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Team de scantrad Fr.

Nous produisons principalement des Webtoons, Manhwa, Manhua et quelque Manga. Nous traduisons principalement de l'anglais grâce a nos amis et partenaires que sont les Teams anglo-saxon. Nous avons également des traducteur Chinois pour des série inédites.

Nous recrutons activement des traducteur anglais / francais
Nous recherchons activement des Traducteur Coréen !!!

Rejoins la communauté du Cercle !! 😉
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Yoo Hanra: on the verge of giving up her life due to her misfortunes, she is granted another chance through the an invitation to the mysterious Zero Game. Win? She'll be able to create a second life the exact way she wants it to be. And lose? And she'll die for good. With a shaky new partnership, skills to learn, and enemies chasing after her, she must find a way to finish all of the levels and meet the Operator to finally get the life that she wants.


A fantasy/drama story that follows a young girl as she participates in a survival game with the prize being a chance to rebuild her life to be better than the one she had. And the price of failure being her death.
  • -- (6.38)
  • 7,663
  • 377,446
  • 46
Yuan Ding, an otaku, was transported to another world. After taking Shuo Yue Academy's entrance exam, Yuan Ding's life in another world begins, aiming to collect the Demon Spirits said to exist in the legends. A lighthearted, comedy and harem manhua.

Russian / Русский
  • -- (8.53)
  • 8,471
  • 319,195
  • 52
One day, Chateau, a bounty hunter belonging to an assassin organization, encounters the mysterious bounty hunter Ryang-ha. After being shown the overwhelming difference in their abilities and thinking that this is going to be her end, Ryang-ha's only demand from her is to exchange their contact information. And thus started a game of cat and mouse, in which the hands of the participants are fully covered in blood...

Quando l'esperta cacciatrice di taglie Chateau si scontra con il misterioso Ryang-ha, anche lui cacciatore di taglie, la donna sembra avere la peggio. L'uomo, però, pare aver sviluppato per lei un certo interesse durante lo scontro: l'unica condizione per lasciare andare Chateau è che lei gli dia il suo numero di telefono. Ha inizio così un pericoloso gioco al gatto e al topo... un gioco dove entrambi i partecipanti hanno le mani sporche di sangue.
  • -- (7.68)
  • 539
  • 12,337
  • 1
The story of a money-collecting villain and an overly naive magician.
  • -- (7.78)
  • 2,711
  • 154,165
  • 40
If you're a man, then you should be able to reach the 100th level. Mao Li, the main character, begins his ridiculous journey in ascending the tower. Will he be able to reach the 100th level?
  • -- (7.00)
  • 2,638
  • 132,902
  • 12
Developed by “God’s Domain Technologies”, virtual reality has taken the world by storm. The virtual world “Eden’s Paradise” is described as a mysterious and flawless universe, and has become the place that every gamer dreams of. Those, in reality, feel disappointment towards the real world, or want to escape from it, or are possessed by greed, or have dreams, or simply feel boredom - people with all these reasons challenge the trials to enter Eden’s Paradise one after the other.
  • -- (7.66)
  • 422
  • 5,625
  • 3
(A different) MaoShan Sect vs Demons that's creating chaos.
  • -- (8.41)
  • 1,342
  • 27,028
  • 29
'Ominous beings are coming across to reality'
The nightmarish tale of children who can see ghosts.
  • -- (7.65)
  • 220
  • 4,068
  • 1
A maths genius' kickoff!
  • -- (8.56)
  • 1,267
  • 111,508
  • 19
Harry is a hedgehog who wants to be hugged. Garu is a wolf who looks intimidating but has a kind heart. Peta is a penguin who wants to fly. These three, alongside many more characters, walk through life as they try to reach their goals.
  • -- (6.71)
  • 3,495
  • 90,318
  • 11
I found a strange black knife, I also bumped unexpectedly into a cute girl. It changed my fate completely. It was the end of my boring and steady life of this summer of solidarity. It was a new exciting world. Time to fight to change my fate!
  • -- (7.77)
  • 526
  • 9,605
  • 4
In the Trebian Empire’s mines, Aren and Toa led a life of harsh labor for 10 years. It was Aren’s dream to escape the mines together with his younger twin sister, Toa. However, it did not come into fruition. Toa ended her life through suicide. Losing the motivation to live without his sister, Aren commits to ending his own life. However, a mysterious figure nicknamed ‘Deed’ appears before him. Deed claims there is a method to revive Toa if Aren makes a contract with Deed…?
  • -- (7.52)
  • 5,929
  • 175,474
  • 64
Around 50 years ago, after the Korean War, Demon World Gates appeared abruptly all over the world.
Through the Gates, Demon creatures appeared. These otherworldly beings, utterly impervious to modern weaponry, rained destruction across the world.
Just when all hope for humanity was lost, the "Masters" awakened: humanity's one chance for salvation.
With the appearance of these entities, the world began to change rapidly.

Fast forward to 50 years later-
We meet Gang Kyu Sung, who had worked for a small company as a deputy who could never catch a lucky break nor even got promoted.
That is, until he happens to awaken as a Master...?

A Rank 5 Master who had once been ignored and scorned-
Thus begins the uprising of a man who works his way up from the bottom!
  • -- (8.37)
  • 282
  • 6,003
  • 2
A girl goes to the seaside on her class field trip and accidentally meets a mysterious handsome boy, after talking, she hears a dramatic story about a bird and fish, finally the kind girl decides to help the bird fulfill its last wish.
  • -- (7.92)
  • 227
  • 6,062
  • 1
Riche, puissant et beau, Gu Jingze est la crème de la crème dans tout le pays. Tous les mecs veulent être lui et toutes les filles veulent être avec lui. Sa vie est parfaite... sauf qu'il a un petit secret qui l'empêche de se rapprocher d'une femme apparemment impuissante. Jusqu'à ce qu'il se réveille un jour au lit avec une parfaite inconnue. L'instant d'après, il est forcé d'épouser cette étrangère, une femme fougueuse et turbulente du nom de Lin Che. Lin Che est une fille moyenne dont le seul but est de devenir une actrice à succès. Exclue par sa famille et forcée de devenir indépendante, elle prépare un plan pour atteindre son but. Mais son plan échoue et elle finit par épouser ce Gu Jingze froid et apparemment sans cœur. Non seulement cela, mais elle doit maintenant trouver sa place dans la haute société, où les femmes jalouses et les intrigues sournoises abondent, tout en jonglant avec sa nouvelle carrière. Deux étrangers sous un même toit : D'emblée, ils s'entendent pour rester en dehors de la vie de l'autre, mais ils parviennent toujours à apparaître dans les moments de crise. Lentementement et involontairement, Lin Che commence à avoir du mal à imaginer un avenir sans lui. Leur relation va-t-elle se développer ou leur mariage est-il destiné à rester un simple contrat ?
  • -- (7.90)
  • 2,306
  • 54,493
  • 12
A subtle, yet sweet four-channel comic of a blunt, passive man and a cynical, persistent woman.
  • -- (7.93)
  • 2,718
  • 86,478
  • 41
Kenzaki Ryuunosuke is a new editor of the Weekly Shounen Magazine and his love for an unpopular series leads him to a bad relationship with his peers. Meet Takanashi Tsubasa, an aspiring mangaka with whom she will prove herself by making her the number one in Japan.
  • -- (8.03)
  • 2,095
  • 41,680
  • 20
Beautiful Legends, a unit considered legendary. A certain girl who got eternal life by a painting, a martial arts practitioner, a wolf man, Frankenstein and vampire, fight against the villains who threaten humanity for personal and professional reasons.

From the artist of solo leveling
Oneshot Raw
This comic serialized in Comcio.jp in Japanese...
Series axed with 80 chapters
  • -- (8.51)
  • 5,770
  • 170,034
  • 21
An old man teaches a girl how to be bad.
  • -- (8.36)
  • 1,125
  • 10,804
  • 19
About a Boy and a Girl Who Aren't Good at Love

Author's Twitter: https://twitter.com/k8_mori
  • -- (7.72)
  • 3,037
  • 114,942
  • 50
The little fox goes downhill to avoid the calamity. She encounters the rich and handsome Professor Tian You. Getting along with each other day by day, the naughty and cute little fox gradually falls in love with Tian You. But the coming of the calamity makes the fox show herself in her true colours. And the identity of Tian You is also a mystery. At the same time, the brother of the fox who is a superstar also finds her and wants to take her away...
  • -- (7.97)
  • 1,350
  • 14,838
  • 13
  • -- (7.95)
  • 781
  • 26,101
  • 7
"What is about to happen is mere coincidence. Never dream for such miracle to reoccur." After the ancient kingdom ‘Jyushin’ has perished, the only surviving secret royal inspector Munsu travels about the world, judging the evil.

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