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    #1: "Aishiteru", Uso Dakedo
    He's a liar. He's a player. He's the worst. Even if I knew that...why did I fall in love with him?
    This is the story about the encounter between a charismatic handsome boy and a serious girl...

    #2: Majou wa Geboku ni Koi wo Suru

    Runa was supposed to be able to wield magic. And Cloez is bound to her as her servant. But even if Cloez is always by her side as her attendant, she is unable to capture his heart...

    #3: Mayonaka no Orion
    Not scanlated yet

    #4: Mamotte nanka Yaranai!!
    Not scanlated yet
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    Two childhoodfriends reunite after many years.
    • -- (7.86)
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    Love at first sight means bad luck for her so Koyori can't find real love. The same thing can't happen again!!...she decided but just when she did so, she meets Mine during summer classs and falls in love at first sight again!? But Mine is different from the guys up until now, he's pure and straight forward and Koyori's heart can't stop loving him!?  (From: Evil Flowers)

    Included Oneshots:
  • You're Not Supposed to Take Off Those Glasses

  • The Lips that Fantasize

    Amor a primeira vista significa azar para ela. Então Koyori não consegue encontrar seu verdadeiro amor. E exatamente isso aconteceu. Ela decide conhecer Mine, durante o verão e se apaixona por ele a primeira vista. Mas Mine é diferente dos outros garotos até agora, ele é puro e muito direto. E a Koyori não consegue deixar de amá-lo!

    One-shots inclusos: Sono Megane, Hazusu Bekarazu. e Mousou suru Kuchibiru
    • -- (7.63)
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    Komori Fuji thinks she’s found the perfect job at a maid cafe, but it turns out, she actually got a job working for the butler cafe one floor above the maid cafe. When she first meets the ace butler, Yashiro Koyomi, she thinks he’s quite the gentleman, but he turns out to be more of a pervert and more than she can handle.

    Fuji Komori, uma confeiteira em treinamento, achou um trabalho de meio período como ajudante de cozinha em um café de mordomos rodeada por lindos garotos. Mas como ela irá sobreviver, se tem medo de falar com eles? Para piorar as coisas, Koyomi Yashiro, a estrela do café está sempre pegando no pé dela... E quando Fuji menos esperar, ela já estará apaixonada por ele.
    • -- (7.83)
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    This is the story about the talented swimmer Mako and the careless Aki-chan. What will happen between us since they are completely different? Mako loves that womanizer of Aki-chan and then she confessed to him “please, let me became a special person for you”. But isn’t Mako a little bit too positive…?

    Essa é a história sobre Mako e Aki-chan. O que acontecerá entre eles, sendo que os dois são completamente diferentes? Mako ama o Aki-chan e então ela se confessou para ele: "Por favor, me deixe ser uma pessoa especial para você"... Mas será que Mako não está sendo positiva demais?
    • -- (7.72)
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    Chii, who's like a hamster, is always with her neighbor Ikumi-kun who's like a snake. Today she looked at him and understood that he will never let her run away...
    • -- (7.90)
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    To help out her family, Ichihara Tsumugi often looks after her little niece after school. One day, she has an unexpected encounter with the rude, scary-faced boy from her class, Uchimura Aki. What will happen now?
    • -- (7.92)
    • 218
    • 8,755
    Natsumi is an athletic girl who works at a Record Company. Being in the Track & Field during college, she is searching for something that will make her feel alive. Her current job is dull for her and...
    • -- (7.65)
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    Momo Yamada wanted to be a flower when she grew up, but she seems to have blossomed into nothing more than a homely teenager. When her grandmother passes away, Momo becomes a live-in maid for the two sons of an elegant fashion designer. After the eccentric older son, Ranmaru, gives Momo the makeover of her life, she soon discovers that her mother was the legendary Hanabito, a beautiful woman who has a divinely intoxicating scent that draws men to her like bees to nectar. What's more, Momo learns that she, too, gives off that same irresistible aroma. Although she and Ranmaru have fallen in love, their relationship must now withstand constant assault from handsome boys and men who desire to abduct and seduce Momo...?!

    Also contains the following stories:

  • Akuma no Himegimi (The Devil and the Princess) in vol. 1
  • Kamisama Shikkaku (God's Disqualification) in vol. 1
  • Hanamaru Scoop! (Flower Garden Special Review) in vol. 2
    • -- (7.54)
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    Collection of 5 oneshots.

    1) Kuzu-Sensei to Shinkon Chuu
    A homeroom teacher, Mr. Chiharu Ayatsuji, the relationship between us two is absolutely a secret at school! Yet, the teacher tends to get out of hand at school. A devil and a pervert!
    He may be scum but it sort of makes my heart beat. I wonder if thats a little bad.
    • -- (8.07)
    • 470
    • 13,864
    • 5
    • -- (7.72)
    • 89
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    • -- (7.76)
    • 519
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    Due to her ability to tame demons, Mel has been persecuted as a witch all her life. One day, she's summoned to the castle and asked to marry Prince Claude. But Prince Claude is actually...!
    • -- (7.95)
    • 120
    • 3,959
    She was her best friend and he was her first love... she didn't plan to change that. Ayu and Kaho was friend since kindergarten. They were the exact opposite and even if both them were cute, they hated men. But one day, Kaho found someone she loved. "Why? I was the one in your heart before..."
    "Let's play football" said a boy that Ayu never saw before. But, she felt her heart beating so fast and hurting so hard. It was the beginning of her first love...

    Includes oneshots:
    Chapter 4) ...Suki
    It happened by accident... my first kiss, with Naohara-kun... 6 years passed, but that awkward feeling didn't go away.

    Chapter 5) Zutto Zutto Daisuki (I Will Forever Love You)
    In the winter of my second year of high school, I had an unforgettable love. I really, really like you very much...but at that time I couldn't protect you. I'm sorry Ema.
    • -- (7.83)
    • 263
    • 6,095
    • 1
    1-3. Though I'd Always Loved You
    When Saki was in elementary school, she was dumped without notice by Chikage who was eight years her senior. She was extremely shocked because she believed that he would be her future husband! With a change of attitude, while at the high school entrance ceremony she decided that she dreamed of finding a new love, but at that time she met Chikage again, who has now become a teacher. As usual, she is shocked to realize that she still has feelings for Chikage. How does Chikage feel about Saki…?!

    4. My Lovely Beast
    Modoka decides to confess to her long-time crush, but accidentally gets the wrong person!?

    5. Love, to Burn, Fingertip
    Mari wants to be a manicurist, but is too shy to ask to paint someone's nails. Is her dream already out of reach?

    6. In my Shining Eyes, I See Your Face
    When Tae falls down the stairs, it might just change her world...
    • -- (7.24)
    • 120
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    • 6
    - Zannen Nagara Chigaimasu by AOKI Kotomi
    He wasn't even that handsome, but when I saw him, I was captivated. He said "meet me upstairs". it seems he also feels the same because we're now signing a marriage registration form?!

    - Tookakan (10-ka Kan) by NANAO Mio

    - Mou Sukoshi de, Itsuka Eien by FUJIO Ai

    - Suki na Hito wa Dare yori Atashi wo Kizutsukeru by ASADA Tomo
    • -- (7.90)
    • 338
    • 10,585
    • 1
    That was the first time I fell in love. The first time I met Hyo-kun, time stopped and I could not breathe. My heartbeat became louder and I could not take my eyes off of him. Although Hyo-kun told me "he wants to be with me", he is a guy who has kissed many girls. This love has many difficulties... it's tender yet painful, but even so I can't stop my feelings for him. I'm sorry... I fell in love with a "beast". This is my first love.
    • -- (7.97)
    • 718
    • 23,175
    • 5
    In order to live a normal high-school life, Mirei started her first part-time job. But after receiving her first paycheck, she almost kills a highly-ranked bishounen…?! An encounter with a super poor and pessimistic innocent girl, is this a beautiful miracle?!
    • -- (7.76)
    • 281
    • 5,554
    Just when I thought it'd start with you, you disappeared; I would've never thought this... Yuna has lost trust in love after her first boyfriend Takumi broke up with her. Hayato from her class has already confessed to her twice and now finally she approached onto love another time. But Takumi appears in front of her!! What will the swaying Yuna do!?
    • -- (7.89)
    • 223
    • 4,381
    • 2
    I confessed, but he said yes just like that. Why is that?
    • -- (7.20)
    • 181
    • 6,359
    The first H!! The first and heart pounding erotic one shot!
    • -- (7.86)
    • 163
    • 5,930
    Minako entered the same high school as her friend Shuu. And then she fell in love with one of her classmates, a guy named Takuma. Now, she will have to make a choice between love and friendship...

    Volume 2 includes a oneshot called Sakura no Kioku, which is included in the Pure Love Seasons 1: Haru - Hajimete anthology.
    • -- (7.85)
    • 158
    • 4,877
    • 2
    An older girl looking for love. A younger guy comes into the picture?!
    • -- (7.93)
    • 171
    • 4,641
    Anzu currently works part-time at a beach house. However when serving male customers, she can't help but be cold and shy. When she accidentally spills a drink on one of them, a male co-worker who saves her turns out to be her childhood friend, Rei. Anzu is happy to reconnect with Rei, however, Rei might be after a bit more...?
    • -- (7.98)
    • 120
    • 3,193
    • 2
    Kurosawa Mako, nick-named "Game-ko" (roughly "stingy girl"), makes money by selling her homework, class notes & bentou and by offering services like tutoring for exams, writing class reports, switching cleaning duties, hair-styling for the girls in the class, giving massage to her classmates etc. But there is a reason why she has taken to these weird money-making ways...
    • -- (7.72)
    • 133
    • 3,316
    • 1
    Story 1 - Sensei, Kiite yo (Chapters 1-3)
    Uta thought that her homeroom teacher was a geek, but she saw him when he was dressed differently. Sensei was actually a handsome rock-n-roll singer!? Since Uta had always wanted to have a boyfriend, she threatened him to "go out with her" and she wouldn't tell anyone his secret! but she ends up really falling in love with her teacher..!?

    Story 2 - Natsu wa Ginga no Ame ga Furu (Chapter 4)
    Summer Holidays. She didn't want to go live with her grandmother, who she is on bad terms with, so she spends her life alone like she wanted. (Only for watching the house though!) And the person who appears in front of Akari is...!?
    • -- (8.00)
    • 157
    • 4,435
    • 1
    The best gift for all girls is the most painful and awesome!
    • -- (7.87)
    • 105
    • 3,166
    • 1
    Story 1: Renai Joujou
    Tsubasa, a normal teenage girl, promises to her dying grandfather that she'd fufill his last wish. However, it turns out that she must marry the heir of a tea ceremony school due to her grandfather's promise? What?! But, there are two heirs, so she must decide who to marry, or if to just run away from her problem.

    Story 2: Ouji Sama no Himitsu (The Prince's Secret)

    Story 3: Rabu✩STAR (Love✩Star)

    Story 4: Chuttoshite Purisu (Kiss Me - Please!!)
    • -- (7.77)
    • 303
    • 17,846
    Akukare Bambino 2 ~ Kanojou Shikkaku ~
    Momo became the girlfriend of the popular Bambi-kun.
    With their orientation trip close at hand, they hear about the legend that a couple will become lovey-dovey if they see a shooting star...?

    Iori-kun no Nayamigoto
    When they were small, Kanna took on the role of protecting Iori, who was a cry-baby.
    Becoming high school students, now the positions are reversed...?
    Meanwhile, at the judo club training camp...?

    Hajimete Please!!
    Although they have already been going out for one year, Ai and Minato remain a friend-like couple.
    Like that, they are supposed to go on a hot springs trip, but does this mean that!!?

    Misshitsu Lovers
    Aya who acts like the perfect student council president receives a confession from Shuu who she has admired and they go out.
    In truth, she wants to become a flirty couple but!?

    Motokare to Love Hotel ni Otomari Suru Koto ni Narimashita
    Julia ends up staying at a love hotel with her ex-boyfriend.
    What should she do!? It's the beginning of a dangerous night...!!

    Suki de, Suki de, Suki de
    The spoiled Mei clings to her first boyfriend, Shoma, everyday.
    But it's still not enough.
    At a shopping center lottery, by winning a Kyoto trip, they will be together all day!?
    • -- (7.87)
    • 448
    • 6,874
    • 3
    A collection of oneshots by Hatsuharu, including I Wake Up With Your Kiss, Love Equation, The Flower That Blooms Within You and Me, and Our Sound.

    Wake Up With Your Kiss
    I have been looking after the helpless Haru for many years now as a childhood friend. He can't take care of himself, yet he's talented at soccer. I always watch senpai, who I have a crush on, while also keeping an eye on Haru. I don't want senpai to misunderstand my relationship with Haru...

    Love Equation
    I love studying, but a classmate has told me that I should take interest in love as well. Then, there's this certain boy that persistently begged for my assistance in order to tutor him, as he seems academically challenged. Reluctantly, I accepted, spending my spare time with him tutoring at the library. As I tutor him and at the same time, getting more acquainted with him, I start to have these unknown feelings for him...

    The Flower That Blooms Within You and Me
    I'm a very popular girl at school that makes any guy's heart flutter. I have yet to meet an interesting guy, until I encountered a certain member of the gardening club...

    Our Sound
    I think everyone has their own tempo. Mine happens to be slower than others, which does often get me in trouble. On the other hand, Fujishima-kun, a classmate of mine is a somewhat opposite to myself, where he is often energetic. When I heard a beautiful sound from a piano, I was surprised that it was Fujishima-kun himself that was the player. Ever since then, I was closer to him than ever before...
    • -- (7.46)
    • 158
    • 4,397
    • 2
    Collection of short story sequels to Kimi ga Suki.

  • Story 1: St.Xmas Version - Aki wants to go on a trip with Mase, but they have no money for it so they decide to get a part time job. Unfortunately, not many are ok to hire high-school kids. Aki gets a job at a bar owned by Mase's brother, that doesn't think she is worthy of being the girlfriend of his little brother. She is determinate to prove him wrong and spend the best Christmas with her boyfriend.
  • Story 2: Passion Pink Version
    Also released in Genshoku Tsundere Danshi Semekare.
  • Story 3: Koibana Confession
    • -- (7.85)
    • 99
    • 2,899
    Yukari had finally saw the true face of her senpai she has a crush on, and it was not that great. When she comes again to his Japanese sweet shop to buy some sweets, she also finds a nicer side to him. Cherishing her alone time with him, she starts to fall for his true self. What will happen when other girls also find that nice side to him?
    • -- (7.91)
    • 171
    • 4,192
    During her summer break before entering high school, Mimori Ichigo goes to her grandmother's house near the ocean. There, she helps out at her grandmother's shop. One day while walking her grandmother's dog in the evening, she meets a boy named Kouki. They meet again, but this time she also meets Kouki's cousin named Taiga. For some odd reason Kouki has no memory of when they met and Taiga begs her to not tell him either. Later, she and Kouki sneak out to watch the fireworks, but they separate dramatically. When Ichigo goes to high school, coincidentally, Kouki and Taiga are also there, but they have no memory of her. Are they faking it or are they just lying? If so, why lie?
    • -- (7.86)
    • 201
    • 4,992
    Shino was living in peace in the countryside until the day she met Kento, a boy coming from Tokyo.
    Black hair, glasses and smart, that boy might be unsociable but he’s nice and Shino can’t stop her heart beating very fast when she’s with him… That’s the beginning of their love…
    • -- (7.53)
    • 85
    • 2,894
    • 1
    Hazuki, a second year in high school is a gopher for her next door neighbour Rin, a kouhai. Rin may have an angelic face, however, his attitude is just like the devil. Because Hazuki has fallen for his angelic face, she cannot turn back. Will their relationship ever change?
    • -- (7.80)
    • 94
    • 2,911
    The guy I like is always alone after the swimming class. That faint fragrance is the scent of love!?
    • -- (7.80)
    • 97
    • 3,417
    Yuuma is taciturn and no one knows what she’s thinking. But then, she’ll meet someone that will change that…
    • -- (7.75)
    • 102
    • 3,146
    The guy I like is an awkward person. Someone who isn’t very honest towards the girl he likes… ♥
    • -- (7.87)
    • 87
    • 5,067
    • 1
    "A classmate suddenly became my 'older brother'...?"
    High-school student Shinozaki Aya can't help but take care of others. The only one to relieve her burden is her classmate and close friend Haruki. But what will happen when they learn about their parents' remarriage to one another? Will they really be able to become siblings?
    • -- (7.85)
    • 72
    • 4,148
    Nami has passed the super difficult high school exam in order to meet the generous person who had helped her in the haunted house in the past. However, it turned out that he was the infamous almighty cold-blooded king, Haruka Sakuragi. On top of that, even before Nami had the chance to confess her feelings, she became the 100th girl to be rejected by him! But she’s prepared to put up a fight. A war over love is about to begin!

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