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Minamoto-kun has a face pretty enough to make people think he's a girl. Because of his face, he was bullied by the girls in middle school who were jealous of his face. He developed a fear of women due to the trauma and ended up attending a high school for boys. Just as he enters college and makes a promise to himself to overcome the trauma of his past, his father remarries and asks him to move out of the house. His father arranges him to live with his aunt (Minamoto-kun's father's younger sister) for the time being. She is an extremely beautiful woman who is also a non-tenured professor at his college. When he arrives at her apartment, she shows him her breasts and tells him that he will be her "guinea pig" in her reverse Hikaru Genji project.

Portuguese / Português:
Minamoto-kun tem um rosto bonito o suficiente para fazer as pessoas pensarem que ele é uma menina. Por causa de seu rosto, ele foi intimidado pelas meninas no ensino médio que estavam com ciúmes de seu rosto. Ele desenvolveu um medo de mulheres devido ao trauma e acabou frequentando uma escola para meninos. Justo quando ele entrar na faculdade e faz uma promessa a si mesmo de superar o trauma de seu passado, seu pai se casa novamente e pede para ele sair da casa. Seu pai arranja-lhe para viver com sua tia no momento. (irmã mais nova do pai do Minamoto-kun). Ela é uma mulher extremamente bonita, que também é professora adjunto em sua faculdade. Quando ele chega em seu apartamento, ela lhe mostra os seios e diz que ele será a sua "cobaia" em seu projeto Genji Hikari.

Russian / Русский:
Лицо Минамото-куна настолько прекрасно, что его легко спутать с девушкой. Из-за этого девушки в средней школе над ним часто издевались и дразнили. Тогда же он и получил серьёзную психологическую травму: боязнь представительниц противоположного пола. В результате всё закончилось переводом в школу для мальчиков. Сразу после поступления в колледж, он решает раз и навсегда избавится от детской травмы. Но тут его отец снова женится и просит сына съехать из дома и пожить с его младшей сестрой – тётей Минамото. Тётушка оказывается очаровательной женщиной, которая, к тому же, преподаёт в колледже Минамото-куна. Переехав к ней он узнаёт, что будет объектом её исследований.
По мотивам классического японского романа «Повесть о Гэндзи».
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Let's take a look at our young hero here, who was born and entered the world of Martial Arts. There's nothing that he cannot do! Be it music, chess, medicine or even culinary arts. Pretending to be the weakest while he is the strongest. Women from left to right, look at how an orphan rise. An orphan who will solve numerous cases and who will become the master of the city!
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This is the story of a young slave gladiator in an underground arena. He doesn’t know about his past or how he got to where he is, only that his name is Aegir, and that he is strong.

One day he kills the boss and escapes the arena, joining a band of mercenaries as a new recruit. During one mission, they encounter the vampire, Lucy, who slaughters the band with her inhuman strength. After learning that Aegir only knows how to kill, Lucy lets him stay at her house, educating and taking care of him.

Two years pass, and on the day of Aegir’s departure, they both exchange a promise that if Aegir becomes a king and owns the land of Erg forest, he can come and take her as his woman. Making this his life goal, Aegir set out on a journey to become a hero, a king, and found his own kingdom.
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This story is about a Kouhai who tries to cover for a Senpai who is full of openings.

L’histoire d’un employé de bureau qui doit s’occuper de sa supérieure assez gaffeuse.

  • Author's Twitter
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    Utilizing a system called "Sense," each player aims to create their unique character in the VRMMORPG "Only Sense Online." Joining this realm is Yun, an absolute beginner in the world of gaming, equipped with some of the worst customized "Sense" ever. While his two sisters, both veterans in this world, criticize his choices of equipment, he continues to delve into the skill sets he has acquired. Along his way, he meets the art of "production" and people that have mastered this art. Watch as a total novice creates a revolution in the gaming world and create the "ultimate" support class.

    À l’aide d’un système appelé « Sens », chaque joueur crée son propre personnage « unique » dans le nouveau VRMMORPG « Only Sense Online ». Faites la connaissance de Yun, novice dans le monde des jeux vidéos, équipé des pires « Sens » possibles. Ses sœurs, des habituées de ce monde, critiquent ses choix d’équipement, mais sur son chemin, Yun rencontrera des maîtres dans l’art de l’artisanat. Suivez les aventures de Yun qui de novice absolu, révolutionne le monde d’OSO en devenant le « Support » ultime !
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    There are some humans capable of using magical power to manifest their souls as weapons and control forces beyond normal comprehension. These people are known as Blazers, and those who are recognized as such can undergo training at academies to become Mage-Knights. Ikki Kurogane is an aspiring Mage-Knight, despite being considered the worst student at Hagun Academy as an F-ranked Blazer—the lowest rank possible.

    One morning, he accidentally stumbles upon Stella Vermillion, a visiting princess and A-ranked Blazer who has just enrolled at Hagun, in a state of undress. As a result, she challenges him to a duel where the loser will be the winner’s slave. It seems like a surefire win for Stella, but could there be more to Ikki than meets the eye?

    In un universo alternativo, gli esseri umani dotati di poteri soprannaturali, noti come Blazer, possono manifestare le proprie anime sotto forma di armi chiamate Device. Ikki Kurogane, soprannominato da tutti il "Cavaliere Ripetente", un giorno si imbatte in una ragazza seminuda, Stella Vermillion, mentre questi si cambia nella sua stanza. L'incontro fatale inciderà profondamente sulla vita di Ikki, il quale nel frattempo tenterà di raggiungere la vetta del Festival di combattimento delle sette stelle per diventare un vero cavaliere mago. Il festival è un evento annuale organizzato dalle sette accademie di cavalieri maghi del Giappone per determinare chi è l'apprendista cavaliere più forte tra le varie scuole. Il vincitore diventerà il nuovo "Re Spadaccino delle Sette Stelle", ma gli scontri da affrontare sono all'ultimo sangue e i concorrenti potrebbero addirittura morire.
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    Living carefree at home is the greatest shortcut—my house is the world’s greatest Magic Power Spot. That being the case, both my house and I were summoned to another world by some guys who were aiming for it. However, I’ve been living in this place for many years and my body is, apparently, abnormally overflowing with magic. Due to some unforeseen circumstances by those guys who summoned me, they quickly ran away. Be that as it may, there are still some ill-mannered people who covet the magic leaking out of my house. I won’t give up my house to those people! I’m going to wield my power as I please!

    Russian / Русский

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  • Original Web Novel (Raw)
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    "Hello fellow citizens. I am Yoshida the half-elf, working for the post office of the Imperial City of Idazig. My job is to deliver letters and documents to wherever you need them to be, whether it be a castle in the sky or the bottom of an abyss." This is a comedy written by the biggest Medieval Ages geek, hitting the fantasy genre from an entirely new angle!

    Author's Twitter
    Author's Blog
    • -- (7.88)
    • 268
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    A "sweet school life 4-koma" where every pitch hits the batsman!! See the lives of middle school girls in Elegant Girls' Academy, girlish-ing it up every day!
    • -- (6.40)
    • 9,923
    • 346,565
    • 43
    Kamiwazumi Jun lives alone in an old house with a shrine. As a result, people sometimes leave random things outside his house, like kittens... or an unconscious naked girl?! The woman in question claims to be a robot from the future who has come back in time to protect Jun, the future messiah. She has no qualms about nudity, and retrieves useful objects from a "9th dimensional pocket" between her legs. Once Jun has accepted that her story must be true, he also has to figure out how to work a sexy robot girl into his everyday life, which also includes explaining her to a cute childhood friend that has a crush on him.
    • -- (7.49)
    • 23,232
    • 829,095
    • 449
    Third-year high school student Makoto Koga decides to confess to his crush, his classmate and the school's most beautiful girl, Saki Meguro. To his surprise, she agrees to date him. But what surprises him even more is her following words: "I'm not a virgin."

    Unbeknownst to Koga, the surprisingly passive Meguro has the reputation of being the lascivious "easy girl" at school, not rejecting any boy that approaches her and having gone through multiple boyfriends.

    Will Koga persevere?
    Will he fare any differently than the rest?
    How will Meguro react to Koga, a boy who, for once, actually approached her before he knew of her reputation?

    Author Twitter
    Alternative Raw
    • -- (8.31)
    • 10,909
    • 145,482
    • 58
    On the day of the Wizarding City Paz's destruction, Amina got stuck inside a lamp while trying to turn back time.
    And 300 years later, she was awakened by a military commander, Jakal.

    “I do not have any wishes for you to grant”
    Well, I just want to hurry and grant a wish so I can go back, Who the hell is this guy?

    “Do you know who I am?”
    “There is no one else in this world who knows you better than I do.”
    “That’s not possible..... I’ll disappear one of these days!”

    Amina, who needs to go back into the lamp after granted the wishes suddenly meets Jakal who wants to give up his wishes to be with her.
    However, there are many dangers and threats that prevent him from doing so. Will Amina achieve her wish in the end?
    • -- (6.81)
    • 25,133
    • 859,217
    • 118
    Satou Shiki, a university student, was suddenly stabbed by a slasher only to be reincarnated in Labyrinth City. In this other world, he who has awakened to [Appraisal] and [Healing Magic] does a lot of “things”.
    • -- (7.71)
    • 225
    • 3,389
    • 1
    'Oh ~ You are awesome! Come on, give it a go, rush ~ Hey, it's over so soon? So disappointed, the climax was so hurried! No stamina, not lasting. Alas ... the above comments will definitely not appear in this comic. In 2019, the hardcore and strong passion will be staged ~~ Look at a teenager, reverse power, and break through the peak. ...'

    Kinda sounds like gay porn...
    • -- (7.65)
    • 1,020
    • 10,274
    • 17
    The virgin elder brother, Okada Naoto, and the younger sister who's unware of the concept of chastity, Machi.
    Machi, who often teases her brother who's never been able to get a girlfriend, and also a virgin of 20 years, with offers to fondle her boobs.
    While the dominant one in the Okada family is Machi, the one that she's obsessed with is...?
    (Watch the healthy brocon/siscon relationship that these high schoolers have in this ominibus of home and school life!!)
    • -- (7.72)
    • 3,271
    • 69,022
    • 36
    Tsuji Fumiya confessed to his senpai, Odawara Natsuki, who then told him that he was actually a crossdressing man. While Natsuki tries to make him take the confession back, Fumiya insists for him to at least reconsider.

    Portuguese / Português
    • -- (8.11)
    • 1,549
    • 12,065
    • 13
    A fantasy romance story about a handsome crowned prince and his companions that are visiting a hot spring village and a girl with mysterious powers.
    • -- (7.70)
    • 534
    • 7,921
    • 3
    The Ghost doctor sees evil and good as a mystery/riddle. She is the savior of all monsters as well as the nightmare of all monsters. The doctor works outside of this world, in a place where monsters exist, called Peach Capital. And as she tours around, she takes her little monk to go through the world while searching for the "hundred demon spectrum"
    • -- (8.66)
    • 6,516
    • 125,771
    • 51
    Ashigaru, knight, viking, Spartan, assassin, combat merchant... Various foot soldiers from all over the world converge on a once peaceful apartment.

    Pillaging and violence disrupt the owner's dream of an easy life as a property manager.

    With his sister joining the fray, will he be able to keep the peace in his apartment?

    • -- (5.91)
    • 6,587
    • 196,104
    • 45
    This adventure started with a young alchemist, who tried to rescue a princess, but this princess turned out to be a dragon. What will result in this strange, but funny meeting?
    • -- (8.03)
    • 5,238
    • 136,345
    • 32
    New Weekly Shounen Magazine series.
    A "Love Comedy x Horror x Mystery" manga.

    The story follows a teenage boy who wants to become popular with girls. A strange relationship starts after he finds a girl drowning in the river.
    • -- (8.20)
    • 6,626
    • 150,260
    • 26
    Three days dragon flight from the nearest town, deep, deep in the forest, then deeper still, lives a 'witch'.
    Nina the witch, also called "The world's strongest witch".
    Visiting her is the apprentice, Iris.

    This is the record of the witch and her apprentice's peaceful days, in a remote forest that breathes illusions and magic.
    • -- (6.84)
    • 11,042
    • 463,793
    • 37
    "All armor handled in this shop is..." On his way of searching for a job, young man Kautz caught a sight of a shop recruiting for a store clerk. When he entered, what he saw was... Welcome to the journey! Welcome to the adult armor shop!
    • -- (8.23)
    • 29,377
    • 682,581
    • 139

    Having graduated from the prestigious Witchcraft Institute at the top of his class, no job is out of reach for William Glenford. Fame, fortune, prestige are at his feet, but William dreams of only one thing: adventures.

    Finding companions in a run-of-the-mill guild with an up-and-coming party of girls including a cleric, a martial artist and a beastman catgirl, and being ranked the lowest at the entry level, they immediately begin noticing that he's grossly overqualified for his role and rank... and that this mage may not be a mere "mage", but a full-fledged, national-level wizard.

    Will William adjust to his party, or will the girls ever hope to catch up to him?
    Will the girls accept him regardless of his overwhelming superiority, or will he always be the big fish in the small pond?

    Spanish/ Español:
    • -- (7.77)
    • 5,848
    • 100,199
    • 36
    Fantasy adventuring comedy starring Karla the dark elf cleric who invested too much on her insulting skills and Alvin the swordsman who has to put up with her.
    • -- (6.53)
    • 23,273
    • 868,414
    • 123
    Evan Douglas, despite being born in nobility, was bullied by everyone in his family due to his low mana capacity and even more due to his black hair and eyes that do not run in the family. The only person who was kind to him is his maid Serafina from the wolf beastman race that is of similar age. He is later exiled from the family, and Serafina follows him.

    But either by luck or fate, after suffering a hit in the head, Evan starts having dreams of a place with extremely high technology beyond anything he could imagine; he saw dolls being controlled by some strange magic and glowing windows with moving pictures. These dreams lead him to develop a new magic he calls control magic, that does not belong to any of the known elements.
    • -- (7.45)
    • 7,855
    • 201,992
    • 56
    Miyahara Chiko is a mysterious girl who never seems to talk to anyone and always wears a pair of headphones and a scarf. But what is she hiding behind that silent facade?

  • Author's Twitter
    • -- (8.12)
    • 468
    • 5,130
    • 6
    Ever since the Spiritual Revival Era, the world has been covered by a rich layer of spiritual energy. Due to this, all of the species on Earth have been affected in some way or another. Humans are undergoing awakenings, which allow them to receive powerful abilities. Other species are rapidly evolving into new forms. As a result, many powerful, yet mysterious new species have been created. Legend has it that at the apex of all of these creatures, there is an entity called the Alternative Emperor. By coincidence, the soul of an actual Alternative Emperor was transferred into the body of a normal teenager named Huang Shang. Thus, this bloody yet hilarious story about the power struggle begins...
    • -- (7.94)
    • 427
    • 15,959
    • 9
    A journey to exorcise all demons told with paintings...
    It's like remake of Journey to the West.

    French :
    Le registre des exorcismes est basé sur "La Pérégrination vers l'Ouest".
    Un moine bouddhiste parcourt le monde aidé de disciple pour effectuer des exorcismes.
    Il rencontre toute une série de monstres prêts à le dévorer pour obtenir l'immortalité car sa chair pure donnerait dit-on 10 000 années de vie à qui la mangerait.
    • -- (6.63)
    • 29,980
    • 1,270,185
    • 198
    Masatsugu was brought from another world in a hero summoning and ended up being part of the lowest possible caste. Awaiting this boy, who possess nothing but elementary skills, is managing an orphanage full of beautiful girls! But, his annoying days are just starting as he finds the building in ruins, and he also has to pay off the huge debt the former director left! And that’s not all, he has no time to rest from all the scumbags threatening the orphanage! Will Masatsugu and the orphans be able to protect their precious home?

    Alternate Raw
    Web Novel
    • -- (7.72)
    • 884
    • 12,534
    • 3
    No matter how tired or depressed you are, warm baths are always there for you! Take a bath with Mayuru-chan and become refreshed!!
    • -- (7.26)
    • 1,028
    • 30,539
    • 4
    A young girl who pretends to be a male god, a black-shouldered younger brother and a pretending to be a lady, is a hard-working model of campus life that strives to keep people from falling apart. In the mutual transformation and mutual supervision, they gradually began to face up to the true self, and love also came quietly. You can live the way you like.
    • -- (7.85)
    • 385
    • 10,940
    • 6
    Mukai Takumi is the head of her own Motorcycle Gang, but a chance encounter with a certain person ends up leading her down the path of becoming an Idol.

    A manga spinoff of the IDOLM@STER Cinderella Girls series of games starring the Delinquent turned Idol, Mukai Takumi.

    Part of THE iDOLM@STER series.
    • -- (8.15)
    • 705
    • 7,144
    • 5
    Wrapped in snow and ice, a country of severe winter. In the country that has lost its spring, the populace freeze, starve, and compete amongst themselves for rations to live another day. When a girl who hides in herself an earnest desire and an old knight that is wanted by the country meet in a hellish world, an adventure that will overturn the world begins. With the kingdom as their enemy, they will take back everything that was stolen. (Source: MangaUpdates)
    • -- (6.91)
    • 6,075
    • 284,526
    • 31
    Nine regions fight for control of the world, and one shot determines everything! A young villager with a desire to get stronger starts on the slow path of cultivation. A life changing mystery! A competition between nine regions! The winner becomes king! What is in store for him?

    Based on the novel by the same name.

    Portuguese / Português
    • -- (8.24)
    • 167
    • 4,790
    • 2
    A (to date) five part series.
    • -- (7.73)
    • 157
    • 4,999
    • 1
    Kate is a detective who investigates monsters. He lives in a weird city - A robot's smile creeping in the darkness of a laboratory , a mysterious shadow appearing on the balcony, a blackhole that tears open the space around the corner of a street...

    Seeing more and more these weird phenomenons appearing, people were on the verge of madness, yet only detective Kate is enjoying the adventure. As he approaches the dark, the monster that lays within is creeping towards him...
    • -- (7.18)
    • 2,094
    • 52,644
    • 32
    1st year high school girl Hyoudou Kudoki loves cute girls!
    but she's not good with 3D girls relationship,
    instead, she withdrawing herself into her childhood friend's room and play Bishoujo Game every single day,
    but then, a smartphone app she got oneday has dramatically change her entry life!
    • -- (7.28)
    • 8,316
    • 203,030
    • 35
    Nishimura Hideki is a young man who once confessed to a person he thought was a girl online, only to find out that this person was actually a boy. He keeps this story secret and swears he'll never trust a girl online again. However, one day a girl online confesses to him, and it turns out she is actually a beautiful girl named Tamaki Ako. But Ako unfortunately cannot tell the difference between the online world and reality, and she is also a loner who has trouble communicating with others. Hideki and his friends from the guild then decide to work together in order to help her understand the difference between real life and online gaming.