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    A casual group releasing whenever the stars align and we feel like it.

    Feeling-like-it schedule:
    - Weekly: BIBLIOMANIA
    - Whenever the stars align: Rakugaki Gakugeikai, Miss Bernard, Sora ni Mairu (it's only got extras left in the volume, and I'm feeling kinda lazy)

    Waiting for me to get off my ass:

    Waiting for new volume/chapter:
    Hakurai no Kishi, Kuro Oni, Ima Kako, Touge Oni, Supernova wa Kiss no Mae ni

    Waiting for hiatus to end:
    Shoujo Jiten

    Coming Soon™:
    Kikai oneshots
    Imitation Crystal oneshots
    My backlog (write your suggestions here and I'll check them out, no promises though)


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