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We are a group that primarily works on releasing colored JoJo's Bizarre Adventure volumes in English. We also work on re-translating Part 5: Vento Aureo in black and white. If you have any questions, feel free to contact us on Facebook (That is where we are most active). Our main members are Bracketier, MusicEdge, MistaL, and Fingerprintz.

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I noticed that there are two pages missing in "Yamagishi Yukako Wants to be Like Cinderella - Part 4". The pages where Koichi bumps into Yukako after being pushed by Joseph. In the version up currently, it just jumps from Joseph pushing Koichi, to Yukako and Koichi about to kiss. I noticed it's also missing in the mega link as well.
Keep up the good work!
This is one of the best official colored groups in the world, tbh. Highly reccomend reading all manga they upload.
Do you guys plan on continuing the Dragon Ball Full Color collection? I'm so glad you guys are doing this since it looks like Viz is being lazy about it and is taking their time with the Z portion.
thanks for all of this, doing gods work by spreading jojo in well translated color.
Hey are you guys still translating Yu Gi Oh colored?
when are the new colored volumes of jojolion going to be translated? :D
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where can we get download links for Dragon Ball - Full Color Edition
As of now, we have all of our previous releases updated and hosted on MangaDex! We will be continuing JoJolion releases soon.
We will be uploading all of our JoJolion releases once we do some updates on them
Any chance you guy's will upload all of current JoJolion?
Thanks a lot for uploading JoJo!