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Tomoe Tatsumi is a freshman attending university in Tokyo. Life couldn't be better: he's living in a really nice apartment for less than most people pay for a single room. This is all thanks to Mitsugu Kurokawa: salaryman, landlord, and (hopeful) lover.

It is due to Kurokawa's generosity that Tatsumi is able to live in Tokyo on such a tight budget. Kurokawa's intention is clear: to love, honor, and cherish Tatsumi until his dying days! And if big brother Souichi Tatsumi has his way, that day will come sooner than not!

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Even though they were separated as children, Haru recognizes his long lost brother Tatsuya in a heartbeat. So, when Tatsuya invites Haru out for a drink, Haru assumes that Tatsuya recognizes him as well, but it seems the amorous Tatsuya has a poor memory.

Can love overcome all? Will their love be broken by the emerging history between them? This thrilling drama tests the limits of true love and society's mores.

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