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    The story of four adventurers, all whom have experienced betrayal and hardship, banding together to give the middle finger to society.
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    Long ago , degenerates lurked in Manga**x. Then everything changed when the ads attacked. Only the mods, master of the ban hammer, could stop them, but when the April 1st came, he vanished. A couple minutes have passed and my waifu and I discovered the memes. And although the panty shots are great, these memes won't bee here for long. But I believe they will go down in glory

    tldr: Collection of 2020 April Fool's releases
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    Description from JNC:

    Young Sain Forth has it made; as the famed Holy Knight, he has the people’s love, the respect of kings, and the blessings of a literal goddess. His aspirations lie elsewhere, though. With his assistant Melia at his side, he leaves for an academy in a foreign kingdom, where he is treated as a deviant by his peers. It’s his own fault, mind you—his stubborn insistance on wearing a custom, all-black uniform makes him stick out. He isn’t the only outcast in his class: Alicia, born into the Clan of Light but unable to use anything but fire magic, faces similar struggles, and the two quickly become allies. Alicia proposes that they enter the labyrinth below the school in search of a holy sword, but Sain has other plans in mind: a doom sword. And so, with his friends in tow, Sain ventures into the perilous unknown, driven by a wish to become the coolest, edgiest, most awesome thing in existence: a Dark Knight. There’s just one problem. He can’t use dark magic. Like, at all.

    Official English Translation of the Light Novel
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    Meet Kento Oonari, salaryman in hell.
    Overworked by his bosses, his head surely whirled.
    He dies, but meets up with a god called Raidel
    Who tells him that he’ll be sent to a new world.

    Kento's fairly cautious - he’s read this before.
    And so, to the god, he begs for one thing:
    “I just want to live a slow life, nothing more.
    “Just give me a house and a skill for farming.”

    So Kento is sent to a medieval age
    To live a nice, slow life. But what a surprise!
    The god gave him the powers of a Great Sage!
    And Kento used magic in front of commoner eyes!

    So join us today, as we read of this man:
    His cheat skills, his slow life, and his little girl clan.

    Original WN
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    A little girl gets sent to another world where she does her best.


    Web Novel: Raw
    Light Novel (Bookwalker): Japanese
    Alternative Raw Source : Link
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    Monsters can't clean (their homes), hence a sister who can does that for them.
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    Willbell is the three-year-old son of the Torkis household, in the kingdom of Philphilia. And, as it turns out, a magic prodigy.

    Web Novel
    Author's Twitter
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    There's a small forest on the edge of town. People have long feared the forest after being told not to enter it, for they may not ever return. The reason: there's a scary wolf there...!?

    This is a story of a gentle and hardworking wolf living together with the other forest animals.

  • Alternative raw: seiga.nicovideo
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    When I woke up, I found myself inside a spaceship.

    I guess you guys think I’m talking nonsense here, but I also have absolutely no clue about what exactly happened to me.

    I was really close to completely losing it, but fortunately, I managed to notice that this place was really similar to the world featured in a game I was playing recently.

    Am I dreaming? Nope, it’s no dream. Maybe I actually got sent to a different world or something?

    But didn’t those things usually involve getting sent to a magical world with elves, dwarves, dragons and whatnot?

    In any case, I don’t know what caused this, but I guess I’ll just have to suck it up and live properly in this world from now on.

    It’ll be okay. I got my trusty spaceship so I can probably make some money. It’ll work out! It has to!

    This is the story of a man abruptly thrown into space along with his private spaceship. He runs around with it and saves damsels in distress along the way, flirts with said damsels, earns money as a merc-for-hire and uses his gaming knowledge to work his way into living freely and easily.

    Alternative raw: https://comic-walker.com/contents/detail/KDCW_MF00000330010000_68/
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    In a world ruled by chaos and darkness lives a warrior whose family was killed by demons, his name is Urus.
    Driven by madness and revenge, one day he hears of "Kelg's pub", a place where heroes who were reincarnated into this world go to search for companions in their quest to defeat the demon king.
    Wanting to be chosen by one of these heroes urus makes his way to this pub but... There he is labeled as the weakest class by a strange summoning ritual and branded with the mysterious letter "R". It is here that he comes into contact with the true darkness of this world.
    What is "R"? What is this ritual!? And what is the darkness of this world!?
    • -- (7.11)
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    Albright, who was famous as “the strongest Black Knight”, was reincarnated as a girl, Maria, whose ribbon suited her well for same reason. Maria, 16 years old, is currently a maid in the Marquess of Urband family in attendance to the Daughter of the Marquees, Relena. After Relena became engaged to the 4th Prince, the area around Maria had gotten busier…

    Portuguese (BR) / Português (BR)

  • Original Web Novel (Raw)
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    While taking a break from studying, Neji Renta, an eighteen year old boy, saves a kitten but dies right after. The god told him that he can reincarnate but he chooses to live a life in another world instead. With his new friend kitten, the god's pet named Mii, he will try his best to enjoy his life in the other world as Nero with his power to summon high quality cat food.
    One day, the young boy went to help the cat of God until he got himself killed. He was born again in a different world with the special power to feed the cat!

    (no spoilers)
    So, I'm dead? No! I have a new life, a cat, and time to kill! Bask in this fluffy warmth I hold!
    (actual spoilers)
    • -- (8.35)
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    Lerunda has always been treated unfairly, constantly compared to her twin sister, whose personality is bright and beautiful. One day Lerunda was thrown away into the forest, abandoned by her parents when her sister was taken over to the Great Temple as a child...
    In disappointment, the strongest monster Griffon in the forest and a Sky Horse helped her lonely person...

    Alternative Raw: ComicWalker
    • -- (8.20)
    • 7,140
    • 97,504
    • 23
    Lilian Eddington finds a mysterious but cute black beast in the woods, which she refuses to abandon when her grandfather says she can't keep it as a pet. After he finally consents, she kisses the newly named Woolbo on the nose only for it to release the seal on it and it turns into the Maou. While condescending at first, the Maou decides he can't abandon Lilia either. How will their days together play out in the future?
    • -- (6.66)
    • 3,831
    • 136,763
    • 18
    Author's Twitter
    • -- (6.72)
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    Past the dreams there is a special world, where monsters and demons fight for supremacy, it so happens those same monsters and demons are also the objects of cult for religions in the real world. A victory in the monster world, means the success of a religion in the real world. Wahowaho is a new religion, aiming to the top, and while searching for their god they have summoned a clueless human boy. Toda Yuu was visiting a fan convention with his sister, he was looking forward the event for his favourite game, a phone gacha game with deities, but once he fell asleep things started to change in the real world.
    • -- (8.15)
    • 5,460
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    When Ivy was born into this world, she remembered her past life.
    Remembering her preincarnation, she strove to avoid strife.
    But fate curdled at the status check, when kids learn who they are.
    For she had only one skill - Taming - and not a single star.

    Ivy was weak from the start - at most, she could tame a slime.
    And in her world, most people did not give the weak their time.
    Only one woman in her village would treat her as her own.
    But after she "died", Ivy got the hint and ran from home.

    While on the lamb, she met a tiny slime and made Sora its name.
    And such begins the heartwarming survival story of a small girl who can tame.
    • -- (7.56)
    • 16,138
    • 653,414
    • 127
    Pro-wrestler Shibata Genzo who's maniac pet animals suddenly was summoned to a different world. Genzo was asked by the princess to get rid of the evil beasts called monsters roaming in this world. Outraged that he was asked to kill monsters, he german suplexed the princess. Unable to get back to earth, he decided to live a slow peaceful life in this world. This is a story about an eccentric Japanese man who was a former pro wrestler and manages a "Monster Pet" shop.

    From the same author the Konosuba and Combatants Will Be Dispatched!

    The volume and magazine chapters use different numbering schemes as they combine some magazine chapters into one volume chapter.
    • -- (7.14)
    • 1,935
    • 19,795
    • 9
    Metalia, a world where mechanical creatures called the gears stroll. It was the so-called "machine hunters (collectors)" who hunted those who ruled the earth with mighty power. A boy now descends in Melzam, the largest city in Metaria. His name is Nill. He, with the right arm of the machine, had a secret. This is a story that looks for your fate.
    • -- (8.23)
    • 543
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    • -- (8.18)
    • 5,693
    • 177,478
    • 53
    Hikage Nemoto, a young, shy and mousey part-time teacher finds herself unwittingly awakening some rather... fundamental feelings from all the women she meets... Will she prevail?

  • Author's Pixiv
    • -- (8.75)
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    • 159
    One day when I got home as usual, what I saw was my classmate Sara in a maid costume. It seems like she's working at my house as a live-in maid...?!

  • Author's Twitter | Author's Pixiv
  • Original Web Comic (Raw) (Niconico)
    • -- (8.34)
    • 11,716
    • 441,786
    • 117
    In this world, men live on islands floating in the clouds. But the heavens are also the domain of "dragon fish", gigantic monsters hostile to humans and their ships ... Yuu is one of the guards responsible for protecting citizens from their attacks. In the company of Asebi, a young android, he decided to go on an adventure.
    His goal? Discover the ancient island of Brant, capital of the legendary archipelago of Waldecia, who hold many vestiges of human civilization at the time of its heyday!
    • -- (7.27)
    • 2,765
    • 126,973
    • 16
    A small inn just outside of town, hotel new oh dog, a place where adventurers come to rest their tired bodies. The inn owner's fur is as wonderful and fluffy as always. Lilith the inn's poster girl wants to go to school and look for treasure in dungeons?
    A new fluffy inn comedy by Kai Yoshino starts now!
    • -- (8.06)
    • 13,045
    • 323,623
    • 133
    Meet Tanaka. He’s a 26-year-old freeter - a guy who makes his living on various part-time jobs. He works in warehouses, directs traffic, and generally does whatever work he can find in order to get paid.

    However, recently Tanaka has had a problem. He occasionally is transported into another world, usually in front of people who need help. Knowing nothing, can Tanaka add another part-time job to his repertoire?
    • -- (6.90)
    • 4,738
    • 114,680
    • 22
    The strongest demon of the magical world challenges the cooking of the human world.

    "Kuh, why is it so deliciouuuus!"

    The strongest demon princess of the magical world, Valalice has come to destroy humanity starting with Tokyo. However, what was waiting for her was the all too delicious cooking of humanity such as curry, ramen, and pancake――!?
    Can Valalice beat the temptation of food!?

    Valalice's cuteness × delicious food nyan nya, the strongest gourmet battle just doesn't stop. The comic adaption has finally arrived ☆

  • Japanese Light Novel: Bookwalker
  • Alternate Raw: Nico Nico Seiga
    • -- (8.33)
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    An office worker lady, almost 30, indulges in her big gaming hobby whenever she has some free time. Then a little stray cat moves in!

  • Author's Twitter
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    Kamitsukasa, the beautiful boss admired by everyone. Tobeshita, her subordinate that goes driving with her on their days off for some reason. Tobeshita's heart won't stop pounding but Kamitsukasa seems weird while driving... Does she get excited driving up hill road​s...!? A comedy about traveling with a beautiful boss!!
    • -- (8.06)
    • 1,608
    • 57,956
    • 17
    Anzu goes to a preschool with her friends, the shy Koume and the eccentric Hiiragi. Together, they try to gain Anzu attention from their male caretaker Tsuchida, though he is clearly more interested in the pretty Yamamoto who supervises the class next door.
    • -- (8.00)
    • 3,914
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    Shinozaki Himeno has no intention of dating anyone before she's ready to consider marriage; as such, the last year of high school is too early to her. However, she is confessed to by Maruyama, a weirdo who asked her out solely because a friend told him he should try out love. Moreover, he asked to date her for only one month. Since he'll ask someone else if she rejects, Himeno begrudgingly accepts, beginning an unusual relationship.
    • -- (8.52)
    • 3,727
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    In near future, Humanity discovered incredible ore with unlimited energy, 「Iliosdaite」. In ten years since its discovery that core energy became an alternate fuel supporting the whole world. But, a lot of Monsters and evil organizations were eager to get their hands on Iliosdaite. That's when a Hero rose up to protect the Peace. His name was..... Love Fighter Shuravan.
    • -- (7.93)
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    • 26
    Collection of April Fool's releases