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    A collection of stories:

    1. Mou Shoujo Manga Nante (I Don't Want To Make Girl's Comic Again)
    I made my début as mangaka at 14 and we called me the new genius. However I don't want to just draw manga for the rest of my life! I thought that I needed a goal but...One of my classmate, Mamiya, asked me to take him as my assistant...?!

    2. Heroine Blue

    3. Michikusa Shounen Shoujo

    4. Usotsuki House

    5. Time Machine wa Uso o Tsuku (Lying Time Machine)
    I wish I could use a time machine... Mizutani has found her crush's phone! Instead of directly giving it back to him, she begged him to be her email friend with an alias. Will he ever find out?
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    Noriko has led a sheltered, overprotected life since she was little, not being allowed to play outside or take part in normal childhood activities due to her affluent background.

    Then, during a school trip to Osaka, she meets Taiyou, who shows her that beyond the gilded birdcage she was raised in, there exists a dazzling world that shines as bright as the sun.

    But, faced with overwhelming opposition, can Noriko somehow find the courage she needs to break free of the chains that bind her?
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    Compilation of short stories:

    - Tsumi Koi / Sinful Love
    “If you want me to stay quiet, then have an affair with me too”
    Yashiro witnessed her classmate Maki, who is extremely popular with the girls, with a girl who wasn’t his girlfriend. Tired of her uninspiring days Yashino suggested that she become Maki’s “lover”, but because of these circumstances she finds herself being charmed by him and she can’t stop herself from falling in love with him…!?

    - Until I Fall in Love
    About twin sisters, Tae is the older twin and Rie is the younger. One day, Rie begs Tae to switch places with her. Rie has a crush on a boy who sits next to Tae. Finally Tae agrees. In Rie's class, Tae is surprised to discover that Rie sits next to a cute guy, the one on the soccer team that she saw after school a few days ago. Then, Tae has a good time sitting with the boy. He's funny and nice.
    When he invites Tae to watch him play soccer, Tae agrees, but then she realizes that he invites her as Rie..

    - Let's Meet in a Dream!
    Fuzuki has been having some strange dreams recently. In them, she is at school, and she is talking to a cute young teacher. Fuzuki is in love with this teacher, and he knows it. They always hand out on the roof of the school, where he smokes a cigarette. Every night she has dreams about him, and they hold very real conversations. But the thing is, Fuzuki doesn’t know who this guy is!
    Why is Fuzuki dreaming about this guy? Does he dream about her? Will they ever be able to meet in person?

    - Tears of Goldfish
    It was a summer festival 5 years ago, and a young girl was kissed by a cute boy while fireworks exploded all around them. But one of their classmates saw them kissing and teased them. They were elementary school kids, so their accusations are rude and obnoxious. The girl, Iyo, was embarrassed and denied it before the boy, Tsujiai could say anything. Ever since that day, she and Tsujiai, haven’t spoken.
    Now they are once again placed in the same class after 5 years. Iyo feels awful and awkward. But it’s obvious he still hates her…

    - Love Spell
    Momoka and a friend are standing at their classroom window, checking out some cute senpai boys. Momoka prefers boys with shorter hair. Her friend says that Shibahara isn't Momoka's type. Shibahara is a boy in their class, and he has long hair that obscures his face.
    The next day, Momoka finds out that Shibahara arrives to class with a new, short, haircut! And wow, he is actually very cute! Momoka can’t believe this. Could he had overheard her conversation yesterday? Or is this a coincidence? Could he really have cut his hair for Momoka? Momoka suddenly finds herself very aware of Shibahara. Is she falling for him?
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    Kawai Karen is a girl with an evil-looking face, who finally achieved her dream of becoming a nursery teacher. Problem is, her face makes the children around her cry on a daily basis. At the same time, there is a handsome man in charge of the same class as her who can seemingly do anything. This Hosaka-sensei is also incredibly popular among the children... but he is a little too serious. One day he told Karen that, "From today onward we will begin our companionship with the intent of marriage"... He proposed to her!?
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    Collection of one-shots

  • Iede Shounen to Natsu no Yoru
  • Bukiccho-san no Koi no Hanashi
  • 25-nichi e no Love Letter
  • Jouzu na Kimi no Tsukamaekata
  • Kirakira no Sekai
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    Shizuka Naoto doesn't intend to be the main actress. Everyone was so weird. Then a boy caught her attention... And together they started feeding a wild cat. But what will happen to them...?

    "Você... está cheio de mistérios, mas mesmo assim... Tudo bem se me apaixonar por você?" Para a alegre Tachibana Yuu, Shizuka Naoto é um garoto cheio de mistérios. Mas, casualmente, ela descobre um dos seus "segredos", e agora... esses novos sentimentos que está experimentando... vão alcançar o Príncipe Misterioso?
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    A demon named Shion came to the human real because of a trial that will decide who'll be the king of the underworld. However what he needs to do to prove himself worthy of such title may prove to be too difficult for Shion...?!
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    Anthology of seven pure love stories.

    1. Girl's Revolution - IKEYAMADA Go
    2. Haru ni Naru Made Matte (Wait Until The Spring Comes) - MINASE Ai
    (Also included in 37°C no Boyfriend)
    3. Puberty BABY - CHIBA Kozue
    To Eri, Kaoru is like a troublesome little brother or a cute puppy. She's been taking care of him for fifteen years since they live in the same apartment. She thought he had no interest in girls but that changes when she catches him with a group of girls and flirting!
    (Also included in 7 Genme wa Himitsu)
    4. - SHIRAISHI Yuki
    (Also included in Akuma de Koibito)
    5. Because, it's love - ICHIKAWA Shou
    6. - HOSHIMORI Yukimo
    7. - HATTORI Miki
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    "With my beloved boyfriend I want to do that and this..." Every girl who's fallen in love before will nod because they're full of "No-Good Fantasies"! This should fill your maidens' hearts for sure!

    1) Do you Really Love me? - Minase Ai
    I love him but he's from a different world... that's how I thought but then I caught Itou-kun kissing my desk, is it that he likes me....

    2) Invention Princess - Kumagai Kyoko
    Shizuka - super genius inventor has continued to look at her first crush since she first approached him at age ten. Originally to capture him she created useless inventions in a crazed rampage of wild delusions.

    3) Why the Boy Reads Shoujo Manga - Hattori Miki
    The one Rinko likes is the kind, cool, honest shoujo manga hero Jun-kun (two dimensional). She's fast approaching a dream as she has feelings for Sekimoto Mako!?

    4) Public Moral Committee Chairman's M Note - Souda Momo
    I, the public moral committee chairman sneakily wrote erotic delusions on a secret note! That note was discovered, and on top of that he orders me to "Listen to what I say!" I can't stop my increasing delusions!

    5) Misunderstanding Girl & Angry Prince - Shiumi Saki
    It seems like Kouga-kun who often meets my eyes likes me and Keiko, brimming with confidence confessed to him. As a result she was misunderstood and turned down. Furthermore she transformed into Kouga's favourite...?

    6) Onii-chan, please kiss me - Ginnobashi Rin
    Iyo became siblings with childhood friend Shouichi-kun after their parents remariage. She'll definitely become a family with Shouichi! One way or another it was a mistake to train her little brother.

    7) Kouryakuseyo! - Hanamoto Asami
    She loves Shoujo games!!! And the she met a boy who is just like the Prince she longs for in the game!!! She'll definitely capture him!
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    Sasaki had to be transferred to another school because of the death of her father. Unable to adapt to this new environment while smoking on the roof of the school, she is surprised by a fireman man in charge of a fire drill... As if his shame was not enough, the same boy will have to save her life again?
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    Mito, who has no family to rely on, lives on the streets, disguised as a boy. Ruka, a vampire, saves her from a perilous situation and makes her an offer: become his subservient thrall from which he can feed whenever he wants, and she can live with him—in the boys' dorm. Because her very existence depends on her secret not being found out, every day is a new danger—to say nothing of that vampire! Meanwhile, Ruka, not knowing Mito's a girl, dotes on her night and day in an attempt to ripen her "disgusting male blood," but when real feelings develop... This dangerous romance between a crossdressing girl and an obsessive vampire begins!
    • -- (7.85)
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    I was gently touched by a warm hand. The words that waited in the corner of my heart. That moment held a spark, something not to be shared with anyone else. That's fine. It's because of that it's fine. Your happiness is yours only--... As the title states, a collection of tragic and gentle stories.

    1. Merry Bad End
    2. Saigo no Bansan (Last Supper)
    3. Puri☆Bari
    4. 2-banme ja Dame nan desu ka (Is Coming 2nd Bad?)
    5. Torikago Kyoushitsu (Birdcage Classroom)
    6. Planet Honey (Wakusei Honey)
    7. Blindoll
    8. Flag
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    • 321
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    Here, young people, girls and boys, are living under the same roof. Mahiro is living with other people for the first time and everything is making her nervous and exited! Will her destiny will change? Will she find love? Or something else...?
    • -- (7.82)
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    Nazuna has an immense dislike for men because her father left due to an affair. She starts to believe that all boys like hot teachers. The relationship between her and childhood friend Keisuke goes south when he says something about their hot chorus teacher!

    Can they fix their relationship between themselves? Find out in this oneshot by Chiba-sensei!
    • -- (7.75)
    • 87
    • 2,818
    Before the start of high school Sakamoto Maki meets Homare-senpai and falls in love at first sight. When he find out she will playing basketball at the same school, he becomes cold and tells her not to talk to him. Kouta of the newspaper club then informs her the boys and girls basketball teams hate each other and are forbidden from dating one another! In a hasty move, Maki confesses her feelings anyway and gets ignored. Just as she's about to give up, Homare announces to the two teams that they are dating?!
    • -- (7.45)
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    Akari is an unfashionable first-year high school student who just moved from the countryside to the big city. While taking pictures of "Nana-chan," a huge mannequin at the mall, Akari accidentally bumps into into a handsome boy who compliments her on her eyes. Little does she know that the boy who has taken a fascination with her is actually Kanda, an extremely fashionable model and the heartthrob at her new school! What happens when he decides to make Akari stylish enough to land on the front cover of a magazine?

    Akari é uma estudante do primeiro ano do ensino médio fora de moda, que acabou de se mudar do campo para a cidade grande. Enquanto tirando fotos de "Nana-chan," uma enorme manequim no shopping, Akari acidentalmente esbarra em um lindo menino, que cumprimenta ela com os olhos. Mal sabe ela que o garoto teve uma fascinação com ela é, na verdade, Kanda, um modelo extremamente elegante e o galã da sua nova escola! O que acontece quando ele decide fazer Akari elegante o suficiente para pousar na capa de uma revista?
    • -- (7.81)
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    1. Ue kara Kataomoi
    "If you don't want to be better do what I say."
    Aya is suffering a one sided love with the cool Nikaido. but then he happen to know her secret. In order to shut her mouth, Nikaido tells her his conditions....

    2. Ai no Shirushi

    3. Kimi Bakkari no Natsu

    4. Sweet Lesson
    • -- (7.71)
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    The new public health doctor-teacher that has everyone talking is my childhood friend. He, who is ranked "elite" in looks, body, and intellect is actually a big pervert! He harasses me daily and is extremely overprotective. This has caused me to have no dating experience—let alone a boyfriend, and I'm already in high school! But lately, why is this perverted person making my heart beat so fast?

    A comedy between an older assertive childhood friend and the girl who's determined not to fall for his trap!
    • -- (7.35)
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    Tezuka Kanna, 15, is a girl who loves manga. For that reason, she specifically enrolls in a course for manga in Tokiwa High School as a freshman! No one knows though, that she is already a debuting manga artist. ...But wait, what's this?! Three handsome guys suddenly appear, and what's more they know!!! Kanna (God) vs. Those Guys (Devils)!!! What would happen next?!
    • -- (8.23)
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    You are the "first" of everything for me who is afraid of guys.

    A 7th grade girl by the name of Mirei is not allowed to do anything after school due to her strict parents, but one day she goes out on her own after her mom has left for work. That day, she meets a boy that seems to be younger than her. What will become of this meeting?
    • -- (7.64)
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    When Mimi is scouted as a reader model, she's excited for the opportunity to meet super-popular male model Ryota. The only problem is, Ryota is nothing like what she expected. So why did he pick her to model alongside him in an upcoming project? Is this the start of her modelling career, or just a big mistake? (From: Shoujo Sense)

    Included Oneshots:
  • Hokenshitsu no Ouji-sama

  • Skirt o Nuida Sono Ato wa. (After Stripping Off the Skirt.)
    "What, isn't it fine to cling to you? As fellow models and girls."
    "No... Though we're both models and girls... buuuut (>_<)"

    [PL ] Hinako świetnie radzi sobie jako modelka od paru lat, kiedy nagle pojawia się nowa gwiazda: Mashiro Yuu. Słodka i kobieca – czy Hinako dalej pozostanie w świecie modelingu? A co jeśli Yuu nie jest tym, kim się wydaje być…?

    Hinako has been a successful teen model for several years, when suddenly a new rising star appears: Mashiro Yuu. Cute, innocent and feminine - how can Hinako stay at the top of the fashion world? But what if the newcomer isn't what she seems to be..? (From: MU)
    • -- (7.90)
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    I will show you the way to make that popular guy falling in love with you.

    "You don’t know me! Don’t be so pretencious"

    He is always in front of my eyes, making fun of me. He always sees me with that kind of face and it’s intolerably sexy! But even if I want to be honest with him, I can’t. At the next culture festival, I wonder if I’ll can change that?
    • -- (7.98)
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    Even at school, the sober Mitsuba is attracted by the popular Sakurai-kun. But then, something big will happen...

    Mitsuba is not very good at talking, and disappears in class sitting at the back corner of the classroom. She hasn't made a single friend, but when the hand of the most popular boy in school is stretched out to her... she begins to sparkle in her own way.
    • -- (7.82)
    • 427
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    • 2
    If you don't date her, you'll die! That the prediction made to that delinquent boy. but what will be his destiny...?
    • -- (7.52)
    • 94
    • 3,462
    Kyouko has always liked Takuto and eventually they start dating. Kyouko is looking forward to spending Christmas together with him - their first Christmas as a couple. But a few days before Christmas, Takuto starts avoiding Kyouko and then she sees him with another woman!
    • -- (7.53)
    • 216
    • 5,531
    • 6
    He's giving headaches to the serious student council president. But they are strangely in tune with each other...!?
    • -- (7.76)
    • 516
    • 6,675
    • 2
    A series of Short Romantic Stories.

    1. Shinkon Gokko
    2. Boku no Tonari wa Kimi Shika Inai
    3. Dou Shitatte Aragaenai!
    4. Hanabi ga Saitara Kiss wo Shite
    5. Koko Kara Saki wa Dame!
    • -- (7.67)
    • 245
    • 5,547
    Please, teach me about things we can't do !

    #1. Ijiwaru na oni Kyoushi...a pretentious and cruel teacher give her private lessons after school?!

    #2. Geki Kawa Kyoushi…a morose girl with glasses and a handsome teacher = don't tell me it'll have some alchemy between those two?!

    #3. Kiken na Hokeni …A kind and gentleman teacher is in fact not what he seems to be...!!

    #4. Onna Kyoushi no Ikenai Koi…Though she's dreaming about an adult and handsome man, she'll become close to a high school boy...?!
    • -- (7.45)
    • 252
    • 8,888
    Anthology of short stories.

    1. Ikenai Kiss O Shiyou, by Kuramochi Mari
    She fell in love with an extremely handsome mysterious man. He turns out to be a trainee teacher?!

    2. After School It Gets Sexy ~Dangerous Private Lessons~ (Ecchii Houkago Kiken Na Katekyou), by Aikawa Hiro
    The extremely “popular” tutor is here to teach Yu but...?!

    3. Kinkyori Renai - The Reason For Me Wearing Glasses (Boku ga Megane o Shiteru Wake), by Mikimoto Rin
    A secret romance between teacher and student. The only person who can take off his glasses is me.

    4. Pink No Idenshi Hanamitsu Shounen, by Yuzuki Jun
    She saw her Chemistry teacher Fugiki Sensei kissing a married teacher in the music room and the heroic battle begins!

    5. Mi Da Ra Choukyou, by Kanou Noriko
    Yu-Sensei came as a tutor. I’ll do what ever it takes for him to fall for me!

    This is one of 8 (as of 8/31/10) Genshaku Tsundere Danshi Anthology books.
    • -- (7.96)
    • 151
    • 5,273
    From Chibi Manga:

    She will return to her city near the sea where she used to live and where her memories she wanted to forget…

    A compilation of one-shots:
    1. Kimi wo Nakasetai (I want to see you cry)
    2. Haruyasumi Jinguuji-kun to...
    3. Mousou♥Kiss
    4. Hoshi ga Furu
    5. Asa made Futari.
    • -- (7.92)
    • 653
    • 18,684
    • 3
    Turtles. Tachibana Leo, 16 years old, hates that word. Because it reminds him of his childhood when he had to play with Tsuwabuki Tenma, a crazy girl with a huge love for animals. Poor Leo had to go through a lot of things because of Tenma. After studying overseas for 10 years, he comes back to Japan to take revenge on her but 10 years is a long time and a lot of things have changed since then, including Tenma herself.
    • -- (7.66)
    • 189
    • 7,302
    Ryouko, a university student, currently lives in apartment 1LDK. She should be living her days normally, however one day, a series of events unfold, and now she has to live with a super-hot butler?! Plus, being served 24/7, she can't stop her racing heart... ?!

    1. 1LDK♥Shitsuji
    2. Ochiru Junjou
    3. Liar Heart
    4. Kirakira no Uta
    5. Motto 1LDK♥Shitsuji

    There are two variant covers. The one shown is from Flower Comics. The one not shown is from Girl Comics. Both have the same publishing date.
    • -- (7.97)
    • 245
    • 5,220
    A poor commoner chatterbox accidentally entered the celebrity high school and the unthinkable happened…?

    Includes oneshots:

    The Female Teacher is 16.

    Mouai Idol!! (Blind Love Idol!!)
    "Please be an idol only for me" says Hattori to Nazuna. A cute love story of idol and her manager.
    • -- (7.45)
    • 282
    • 9,938
    Saki doesn't realize how strong her feelings for Ryo are until it's almost time for them to graduate and go separate ways.
    • -- (7.77)
    • 403
    • 8,401
    A collection of stories:

    1-3. Hime to Knight to, Tonari to Watashi.
    The one I'm falling in love with isn't my knight but I can't seem to forget about him... Just what should I do with these feelings of mine?

    4. Bokura no Koi no Yamai
    Her close friend Hiiragi has suddenly forgotten her! Will she be able to get his memories back?

    5. Seito Kaishitsu, Megane no Uso. - Kare ga Doku o Haku Riyuu
    Under hypnosis, the megane student council president confesses his love to me?! But wait! Is it only under hypnosis, it is really true?
    • -- (7.87)
    • 275
    • 8,199
    • 1
    Her crush is her new brother? Despite with their new status, she's determined to make him hers. She'll do anything (comically)...
    • -- (7.82)
    • 224
    • 4,331
    Midori appears to be living the treasure box life. She's got a famous mom, lives in a mansion, eats high class food and has plenty friends, everything should be perfect, right? When she met him though, that's when her walls broke away.

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