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A scanlation group devoted to exclusively working on detective/mystery manga.

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Gent 26 days ago
@anhhuynh2811 Thank you very much!

Last edited 3 days ago.

anhhuynh2811 1 month ago
Thank you for your work on Tantei Gakuen Q, much appreciate ?. Just want to remind you that maybe sometimes you meet bad readers but there are alot of readers like me that are thankful for your work ?.

Last edited 1 month ago.

Gent 1 month ago
@ShaDow75, you're welcome ^_^
ShaDow75 1 month ago
?Thank you for fully scanlating Tantei Gakuen Q ?
Gent 3 months ago
We only release in English. I'm not sure why you can't see any chapters, maybe you've set the wrong language? Would try contacting a mod on the Mangadex Discord.
Izanagi49 3 months ago
what language do you guys use i cnat see any chapters with english