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    @aidenjoon the two mangas I'm doing at the moment have short chapters and I can do the cleaning quickly enough, so I think for now I prefer the simplicity of not having to worry about the organisational part of splitting my work with others. Maybe if I ever take on a full-sized project again... but I don't really have any other mangas in mind yet.

    Appreciate the offer though :D

    P.S. mangadex doesn't notify me whenever someone leaves a comment here, which is why it took me a week to even see this.
    Hey if you need any help man, with like cleaning and stuff, I'm more than game!
    @reborn96 You're welcome :)

    it'll slow down considerably after chapter 60, because the author is drawing these """weekly""", but I hope to keep it up as it comes out.
    Hey, thanks a lot for picking up Shukan Brick, I was pretty sad when it was dropped by the previous group.