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We're a small group with only me (Hyaka) and 2 editors, but we do our best! Thanks for always supporting us <3

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Thanks for keeping going with your projects.
I waiting for the real release of Parallel Paradise from you guys. ๐Ÿ˜€
Thanks for staying with Parallel Paradise this long, one of the most fun publishing manga out there
Thanks for Paraller Paradise.
Just passing by, Thanks for the hard work until now!
How is the translation of Parallel Paradise? Waiting next chapter xD

Stay safe guyz!
Thanks for your hard work, guys!
Have you dropped Gigant?
OK, first of all sorry for the late reply(ies) I just don't usually look the comments on mDex.

I have answered this question through DMs you may wise to see the reply there. Thank you.

Hello, we are not planning on continuing "Black Lagoon" if we find a TLor that want to work on the project and is willing to help us out we will pick it up again. But as of right now Hyaka and I are focusing in other project. Also our IRL is kinda crazy this days.

We will continue "Shin’ai Naru Boku e Satsui o Komete" but our TLor is busy IRL this past few months and can't do much of scanlation. Though I, myself enjoyed "Malice" so I would love to start working on this project again. (If all goes well an another group doesn't pick it up).

Thank you for you kind words, and thank you for reading!

We do not have a set schedule for our projects we work on your pace and because this is our hobby and we always focus on your IRL. Thanks for your kind words!
Hi I’m just wondering if hyakuro translations can translate a manga called harem kakumei or ใƒใƒผใƒฌใƒ ้ฉๅ‘ฝ into English to read and the author is called katsu aki it is the same person that created manga called toumei ningen kyoutei and futari ecchi.
Hello, will you still be continuing to translate Black Lagoon? Sorry for the sudden comment and I appreciate all the work you've done for us.
Can you guys please continue Shin’ai Naru Boku e Satsui o Komete ? I really like the manga
You do an amazing work, please keep up rainbow!
Hello , just wondering how often you guys gonna translate Rainbow ? But thank you for your work ๐Ÿ™๐Ÿป๐Ÿ™๐Ÿป๐Ÿ™๐Ÿป
@Kromwulf No, we haven't drop "Jagaaaaaan". We are just a bit busy IRL. Thanks for your kind words.
Did you guys drop Jagaaan? I really like that manga and haven't seen any new chapters in quite a while :( by the way, thanks for the great work up until now
@Hyaka Gigant's update? @BaganLee
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Any status updates for the GIGANT series? Your website lists status of on going. Hopefully, we will see another release soon?
Awesome scanlation, thanks for the hard work guys!
GIGANT guys?
Did you guys drop Gigant?
I'm very thankful for your hardwork Hyakuro Translations! I hope you can still translate Rainbow manga and i can't wait to follow their journey until the end of the volume. Take your time and we'll be waiting for awesome new chapter :)
How long are you going to keep GIGANT at the far box?
Gigant? Can t wait.
Thank you for your good work on Gigant and Parallel Paradise. Keep em coming, much appreciated?
Thanks for your hard work with Parallel Paradise.
Thank you for scanlating GIGANT! ?
thank you for all the uploads and the good work^^
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