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What the young girl rents is not a movie, but a brother, and the wonderful warm feeling of spending time with him. With her parents deceased, and her once kind brother changed... What the girl seeks is the warmth of a family that she once had. Even if it's a rental one.

Portuguese / Português:
O que a garota alugou foi, um tempo feliz e amigável com seu falso irmão. A morte de seus pais... A completa mudança de seu irmão que era gentil... A garota que agora está sozinha e ferida, almejando a gentileza que um dia viu em seu irmão... Diz: Eu vou alugar um irmão! ...Com dinheiro. Mesmo alugando, eu quero ter uma "família".

Menceritakan seorang anak perempuan bernama Kanami, dia mempunyai kakak yang baik dan perhatian terhadapnya, namun sebuah insiden tidak terduga terjadi yang membuat kakaknya tersebut berubah drastis dari kakak yang baik dan perhatian berubah menjadi kakak yang tidak peduli terhadap sekitarnya, karena hal itu Kanami merasa diasingkan dan tidak dipedulikan. Namun, sesuatu yang tidak terduga terjadi...

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    • -- (8.26)
    • 1,298
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    Arata Miyako is a new government worker assigned to the Shinjuku Ward Office's "Nighttime Regional Relations" department. Each of Tokyo's 23 wards has one such department, which were established to solve paranormal and occult-related events. Arata can understand non-human speech that no one else understands, and he encounters a youkai at Shinjuku Gyoen park that calls him Abe no Seimei — the name of a historical Japanese occultist and diviner.
    • -- (8.00)
    • 3,162
    • 71,848
    • 31
    English :
    Can you give me a happy ending? Komatsu Risa is in love with her childhood friend, Sano Chihiro. Although they have a very close relationship, and are often mistaken for a couple, Chihiro is unaware of how Risa feels and accepts a confession from another girl... Heartbroken about her first love, she confides in her seemingly indifferent homeroom teacher, Natsuo.

    Français :
    Risa Komatsu, élève de 1ère, aime en secret son ami d'enfance, Chihiro Sano. Alors le jour où ce dernier lui annonce soudainement qu'il vient de se mettre en couple, Risa tombe des nues. Elle regrette de s'être complu dans cette relation "d'ami d'enfance" et de ne pas lui avoir transmis ses sentiments plus tôt. C'est finalement Natsuo, un de ses profs connu pour avoir un cœur de pierre, qui lui remonte pourtant le moral.
    Une histoire d'amour dramatique signée par une nouvelle mangaka prometteuse, Namako.
    L'amour peut être à la fois une comédie et une tragédie.
    • -- (7.44)
    • 2,852
    • 34,033
    • 41
    Yamada, a kind-hearted and well endowed high school girl, comes across Takahashi, a high school teacher, who was taking a nap near the forest as he's got a lot on his mind. Lost in their own little world, Yamada helps unravel Takahashi's troubles with her soothing kindness...

    Indonesia ✓
    • -- (8.12)
    • 3,815
    • 76,917
    • 24
    A Cinderella story with a twist!

    Esther Mayfield is a normal sixteen year old girl in 19th Century London. Except, ever since she was a little girl, she could see 'ghosts'. She lives in a small part of town and sells flowers to earn a living. She thought that she would continue to live like this forever.

    Until, one day, a handsome young Count appears in front of her. And he wants Esther to be his bride? Is he really the Prince Charming she has been waiting for?
    • -- (8.07)
    • 28,149
    • 663,985
    • 269
    High school girl Akari mourns the loss of her mother who died when she shielded Akari from an oncoming truck a year ago. She discovers an adventure game her mother had gotten for her birthday some time ago, but never had a chance to finish. Suddenly, she is summoned to be the mother of the Demon Lord's 10 children in another world...
    • -- (7.92)
    • 2,968
    • 75,859
    • 9
    Takanose Miwa is a high school freshman who's obsessed with manga and fictional characters. Having already given up on a "Prince Charming" in real life, she begins to learn about love and friendship when she accidentally bumps into a classmate that looks exactly like her favourite manga character.
    • -- (8.40)
    • 2,767
    • 30,773
    • 21
    Orphans Charlotte and William finally confess their feelings for each other and promised to be together forever. Yet, Charlotte is suddenly killed in a motor accident, leaving William devastated. Death is usually the end of most relationships, but it seems that Will has other plans...
    • -- (8.45)
    • 1,601
    • 37,626
    • 19
    Shoutaro is a man of few words. He manages a used books store called Mononobe Koshoten and has an efficient young boy named Shiro to help out with the work while he reads the day away. But behind this normal and mundane facade Shoutaro has another job: the collection of some rather unpleasant old books…

    Author's Twitter: Link
    • -- (8.32)
    • 2,754
    • 19,153
    • 14
    The hero had finally defeated the demon lord, sealing him. However, the seal he had used was only temporary. Should evil rise again, the descendants of the hero shall follow in his steps. At least... That was the plan. It's too bad that the hero is still a virgin! If he doesn't have children by 30, he'll become a wizard! And so, the hero desperately begins his journey to find a wife...

    Artist's Twitter
    • -- (8.33)
    • 2,552
    • 47,134
    • 46
    Furuya contemplates the accidental death of his girlfriend, Sara.
    • -- (8.74)
    • 14,947
    • 400,655
    • 112
    One day, a fourteen year-old girl was kidnapped... or so the police have been lead to believe. Actually, she tried to run away from her abusive parents and was helped by her stalker who then shelters her in his apartment. Although he considers his actions as kidnapping, the girl is happy about the situation and proposes to him, with the condition that if they are caught, they will commit suicide.

  • Author's Twitter
    • -- (7.85)
    • 936
    • 29,188
    • 3
    Alice, a the leader of a popular idol group finds herself lost in a dark, evil, forest. There, she meets 'Heroines' who battle to the death for their 'Happily Ever After'. Alice, Little Red Riding Hood, Snow White, what bloody tale will these girls tell...?
    • -- (7.90)
    • 568
    • 7,910
    • 6
    A frail girl recovers with the help of an unlikely friend.
    • -- (7.39)
    • 1,845
    • 43,555
    • 9
    A collection of moments wherein characters kiss one another on a whim.

    Diversas histórias curtas sobre pessoas que beijam por querer beijar, não importando-se com o momento ou lugar.
    • -- (8.16)
    • 1,731
    • 46,631
    • 14
    Tsukishiro Nina moves to Ruberia, a small country surrounded by the ocean and roses. But suddenly, she was bitten by a young Loup-Garou, a beast that is said to only exist in legends. Once bitten, Nina herself turned into one of them and was forced into "Abigaile" an academy prison on an island where all the vile beasts are exiled to. What cruel fate awaits the pitiful Nina...!?
    • -- (7.36)
    • 1,653
    • 53,697
    • 21
    Qiao Anhao and Lu Jinnian marry by the will of their parents. However, Jinnian was no longer the kind boy Anhao once knew. An thus, on the night of their undesired wedding, Anhao made three rules:
    1. Don't touch me in public.
    2. Don't tell anyone that I'm your wife.
    3. Don't let anyone find out that we live together.
    • -- (7.90)
    • 1,891
    • 32,061
    • 9
    Kusonoki Komugi lives with her mother in Tokyo and can't get along with classmates. Because of her mother's business trip, she has to stay with her father in Hokkaido for a year. She thinks she will have opportunities to make new friends. She got to sit next to Oogami Yuu, a popular boy who tells her she smells good. One day, she discovers his secret...
    • -- (7.29)
    • 1,913
    • 49,205
    • 14
    Mochizuki Mako decides to leave her home and enrolled in a boarding high school school known for it’s photography program. She moves into the dorms with her childhood friend, Kei and her classmate, Amemura who hates having his picture taken. First love and dreams, what will this fateful Spring bring…?
    • -- (8.19)
    • 1,129
    • 19,889
    • 23
    Daisuke Niwa is an ordinary, if slightly unlucky, middle school student. On his fourteenth birthday, he comes down with a 'condition' that has plagued the men in his family for three hundred years. When he sees his crush, Risa, he transforms into his alter ego, the phantom thief Dark Mousy. Unfortunately, when Dark Mousy sees his crush, Risa's twin Riku, he transforms back into Daisuke. The only cure for this craziness is if Daisuke can get Risa to fall in love with him...
    • -- (8.17)
    • 1,045
    • 12,955
    • 5
    This is the story of Detective Matsubase three years before he fatefully meets xxx.

    Hijiri Matsubase finally quits the police force and fulfills his dream of running his own detective agency. However, life isn't smooth sailing as it seems and the poor guy is in massive debt after getting scammed. Luckily, or unluckily for Matsubase... Aketoyo, the son of a billionaire reaches out to him for a deal. "Entertain me, I'll pay you $100,000 per case." A deal with the devil can be oh so enticing.
    (source: AOC Translations)
    • -- (7.71)
    • 1,863
    • 49,426
    • 15
    After the carriage she had embarked upon crashed, Stella is saved by a tall dark and handsome stranger and brought to the mysterious mansion surrounded by poisonous roses in which he lives with three other gorgeous men. However, with no money left, Stella is forced to work as a maid which will prove dangerous for her because she is yet to find out that all four men are actually vampires!
    • -- (6.16)
    • 594
    • 9,837
    • 28
    An abused girl, Miyazaki, tries to find the meaning to her life through her teacher and her boyfriend.
    • -- (8.03)
    • 481
    • 10,324
    Collection of 4 short stories including:

    1. Rinjin wa Chou
    Chouka, a 20-year-old college student, is a freely flying butterfly and has never been captured. She always fools around with men and everything seems to be under her control. However, her life changes when she met her neighbor, a 33-year-old man…

    2. Suki de Tamaru ka!
    Anri has a strange dream about her neighbor and childhood friend Takeru Okada, but it's been years since they stopped being friends... What does this dream mean? ...Are they Anri's repressed wishes?

    3. Datte, Yueni, Hatsukoichuu...

    4. Iki wo Kirashite Ai ni Kite
    • -- (7.74)
    • 439
    • 7,486
    • 9
    The duty of a Grim Reaper is to end life, but this one falls in love with a human and commits the greatest taboo of his kind. How real is this love between "death" and a young boy?
    • -- (8.17)
    • 1,125
    • 14,710
    • 13
    Those who curse the world with their dying breath becomes demons. The ones who protect the country from these demons are the Children's Choir who have received divine blessings from the angels. Hymns sung by these children who are pure in body and soul are exceptionally beautiful. They are able to kill the demons with their pitch perfect harmony. As such, the demons are always looking for a chance to kill these children once night falls. However, there's one poor little boy who just can't seem to hit the perfect note...
    • -- (7.19)
    • 1,241
    • 28,619
    • 7
    "The top of her grade year round and all too perfect student council president who repels everyone, Watanuki Leila, has a secret.

    Her family's home is a love hotel!?

    While desperately trying to hide that fact, Sangatsu Owaru the new secretary has accidently discovered that?”
    • -- (8.12)
    • 844
    • 27,478
    • 7
    The boy with crimson eyes encounters an angel with eyes as blue as the sky. Although there's something nostalgic about each other, they cannot recall their memories slumbering under a distant horizon. Facing each other once more as enemies, what path will these lovers take? The new world unravels as the young couple faces truths and doubts.
    • -- (7.68)
    • 988
    • 17,895
    • 6
    From the mangaka of Watashi ni xx Shinasai!:

    Mashiro has spent the last thirteen years of her life locked away in a room as she protects the gods that live in her hair, being slowly restored. However, when the door opens to the room and she stumbles outside, she finds that things are not how they seem, and the gods are unleashed.
    • -- (8.02)
    • 1,211
    • 14,706
    • 6
    Hakka Sasakura's life is about to turn upside-down. She comes home from a day of admiring the student body president only to discover that a mysterious creature resembling a man in an animal suit has taken up residence at her home! What’s more, she's been chosen to work with this strange being to fight off invaders from another dimension and save the world... and she has to kiss him to do so?!
    • -- (7.64)
    • 2,737
    • 42,428
    • 5
    In class, she's a sort of zoned-out girl, and he's the year one class' most perfect, good-looking guy. But the two of them have a secret, and their extraordinary "love experience" will start now!

    Himuro Yukina, known as the "Absolute Zero Snow-woman" is a cold and observant girl. In addition, she is actually a popular cell phone novelist who goes by the name of Yupina. Sadly, with no other human contact than her cousin, Yukina is unable to express more romance in her novels. Kitami Shigure, your so-called "typical bishounen", who is really a womanizer, has fallen into Yukina's trap when she blackmails him, and they end up "love-acting" for the sake of their secrets.
    • -- (7.97)
    • 459
    • 12,974
    • 1
    Parasites: shape-shifting aliens whose only purpose is to assimilate with and consume the human race… but do these monsters have a different side? A parasite becomes a prince to save his romance-obsessed female host from a dangerous stalker. Another hosts a cooking show, in which the real monsters are revealed. These and 13 more stories, from some of the greatest shoujo manga artists alive today, together make up a chilling, funny, and entertaining tribute to Hitoshi Iwaaki's manga horror classic!
    • -- (7.89)
    • 98
    • 3,194
    A comedic retelling of some events in the light novel Brothers Conflict as 4-komas with all characters in chibi form.

    Volume 3 was published as Brothers Conflict Purupuru: Pururu and depicted events based on Brothers Conflict: 2nd Season.
    • -- (7.93)
    • 306
    • 6,556
    Natsume, who works at a game company, learns of his new step-sister the day of his mother's wedding. Just as he starts interacting with the game loving girl, he finds out the feelings the other siblings hold towards this girl.  (From: Summer Rain)

    This features

    Based on events in the light novel series Brothers Conflict and its otome game (visual novel) and anime adaptations.
    • -- (7.84)
    • 323
    • 8,431
    One day, Unohana unexpectedly meets two brothers — and they both happen to be demons. Nobody can see them except for Unohana, a schoolgirl who can see what nobody else can see. But when she is attacked by the spirit of a black dog, even more strange forces are awoken.
    • -- (7.86)
    • 267
    • 9,344
    Tonegawa Lilica may be the daughter of the famous biologist Tonegawa Midori, but she personally hates math and science. She's most interested in being fashionable. But in order to save a friend, Lilica makes a contract with a strange blonde man in foreign clothing: she receives a flask to summon famous scientists, and he vows to make her like science.

    This mysterious bishounen introduces himself as the greatest scientist of Ancient Greece, Archimedes.
    • -- (7.95)
    • 274
    • 11,418
    • 1
    Originally published in the April 2015 issue of Comic Spica, this is a series of astrology-themed one-shots created by different mangaka and collected in an anthology.

    Sennen no Kodoku (Millennium Loneliness) by FUJIWARA Kaoru
    A man devotes himself to pray in church.

    Himitsu (Secret) by SHIMURA Takako
    Magazine editor Nanase sees a poplar tree on the go. That fateful encounter, evokes the memory of a certain secret...

    Nandemonai Kinou no Hanashi (My Unexceptional Yesterday) by Itoi Nozo
    A woman has a seemingly unremarkable story about a chance meeting.
    • -- (7.98)
    • 188
    • 6,756
    • 1
    Doujin by Tanemura Arina
    • -- (7.86)
    • 889
    • 18,857
    • 20
    Nitogi Amane and Utsuya Madoka became first met in middle school. But one tiny, yet fatal mistake ends up costing Amane more than just her seemingly innocent best friend…
    • -- (7.80)
    • 501
    • 17,875
    • 11
    On the day of their anniversary, Luka's boyfriend suggests that they break up.

  • Based on the Vocaloid song of the same name
  • Sequel to that song
  • Epilogue is based on this song
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