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I'm very thankful for your work on Here U Are. I love it a lot! ๐Ÿ’ฎ
Just wondering because I'm curious, why were the scanlated chapters for Mask Danshi wa Koishitakunai no ni removed? I was just surprised because I couldn't even find the manga again when I tried to search for it to confirm the author's name.
Why did you guys only upload chapter 70 of Blood Link if we only have 15-21 on this site? I mean if you are going to upload why not do 1-14 or if you are continuing Blood Link Scans' work than 22 would be nice.

It's pointless to upload a chapter 41 chapters ahead. And cruel. Very very cruel. And if you want to talk about other sites having the translations up to there; well I've seen those translations. Other than Zandy no Fansub's translations of 1-17 on their site and Blood Link Scans' 15-21 here, the translations I've found for the rest of the chapters have text bubbles that are horrible, they actually tried to redraw certain body parts which was obvious and badly done, and the images are so small it's hard to enjoy reading the manga. So it's not worth it honestly.
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Hey, Djun has posted chapter 108 Here u are, I'm looking forward your engsub version so much!!!! Thanks for your hard work and dedication!!!!
Did you guys saw a boat in half? ๐Ÿ˜†
Das Alot of Damage
flex tape?