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Translation team that started from /r/beastars discord.

We started with rough Beastars translations on discord when raw releases on Thursdays Midnight Japan [Wednesday 8:00 am pst] https://discord.gg/beastars

Rough translations stay on discord, and not to be spread elsewhere, as in progress and sometimes misunderstood.

Post Monday releases.
- So HCS can release first.
- So Beastars fans can still enjoy Beastars incase HCS has a delay
- Our own take on Beastars terms/meaning
- Releasing memes to the community.

Huge thanks to HCS for all the work done for Beastars so far [No intention to snipe, hence delay]

Future Plans:
1) HQ BC7 [the one released in Japan March 2019]
2) Collaboration with SuMeBe Scans to finish Paru's Graffiti
3) Working on other Paru side series
4) OBC vol 1 and 2