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please inform first for retranslation.
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Korean (manhwas), Japanese (mangas), Chinese Translator (Zero Game only).

we do novels, mangas, manhwas, and we do any series that we thought interesting to do through democracy. mostly shoujos, but the staffs are starving for action shounen pow pow too, so probably will do soon in the future.

currently in dire need of REDRAWER, TRANSLATOR (Korean/Japanese). DM ironicca for applying. Thank you.

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Are you guys still recruiting typesetter?
@Voiceless can you DM me your discord so I could give you the test? btw this is for manga ><
@ironicca if there is still a spot left for redrawer position can I have it plz🙏😊😁
@ABCsOfLife nope! honestly we're all coming from different places around the world, and we're all gathered in this castle >v<
Curious, why's the group called "Secret Land Castle"?
Is it a pun because you guys are from a place called Lancaster or so?

Now I kinda wish you guys got interviewed by MD.
@LexlyLex glad you enjoy <3
Thank you for the latest release of Lady Rose Wants To Be A Commoner !!
@odidiyo ahhhh, right!! thanks for the reminder, sorry for not realizing it! It's fixed now :3
@ironicca the discord link is broken 😥
@ongeki I belive that series was being given to another scans team, not sure why they haven't upload though. If there's no one updating until a few more months, maybe we'll consider. thank you so much for the input though ♥
If you are looking for something new to pick up maybe you could take over Tensei Saki ga Shoujo Manga no Shiro Buta Reijou datta the the original group seems to have stopped.
@SoEmpressed yeah! tysm for your concern, and we're okay now. It was a warning from the creator telling us to stop for a certain manhwa, an instagram acc shared our scans and the creator finds out. again, tysm qwq ♥
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I hope you guys are okay! Thank you for all your efforts and I hope everyone is well. I heard a rumor something was up - couldn't make sense of the details from the post and I can't even find it anymore - so instead of worrying I'm just gonna send you all some well wishes.
@neorasp you're welcome and don't worry about it. many accused us splitting due to dazzling. I'm kind of irritated of all these baseless idiotic accusations so I find your apology very refreshing c: thank you very much ✨
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thanks for your fast reply, sorry for fflase accusations. its just really annoys me so i sometimes snap at the wrong targets.
@neorasp we never split. its in the raws. you could check it yourself.
please stop splitting mangas. thanks in advance.
@Ingra you're welcome! glad to know you enjoy the series c:
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Thank you for the releases os Sica <3!
@edlm you're welcome! I'm glad that you like it and thanks for reading it too! >//< ♥♥♥
Thank you so much for picking up Zero game ❤️❤️❤️