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    Steak In The Mud is my place for releasing all the random shit out there that isn't getting scanlated. I've always read a lot of manga, but since learning to read Japanese I've read a fucking shit-ton of manga lol. One of my biggest frustrations nowadays is reading stuff but having no one to talk about it with because it's not translated. So, generally, I have the urge to translate way more than I feasibly can. So projects may come and go depending on my free time, interest (mine and yours), and if I'm starting too many new projects haha.


    If a scan group sees my release and wants to start scanning the series for real, please reach out to me and I'll be happy to work with you as a TL (which I can do MUCH faster than any other scanlation processes), since it will free me up to work on more things.

    ~Mr. Steak

    Works adopted by scan groups:
    -Souboutei Must Be Destroyed (Death Toll Scans)