all payments are in USD, and that I may ask for a small deposit before starting on a larger project~!

    Fiverr is a platform that guarantees your money back, or another form of compensation if I do not deliver something up to your expectations. They do charge extra for the buyer as well as take a cut of the earning from the seller. I understand there may be some hesitation ordering from a stranger online, I am absolutely happy to help you overcome this by offering a "custom order" for your needs on Fiverr. As mentioned earlier, since a cut of the earning is taken from me, I will be charging more for the same work on Fiverr to make up for the difference.

    Feel free to use this as a joint or solo group if you want to credit me when you release something I had a hand in helping. Otherwise, this group will be used to upload chapters that I have been requested to share by commissioners.

    My Discord server is open for general inquiry and such. But be warned, it's quite empty! :)

    ❖ May I join your group?

    Sorry! But this is a commission service! I am not a scanlation "group" so I will not be accepting members.
    ❖ How much would it cost to scanlate ____?

    It depends! I'm happy to give you a free quote as long as you have the raw material. (I can still try and give you a rough estimate if you do not currently have the raw material, but it depends if I can find a sample of what I'm getting into or not. I am happy to try either way.)
    ❖ Will you take hentai/explicit projects?

    Absolutely! I rarely turn any projects away. It is a judgement-free service. However, there are themes I am uncomfortable with such as: snuff, torture/ryona, and scat. While it does not mean I will reject projects with such themes straight away. I may choose to if it is too much for me to handle. I apologize in advance.
    ❖ Can I upload my commission to share?

    Of course! Once I send you the final files, it's all yours. You can choose to upload it yourself to MangaDex and such. While I would appreciate a small credit for scripts, and I do include a credit page for speed/full scanlations, they are completely optional. You can also choose to credit this MangaDex group if you wish.