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Rei Yokoyamada, a high school boy who has a movie producer father. One day, while out with friends to shoot a film that he plans to enter into a film festival, a poster of Papiko, an adult video actress with big breasts, catches his eye.
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A modern Japanese teacher who finds herself in a gym and discovers her hidden potential in boxing.
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This is the Sequel of Reset Man.
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The story follows a team of mercenaries known as Lagoon Company, who smuggle goods in and around the seas of Southeast Asia. Their base of operations is located in the fictional city of Roanapur in Thailand, and they transport goods in the PT boat Black Lagoon. Lagoon Company does business with various clients, but has a particularly friendly relationship with the Russian crime syndicate Hotel Moscow. The team takes on a variety of missions - which may involve violent firefights, hand-to-hand combat, and nautical battles - in various Southeast Asian locations.

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  • AnimeNewsNetwork (anime, season 2)
  • AnimeNewsNetwork (OAV, sequel to season 2)
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    One day at school, Youta sees someone strange entering his school. Out of nowhere this being appears next to him and makes him fall from the 3rd floor. He lands in a strange world, where beings like dragons exist! Youta meets a young paladin, and discovers that he is the only man inhabiting that planet, and that its inhabitants are extremely 'weak' to his presence. Could this be paradise?
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    One day, 10-year-old Yamato and his friend Miku discover a man in a back alley who's suffering from vicious stab wounds. The man recognizes Yamato, and uses his last breath to share a secret with the children: Yamato's father was the perpetrator of a bank robbery that is known throughout the country as the most puzzling unsolved crime of the 20th century. He warns them to "never trust anyone."
    Miku makes Yamato swear to keep the man's final words a secret. A few days later, Yamato's father is found dead, and the boy is taken in by Miku's family. The death is ruled as an accident, but Yamato has his doubts. Six years later, Yamato still can't stop wondering about the incidents, and resolves to take action.
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    Six minors (16 - 17 years) answering to the nicknames of Joe, Mario, Suppon, Baremoto, Heitai, and Kyabetsu are put into a reformatory for offenses such as aggravated assault, swindling, flight, etc. Their stay in hell begins immediately. Accommodated by a doctor pedophile, they are placed under the watch of a despotic and brutal crew. Cellmates with a certain Sakuragi (called Anchan), the tension rises between the band of buddies and their new "friend." A brawl breaks out, and our six prisoners are done rossés by the mysterious young man, thanks to his boxing talent.

    The story will not only follow the lives of these seven characters surviving in their hellish environment, but also their disillusions due to the rejection by the outside world and by their close relations. This is about the extraodinary and invincible friendships between these young men.

    Rainbow received the 2005 Shogakukan Manga Award for the seinen/general category along with A Spirit of the Sun.
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    Shintarou Jagasaki, who is a neighborhood police officer, lives with his girlfriend while working a job that is killing him slowly with annoyance. It looks like he will end up marrying soon and live a boring life with a nuclear family - a grim future for a guy with dreams! One such day, a mysterious monster appeared on the train and he suddenly can shoot with his right hand like Master Buppanatsu, the eggplant mascot of his city!
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    Yuko Natsuki, a rookie reporter for an occult magazine, sees a girl's spirit in a "cursed apartment" she visited for coverage. Rei Aiko, the spirit of a girl who massacres humans who step into the apartment. In a curse stretched like a spider web, Aiko continues to grow on the death of humans. Is there any way for Yuko to survive the curse!?
    The manga adaptation of the popular suspense horror novel from the novel posting site estar!

    (Author changed his name in 2018 from 快紗瑠 to 藤白 圭, it's the same person)

    Author Twitter
    Artist Twitter
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    Urashima Eiji, a college student, goes to sleep after a fun drinking night with his friends. When he wakes up he discovers a beautiful girl next to him who treats him as if they are in a loving relationship. Later, Eiji finds out that 4 days have passed since he went out with his crew. What did he do during all that time and why does he have no memory of it? By confronting that reality, he will be caught in tragedy...

    Russian / Русский

    Itou Shouta's Twitter: @shota_itooooo
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    A cute manga.
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    The protagonist Hamada Katsuo, is your everyday pervert/loser character. He's starting a new semester in school, so he wants to escape from his loser days, the only problem is the new change in look/lifestyle he got is that of a gang member. He beats a strong guy that was bullying a friend of his by mistake and now, because of it he's the target for all the gangs in the region, even though he's still only a weakling and a pervert. Will Katsuo escape alive...? Find out.
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    A collection of short stories.

    Bitter nightmare: a one-shot about a demon girl, who has the power to devour nightmares, trying to make the guy who has them sleep better.
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    To end the bitter war between their countries, Roh, prince of Carna, has been engaged to Sukur, princess of Horn. The two of them meet for the first time in the Garden Sphere, a secluded palace where they are to live together for one year until they appear before the people.

    Neither of them has any romantic interest in the other, but they decide to pretend to be a loving couple in order to keep the shaky alliance between their countries from dissolving. However, neither of the two children has any idea how couples act, giving them only a single year to discover it for themselves and perfect their act of romance, starting with simple acts of love and working their way up from there.
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    Tasuku Narukami is able to see strange spirits and monsters. As he begins to take care of the shrine his grandmother left to him, Tasuku is suddenly attacked by a demon! He soon discovers that he is the guard of the Totsugami, the path that spirits pass through to enter this world!
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    College student Seiji Kitou and his friends go to an abandoned building as a test of courage, and meet an attractive woman who is a monster that swiftly kills and eats people as soon as she meets them. While trying to escape, Seiji is saved by a mysterious woman with the same ability.
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    From MangaUpdates:
    Book with manga & illustrations from Japanese and international artists for the FIFA World Cup 2002.

    1. Otomo Katsuhiro - Cover Illustration
    2. Inoue Takehiko - I love this game
    3. Kamijo Atsushi - Kaerenai ko hito (Those Who Will Never Return)
    About a girl name Tchie as she reminsces the time she had with her two best friends.

    4. Matsumoto Taiyou - Mie ken no shounen
    5. «Mizugame 3» - Lust for Life
    Tajima Sho-u (Gorilla Kick), Obata Takeshi (Morning Kong) and Asada Hiroyuki (Utan Chop)
    About a tale of a football shoes as it is used/travelled from one user to the next.

    6. Illust Gallery
    Araki Hirohiko
    Yazawa Ai
    Yamada Yoshihiro
    Nishimura Shinobu
    Okano Reiko

    7. Kusumoto Maki - Netsu
    8. Yoshino Sakumi - GOAL!!
    9. François Boucq - Sekai wa mawaru
    10. Yasuhiko Yoshikazu - Bateren Nanban Hei Yuuki joshou
    11. penthon - A fantastic dream
    12. Nicolas de Crécy - Montceau-les-Mines VS Pont-à-Mousson
    13. Frédéric Boilet - 2002 FIFA WORLD TEA CUP
    14. Nicolas de Crécy - Soccer no dendou
    15. Yokoyama Hiroshi - Robot Battle VI
    16. D[di:] - Fire Star Man
    17. Taniguchi Jiro - Fuka
    18. Emile Bravo - Shinpan wa 12 hitome no senshu!
    19. Max Cabanne - Penalty area
    20. Kuroda Iou - Schweitzer
    21. Terada Katsuya - Box!
    22. Benoît Peeters & François Schuiten -
    23. Young Soon Yang -
    24. Gyoubu Ippei - football image visual
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    Nagumo Yumi is an idiotic high school girl, whose post-graduation plan is to go to the US and become president. To her high school friends' amazement, she actually manages to make it to the US during summer vacation. After befriending some elderly veterans, she becomes convinced that joining the Marine Corps is the best way to move her dream forward. The waitress Linda Crawford joins her to sign up at the recruitment center, and she also meets friends among the new recruits, Rita Fernandez and Donna King. Will they have what it takes to become a Marine?
    • -- (7.94)
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    Full color oneshot featured in Japanese magazine, Comickers. Written and Drawn by a Belgian artist and translated into Japanese for the magazine.

    More info on the artist here: https://www.lambiek.net/artists/b/bezian.htm
    • -- (8.17)
    • 467
    • 9,054
    • 5
    1945, Ueno. The souls of those that lost everything burst at the ruins left by the war.

    Kanekichi, a war orphan who lost his family continues to struggle in despair.
    But upon meeting a mysterious young man, Kanaida, the boy's heart starts unraveling ...?
    • -- (7.94)
    • 207
    • 3,200
    • 5
    A story about modern day ninjas.

    Note: the cover is from the ongoing serialization.
    • -- (7.72)
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    • 30,377
    • 7
    Latest franchise of the Zoids series.
    • -- (7.76)
    • 1,568
    • 51,807
    • 12
    Chihaya is a boy that is looked down because he looks like a girl. Due to that reason, he isolates himself at home. His mom suggests that he should go to Seiou Academy which is an all girls school. Thus, the story started...

    Based on the visual novel of the same name by Caramel BOX.
    • -- (7.94)
    • 822
    • 29,721
    • 11
    Hikaru Nakamura author of "Saint Young Men" and "Arakawa Under the Bridge" begins a new series for the first time in 10 years! The Black Santa Claus is looking for staff for his "Black Enterprise"!! After failing her university entrance exam, Hino Miharu had no choice but to search for a job. For the past three years, she’s been working part-time at a convenience store, where she’s scolded by her manager and taken advantage of by her younger co-worker. That is until she finds herself entangled the black Santa himself, where she is whisked off to her dream job...or so she thinks.
    • -- (7.90)
    • 332
    • 9,758
    • 3
    Tabi is traveling to a town to meet her Childhood friend, "Kou-chan", on a train. When she arrives, she meets an Officer, Nishimura, and an energetic young man. Yukita; both are which surprised that she came on a train that has never come before. Shortly after arriving, she discovers this town isn't ordinary in the least, and has a puzzling problem. Certain roads in the town will try to "eat" people by randomly falling into a deep pit, the town resets after each day, making the same events as the previous day occur, and the townspeople don't notice anything out of the ordinary, forgetting each time; the exceptions being Tabi, Yukita, and Nishimura.
    • -- (7.92)
    • 290
    • 8,405
    • 3
    Gag manga about the everyday life of an Egyptian pharaoh discovered at a dig site in modern Japan.
    • -- (7.88)
    • 44
    • 4,020
    12th Gold Future Cup entry #4. A one-shot about a electrifying super speed human.
    • -- (8.26)
    • 4,461
    • 82,690
    • 30
    With her beautiful looks and outgoing personality, Shinozaki Akina used to be the leader of a group of hotties on the top of a class hierarchy. After her high school debut was delayed, however, she finds herself isolated in the class.

    Next to Akina sits Sasamura Kaede, an otaku girl who can turn into a bishoujo with her glasses off. Akina decides to get Kaede out of the otaku life and groom her for a perfect high school life, but the only way to get close to Kaede is for Akina to pretend to be a Precure otaku herself to her chagrin…
    • -- (7.68)
    • 377
    • 12,300
    • 2
    A spin-off manga from Re:CREATORS. The story is about Miharu, a teenage otaku girl who has a crush on Shou (MC from Mirokuji Yuya's manga). One night after going to get a figurine of Selesia she encounters the real Selesia and Meteora fighting Altair in the Park. A few days after that she is out shopping with her friend Shiori at Sunshine, when she witnesses the fight between Selesia and Mamika and the appearance of Yuya.

    Released in: Gessan