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    Mangás e jogos de luta! Nosso lema é viver até não aguentar mais, e ai viver mais ainda!
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    Meet Shinichi Honda and Mako Wakamiya. One’s a boy, and the other’s a girl.
    But both don’t hesitate to say exactly what’s on their mind IN CAPITAL LETTERS.

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    Playtime is over! Be it monsters, goblins, dragons, or female knights, I will turn you all into ashes!

    After a decisive battle with his eternal rival Kyo Kusanagi, Iori Yagami got transported to another world. In these unknown lands, Iori ends up saving a female knight named Altena...

    An unexpected manga! KOF‘s popular character, Iori Yagami, will burn the world of Isekai with his purple flame!
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    Nazuna Nonohara, a porn actresses with androphobia. This manga revolves around Nazuna's past, and the tragedy that she experienced.

    The manga is based on the mangaka's personal experiences.