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    One man group.
    No, I'm not lonely.
    No, I'm not a native English nor Japanese.
    Mai winglish ish supehtaculer.
    The only thing I love in this world is dog.
    The only thing I love in the other world is loli.
    Dog-eared loli? Come at me bruh.
    Loli doesn't exist in real world. So, I never commit crime to a loli that doesn't exist in real world and never will.
    What BS are you reading? You're fk'd the time you start reading.
    PS : No. I'm not lonely.
    My favorite type of loli..? Blonde with blue-eyes and small chest.
    Name some..? For now, Yue from arifure, Kokoro from bandori, Tenshi from Angel Beats, Illya from fate, Shimakaze, Hibiki, Ro-500 from KanColle, Ayanami, Nagato from Azur Lane, Eila from Strike Witches, Yagami Hayate from Nanoha, Sistina from Rokudenashi, Sagiri from Eromanga-Sensei, Yashajin Ai from Ryuuou-no-Oshigoto, Toki from Saki, Shinoa from Owari no Seraph, Karen from Kiniro Mosaic, Stella from SoulWorker Online, Tina & Luna from Closers Online, Jun from Tenshi no 3P, Cagliostro from Granblue, etc, etc.
    My favorite artist..? QP:Flapper, Kujou Danbo, Mishima Kurone, Takayaki, Kantoku, Fujima Takuya, fuzichoko, Yano Mitsuki, Santa Matsuri, etc, etc.
    Why am I translating even though I suck-ass at it..? "I'm trying to prove Google Translate is wrong."
    You question my Sanity..? I question Humanity..
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