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We are a newly formed team with the love for all genres (but manga is our priority).
We're currently looking for:
- Experienced Cleaner and Redrawer
- JP -> EN translator
- Typesetter
- Proofreader

Please contact us before retranslating *to other languages*

- No set update schedule. Progress on each series will be updated on discord each week.
- We don't drop a series unless stated otherwise.

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This is sort of my problem. You want more staff, when you are about +2 month old group. You want staff when you have to what is to me an absurd work load of atleast 23 mangas.

It simply does not work like that.

You are doing it backwards. You get more manga once you have the staff for it. People want to enter your group once you have a good reputation not before it.

Again the advice is the lower the manga amount to reasonable amounts so you guys can focus on those, then once you build up a rep, you start getting more staff and then new projects.

The matter of fact I like you guys, I hope in the future you grow, get bigger. But I have seen what happens you overload your workload. You will do more mistakes, you will take more time, you built more stress. It's alltogether just unhealthy.

So I hope the situation keeps improving. (#progress-updates channel being a good step forward)
Following some of the feedback we've received, EJ has decided to implement a progress updates channel on our Discord. If you would like to see where we are on specific projects, check out the #progress-updates channel! We hope that this answers some questions and provides more transparency to readers regarding our projects๐Ÿ’•
@eminyan we would LOVE more staff ๐Ÿ’• EJ is constantly in the process of recruiting as many scanlation groups are. I feel like a lot of the issues being brought up are misunderstandings and if people would take the time to come talk to us personally a lot of these problems could be solved. We really hope that our sincerity comes through in our work and aim to gain the trust and respect of the scanlation community through high quality and consistent updates. To anyone with questions or concerns, come talk to us in Discord ๐Ÿ˜Š We would really love to clear up any issues
Oh, I see. Regardless, I still hope your group will gain more staff because if there were to be more, members could take over roles when another member was to be unavailable due to their job or such + collaborate so it's easier + more the merrier.
@eminyan unfortunately, we still would not be able to release faster if we had more staff because the issue isn't about the number of staff members we have. Some of our staff members work slower than others and that's something that cannot be helped. Our staff members have jobs and school. They are just volunteers. The series that are backed up or "neglected" are currently being worked on, just at a slower pace than some of our other projects. Sorry for any inconvenience this has created to you and other readers. If you'd like more information about where we are with specific series, feel free to reach out to us in Discord.
Are you referring to a specific series? Because some of the series' have gone without updates for more than one month. You're right, you found them fair and square and I DON'T condone sniping other peoples series'. That wasn't the point I was trying to make. My point is if your group can't focus as much time as another group could with the series, dropping it/finding more staff would be a good idea so other groups have the chance at translating it because they want to as well/have more members and time to spare. After all, your group has SO MANY mangas listed. I'm not trying to nag you/your group on your update times so if it came off that way, I'm sorry.
@eminyan It's funny how you said we neglected a series while it's just a month LOL. If a month is counted as neglection, 80% of what've been out right now is neglected by so many other groups cos they can't keep up with your unreasonable demand. We didn't steal or snip anyone's series. We found them fair and square. It's NOT our fault that other teams couldn't find them before we did. Why don't you say they come to know about a series because we released it then they just wanna snip it? Just stop with the double standard and snipping validation already.
Agree with @Harmone and @Shade7.
Totally get the excitement to translate so much good manga but I think your group should just stick to maybe 6-8 manga at a time. Your updates are much appreciated but I think other groups should have a chance at translating/scanlating the mangas that you all picked up but neglect. It's okay to be a chill translating/scanlating group and translate whenever you want but not when there's a lot of manga that other groups may want a chance at.
Badass move from @Harmone.

But how about we clear things up statistics so this group can understand the opposition.

From what I am seeing, 17 chapters that are at chapter 1 or 0. There is some manga here that have only 1 chapter for 2 months.

21 chapter 1s, 3 chapter 0s, 6 chapter 2s, 3 chapter 3s.

You have posted 33 chapters. That means you have over half of the chapters you have posted are literally first chapters. That means you have 3 times the amount of first chapters in comparison to amount chapter 2s.

And then you say the following on your page.

- No update schedule.
- We don't drop a series unless stated otherwise.

So not only do you not have an update schedule, but you aren't going drop any of these?

And now for my biggest concern, why would you as a new group ever decide to take this many projects at the same time? You do realize the best way to start as a group is to gather reputation. Where you can say that you consistently update already existing mangas.

As a new group, you should have like 8 max first chapters, while the rest more of those same mangas.

But from what I am seeing here, you have at least 23 mangas that you have committed to. That means for your group size (9) where you have ideally teams of 3 (editor, redrawer, translator), so 3 teams. That means that each of your teams has to work on 7 different manga.

So is it any wonder why some of the manga you have wait 2 months with no updates.

TLDR; Rethink your plan, because this just looks bad in any way you look it.

I respect you.
Hey so, I checked out your discord and like? You have a lot of projects. Do you have the staff members to even keep up with that many? Don’t be a Chibi Manga now. Your releases are slow, have literally almost 30 projects listed, no releases for some projects which are liable to get sniped because guess what, you DO NOT have any CLAIM to them and your translations are somewhat questionable for some chapters. I HIGHLY recommend that you either:
1. Get more staff.
2. Drop series so other scan teams can do them.

TLDR; Hey stop hogging good manga!

With love and respect to the readers,


THANK YOU so much for picking up 'the duchess of the attic' and 'sengoku night blood'๐Ÿ’• keep on the hard work!!! you guys made my mood!
Thank you very much for picking up Since I became a Saint!