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    Once the spirit sword roars, within heaven, earth and the three worlds, I shall reign as the sovereign! Those who do not submit shall die!

    Na cidade de Xifeng, a reputação da família Chu é conhecida como um clã caído. Mas um dia, Chu Xing Yun confiantemente pede a mão da segunda filha da família Shui, Liu Xiang em casamento. Suas ações podem ser arrogantes, mas Chu Xing Yun tem mais conhecimento do futuro do que qualquer um pensa. Em outra vida, Chu Xing Yun foi um valente guerreiro de sua família quando uma guerra entre os clãs Chu e Shui destruiu as duas famílias. Adquirindo uma mágica pedra viajante no tempo, Xing Yun viajou de volta ao tempo de sua juventude na esperança de consertar seus erros e perdas. O Xing Yun será capaz de estabelecer as coisas no tempo certo, ou o universo provará que você nunca pode enganar o destino?
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    Yuan Ding, an otaku, was transported to another world. After taking Shuo Yue Academy's entrance exam, Yuan Ding's life in another world begins, aiming to collect the Demon Spirits said to exist in the legends. A lighthearted, comedy and harem manhua.
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    It tells the story of the survivors of the storm caused by unknown creatures who plan to end the human race.
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    Hit by a truck-kun and reincarnated in a different world, then a beautiful woman greets me "Long time no see Master"

    Restart in Easy mode from level 1 in the peaceful world that I once saved!
    Follow the world's strongest sage maid, train slave girl to be strong, convert thief girl, get more friends! Even the luxurious residence and the strongest equipment remain as you wish!

    Be the most powerful in this new game!
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    I woke up in an unknown forest. It seems like this place is a fantasy world where strange-looking beast run rampant. And just like in a game, I seem to be able to check mine and my enemies ability. Let’s hunt monsters and gather titles in order on level up and evolve into a higher dragon! And I heard a mysterious voice in my head, “Let’s aim to be the strongest!”