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A scanlation group devoted to exclusively working on detective/mystery manga.

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@plumbob Thanks ^_^
I really appreciate all the effort you put in to translate carefully. You all are the best!
@ShaDow75 You're welcome ^_^
? Thank you for all your work on Tantei Gakuen Q & Tantei Gakuen Q Premium. ?
@Queenvon Thank you so much for the amazing feedback. We'll work hard to scanlate the rest of the chapters as well ^_^
THANK ALL YOU (Baker Street) ?
Irregulars ?for all of your hard work & effort to bring the very bestmystery mangas to us English readers! QED, Q Academy, CMB, Psychometer, and of course, beloved Kindaichi are my MUST READs and you do such a FANTASTIC JOB on some of the most difficult manga with such great results!!! I know they are far more intellectual than most Manga and have correspondingly more difficult vocabulary, terminology, & idioms than most others; yet you Irregulars manage to do such outstanding scanlations!!! You are such an amazing team and I'm a long time reader but only recently found this site where I could contact you & laud you for the (nearly) perfect job you have always done!
My only complaint would be that I actually have to wait to read the next chapter--which is not an actual complaint, more like a whine from a greedy older otaku.
So, THANK YOU ALL SO VERY MUCH for the gorgeous scans, typesetting, translations, proofreading, qc, & editing---it takes a great team to produce such consistently good work, and I am very thankful you perform these tasks for us & our reading enjoyment! Keep up the good work! ?

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@SakuraOrihime you're welcome ^_^
Thank you guys very much for translating so much good stuff. Seriously. THANKS! YOU ARE AWESOME, GUYS! O3O
@shaoxin54 You're welcome, thanks for reading!
thank you for your hard work
@anhhuynh2811 Thank you very much!

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Thank you for your work on Tantei Gakuen Q, much appreciate ?. Just want to remind you that maybe sometimes you meet bad readers but there are alot of readers like me that are thankful for your work ?.

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@ShaDow75, you're welcome ^_^
?Thank you for fully scanlating Tantei Gakuen Q ?
We only release in English. I'm not sure why you can't see any chapters, maybe you've set the wrong language? Would try contacting a mod on the Mangadex Discord.
what language do you guys use i cnat see any chapters with english