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Gone solo, credit pages will have comments or TL notes if I did everything. Otherwise, previously done work will be credited as usual. Thank you to lame_ for the wonderful series logo + occasional help ❤ and of course, a huge thank you to former staff ❤

As of 2019, we will ONLY upload "non-conflicting" series onto MangaDex.
Conflicting Definition + Exceptions:

The following series will not be available on MangaDex:

The following series are an exception:
Devil and Song

Don't like us? Use the block feature.

We are available for scanlation commissions

Retranslation Rules:
1. You are more than welcomed to use our English script as a basis to translate into another language as long as you use your own raws. There is no need to contact us.
2. You may NOT use our files for the purpose of retranslation, please purchase your own to support the author.
— ✦ We will consider watermarking ALL series with international translators who did not follow our rules until the issue is resolved.
3. If you need raw files from us we may provide them if:
— ✦ You can prove to us that you have purchased your own copy, but wish to use ours.
— ✦ You can help us with our scanlations. However, it must be done to our quality expectations.

Please do not hesitate to DM Kitsunebi if you need something.
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