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    Steak In The Mud is my place for releasing all the random shit out there that isn't getting scanlated. I've always read a lot of manga, but since learning to read Japanese I've read a fucking shit-ton of manga lol. One of my biggest frustrations nowadays is reading stuff but having no one to talk about it with because it's not translated. So, generally, I have the urge to translate way more than I feasibly can. So projects may come and go depending on my free time, interest (mine and yours), and if I'm starting too many new projects haha.


    If a scan group sees my release and wants to start scanning the series for real, please reach out to me and I'll be happy to work with you as a TL (which I can do MUCH faster than any other scanlation processes), since it will free me up to work on more things.

    ~Mr. Steak

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    -Souboutei Must Be Destroyed (Death Toll Scans)
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    A mysterious mansion has towered proudly over the Tokyo district of Numanakarai since the Taisho period. Those who enter either never escape, or leave having experienced horrors untold, and with the desire to take revenge.

    The latest work from seasoned author Kazuhiro Fujita (Ushio to Tora, Karakuri Circus), a modern action/horror adventure.

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    This manga is terrible. Don't read it.
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    A Genius who Fell into darkness. The God of the Underworld.
    Akagi runs from a game of chicken where he almost died, to a Mahjong parlour where a man loses all his money to the yakuza. Akagi, who is only thirteen, tells the loser that his game needs improvement (although Akagi himself has never played before). Akagi replaces him in the game, and so a legend is born.
    When the police come to check on the place to see if the kid that ran from the game of chicken is there the yakuza deny that Akagi was involved. In the end the policeman invites Akagi to a much more organized Mahjong game and from there, the legend of the Genius who Fell into Darkness continues to grow.
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    A cute slice of life webcomic about the various residents of a magical apartment complex. When someone is about to make the wrong choice in life, they get teleported to the apartment, which exists outside of time, and a bunch of people live there teetering on the edge of their decisions.

    NOTE: it is important to note that the Japanese word "sentaku" can mean both "laundry/cleaning" and also "decision".

    (recommended reading mode: long strip)