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Team de scantrad Fr. Proposons des series variés comme du webtoon, du manga et de la série courte. Bonne lecture
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"Now that I'm back, I won't allow my loved ones to die again!"

The Shadow Labyrinth - the deadliest catastrophe humanity has ever known.
Desir Arman, one of the six remaining survivors of mankind, is inside the Labyrinth. The six of them attempt to clear the final level of the Labyrinth but ultimately fail, and the world comes to an end.
However, when Desir thought he would meet his demise, what appears before him is the world... thirteen years ago?!

Desir is returned to the past, back to the time when he enrolled at the nation's finest magic academy, Havrion. He is reunited with his precious friends, and he is determined to change the past to save the world and his loved ones...!

Three years remain before the emergence of the Shadow World!
Change the past and gather powerful comrades to save mankind!

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Humans live in the overworld, and demons in the underworld. There is only one way for humans to travel between the worlds. Mankind's last hope: WARBLE.

French/ Français

Italian/ Italiano
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If you're a man, then you should be able to reach the 100th level. Mao Li, the main character, begins his ridiculous journey in ascending the tower. Will he be able to reach the 100th level?
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In an accident, an indifferent genius 10 year old boy falls along side a comet into a dreamland. There, he lives with the dwarves who inhabit the planet, using his talent and power to practice and grow his skills. Not only does he master the unparalleled smelting and forging techniques of the dwarves, but he develops a new form of martial arts as well. Just as he settles down and seems to be living a peaceful life, the cruel desires of others appear…
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Il y a 10 ans, la horde monstrueuse de la brèche formée depuis l'espace et le temps a commencé à attaquer l'humanité. Dans le même temps, les gens ont commencé à réveiller le pouvoir et ont commencé à chasser les monstres pour la gloire et l'argent. Lee SungHoon, qui a besoin d'argent en raison de la maladie de sa mère, prend un travail dangereux pour aider à chasser ces monstres quatre fois par mois en agissant comme un appât pour les chasseurs Mais un jour, il est gravement blessé par un monstre et se rappelle sa vie passée comme un roi sorcier.

Brazilian Portuguese
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A male engineer transmigrated into another world, and became a prince. This place strikingly resembles the Middle Ages of Europe, but at the same time, it seems kind of different? Witches truly exists, and they even possess magic powers! Magic powers are productive forces! Save the witches, liberate the productive forces! Open map, fight demons, break conspiracies, climb up the science and technology tree, and open the path of hardcore ‘farming’!
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The manga follows the daily lives of Kou, a slightly quirky man, and his wife, Yukio (often called Yuki), who is a cross dressing man. Read as this married couple handles the trouble that comes with cross dressing in modern Japanese society.

Portuguese / Português
O mangá segue a vida cotidiana de Kou, um homem cheio de manias, e Yukio (ou Yuki), que é um homem que se veste como mulher. Acompanhe como esse casal peculiar lida com os problemas cotidianos que sofre alguém que se transveste no Japão.
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Male lead Hei Tian Yi is a police officer, who died in the line of duty in 2014. 2 years later, his fiancee Yuan Xiao Jia, not wanting to stay in the city full of memories with him, decided to move, and when packing, found Tian Yi's old cell phone. On a dark night, this cell phone, with no SIM card in it, received a message...
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Listen up folks! I’m living my life with the demon queen!
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  • 5,992
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In a world filled with superheroes, can a person who is immortal, but only has the strength of a normal human, become one of the best? Who knows, but Tai is dead set on trying.
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It's a crime suspense manga about a kid who can kill people in their dreams...or can he?

É um mangá de suspense sobre um garoto que pode matar pessoas em seus sonhos... será que ele pode mesmo?
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College student Zhao Zhe and classmate Liu Qingyan participated in the concert of the idol group MMC48, but they accidentally discovered the true identity of the new idol and landed into trouble. When Zhao Zhe almost lost his life, a mysterious girl named Chen Mo suddenly appeared to save him. For revenge, Zhao Zhe followed Chen Mo and joined the mysterious forces that supported her. Follow Zhao Zhe as he embarks on a new journey and travels around the world in order to compete and defeat his foes.
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One day, Chateau, a bounty hunter belonging to an assassin organization, encounters the mysterious bounty hunter Ryang-ha. After being shown the overwhelming difference in their abilities and thinking that this is going to be her end, Ryang-ha's only demand from her is to exchange their contact information. And thus started a game of cat and mouse, in which the hands of the participants are fully covered in blood...

Quando l'esperta cacciatrice di taglie Chateau si scontra con il misterioso Ryang-ha, anche lui cacciatore di taglie, la donna sembra avere la peggio. L'uomo, però, pare aver sviluppato per lei un certo interesse durante lo scontro: l'unica condizione per lasciare andare Chateau è che lei gli dia il suo numero di telefono. Ha inizio così un pericoloso gioco al gatto e al topo... un gioco dove entrambi i partecipanti hanno le mani sporche di sangue.
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Around 50 years ago, after the Korean War, Demon World Gates appeared abruptly all over the world.
Through the Gates, Demon creatures appeared. These otherworldly beings, utterly impervious to modern weaponry, rained destruction across the world.
Just when all hope for humanity was lost, the "Masters" awakened: humanity's one chance for salvation.
With the appearance of these entities, the world began to change rapidly.

Fast forward to 50 years later-
We meet Gang Kyu Sung, who had worked for a small company as a deputy who could never catch a lucky break nor even got promoted.
That is, until he happens to awaken as a Master...?

A Rank 5 Master who had once been ignored and scorned-
Thus begins the uprising of a man who works his way up from the bottom!
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Games are now more immersive than they have ever been since fully diving into a game is perfectly possible! But what would you do… If you get spawned as a NPC Blacksmith? SuFei begins his everyday bitter and dull Blacksmith life together with a beautiful female player and his Loli assistant. However, everything ended in that NPC trip….. Don’t come over, I’m really a NPC! Wait, what the heck is your slogan? “ Exterminate the players, the world belongs to the NPCs?"
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  • 132,687
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Due to a misuse of a word joke on live TV broadcast, girl group otaku, 'Jin-Kyung' ended up becoming doxxed and labeled as a "child predator", and ended up getting Social Anxiety Disorder. 3 years later, because of his past incident from the 3D world, his love for only the 2D world manifested, and ended up becoming a "Shut-In Otaku"! Then one day, as Jin-Kyung was no-lifing as usual, he was summoned to ‘Another World’, and came face-to-face with a bright-eyed, hopeful Summoner… Interesting enough, in the world that Jin-Kyung was summoned to, his Social Anxiety Disorder disappeared, and he was also able to wield immense power, and became the strongest summoned being there ever was!! The story of a former girl group otaku turned powerful 2D otaku, and the story of a weak and feeble Summoner commences now!!!


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Important! Soul Land's Sequel (Don't need to read DD before reading this) But there might be spoilers!!!

A land without magic, dou-qi, martial arts, but with essence spirits instead. This is the continent 10,000 years after the formation of the Tang Sect. A new hero and his friend walk the land, a new "Seven Monsters of Shriek." Will they keep up the name of the Tang Sect? Or will it crumble due to a new essence system?

Note : Starting at Chapter 181, The Normal Manhua Format Change into Long Strip
  • -- (8.32)
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Min Jung Woo uses his ability to spot unfortunate events and tries to stop them, which leads to him becoming a terrorist feared by the people.

scanlation: if anyone wants to pick up, go the lls server and we can give u translations :)
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Komi-san is a beautiful and admirable girl that no one can take their eyes off of. Almost the whole school sees her as the cold beauty that's out of their league, but Tadano Hitohito knows the truth: she's just really bad at communicating with others.

Komi-san, who wishes to fix this bad habit of hers, tries to improve it with the help of Tadano-kun by achieving her goal of having 100 friends.

Links: Author's Twitter

Comi-san ha Comyusho Desu. is the official romanization.
  • -- (9.14)
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  • 53,826
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The master spy codenamed <Twilight> has spent his days on undercover missions, all for the dream of a better world. But one day, he receives a particularly difficult new order from command. For his mission, he must form a temporary family and start a new life?! A Spy/Action/Comedy about a one-of-a-kind family!

Portuguese / Рortuguês

Russian / Русский


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Developed by “God’s Domain Technologies”, virtual reality has taken the world by storm. The virtual world “Eden’s Paradise” is described as a mysterious and flawless universe, and has become the place that every gamer dreams of. Those, in reality, feel disappointment towards the real world, or want to escape from it, or are possessed by greed, or have dreams, or simply feel boredom - people with all these reasons challenge the trials to enter Eden’s Paradise one after the other.
  • -- (8.09)
  • 1,903
  • 26,111
  • 19
Beautiful Legends, a unit considered legendary. A certain girl who got eternal life by a painting, a martial arts practitioner, a wolf man, Frankenstein and vampire, fight against the villains who threaten humanity for personal and professional reasons.

From the artist of solo leveling
Oneshot Raw
This comic serialized in Comcio.jp in Japanese...
Series axed with 80 chapters
  • -- (8.30)
  • 9,105
  • 325,142
  • 42
Tang San was a talented apprentice to the great Tang Sect. Due to mastering the forbidden Tang arts, he was pressured to jump off a cliff and died. However, he was reborn into another world filled with Essence Spirits. At the age of six, every person will have their essence spirit awoken. Spirits can take many forms: weapons, plants, and animals; They can help people with their daily lives. Outstanding spirits can be trained to engage in combat. A spirit master is the soul and heart of the Combat Continent! When Tang San turns six, a huge surprise awaits him. His peaceful life in this new world will change completely.
  • -- (7.41)
  • 16,673
  • 626,716
  • 256
The protagonist is a player of a VRMMOFPS game who ends up falling off the map, and ends up being transported to a fantasy world retaining his in game equipment and user interface.
  • -- (7.16)
  • 17,140
  • 587,792
  • 162
'Oh Ju-Yoon' is your typical, everyday part-timer. He dies in a coincidental accident, but because of his kindness, he is given another chance to live in a new and different world. However, his future is neither as a hero, nor mage... but a creature at the bottom of the food chain, 'Brick Eater', meeting an atrocious crisis?! Surreal events! An unexpected level up fantasy!

Russian / Русский
  • -- (7.29)
  • 10,643
  • 548,686
  • 74
Zero was mankind’s first real superhero. Under his watch, countless other superheros appeared and followed in his footsteps. However, after 5 years of war, Zero disappeared without a trace.

Note: this is not your usual chinese manhua, please read them from right to left (similar with japanese format)
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  • 20,848
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  • -- (8.37)
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  • 9,750
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'Ominous beings are coming across to reality'
The nightmarish tale of children who can see ghosts.
  • -- (8.09)
  • 90
  • 2,793
  • 1
Version francaise :
David est ce que la sphère surnaturelle aime appeler "un véritable croyant", un titre que le jeune homme arbore fièrement alors qu'il cherche l'existence de tout ce qui touche à l'effrayant et au mystérieux. Et alors que David, accompagné de son meilleur ami le sceptique Félix, découvre la preuve qu'une chose terrifiante se profile tout près, la chasse à la Malédiction de Lalin commence - et rien ne sera plus comme avant.
English version :
David is what the supernatural crowd likes to call a “true believer,” a badge the teen wears proudly as he searches for the existence of all things scary and mysterious. When David, alongside his skeptical best friend Felix, are presented with proof that something terrifying may have landed right on their doorstep, the hunt for the Curse of Lalin is on - and life will never be the same again.
Russian / Русский
  • -- (8.56)
  • 1,205
  • 107,105
  • 19
Harry is a hedgehog who wants to be hugged. Garu is a wolf who looks intimidating but has a kind heart. Peta is a penguin who wants to fly. These three, alongside many more characters, walk through life as they try to reach their goals.
  • -- (8.55)
  • 5,093
  • 101,530
  • 21
An old man teaches a girl how to be bad.
  • -- (7.89)
  • 2,240
  • 69,058
  • 39
Kenzaki Ryuunosuke is a new editor of the Weekly Shounen Magazine and his love for an unpopular series leads him to a bad relationship with his peers. Meet Takanashi Tsubasa, an aspiring mangaka with whom she will prove herself by making her the number one in Japan.
  • -- (8.43)
  • 577
  • 4,787
  • 11
About a Boy and a Girl Who Aren't Good at Love

Author's Twitter: https://twitter.com/k8_mori
  • -- (7.68)
  • 2,310
  • 84,053
  • 48
The little fox goes downhill to avoid the calamity. She encounters the rich and handsome Professor Tian You. Getting along with each other day by day, the naughty and cute little fox gradually falls in love with Tian You. But the coming of the calamity makes the fox show herself in her true colours. And the identity of Tian You is also a mystery. At the same time, the brother of the fox who is a superstar also finds her and wants to take her away...
  • -- (7.97)
  • 1,472
  • 28,890
  • 12
A subtle, yet sweet four-channel comic of a blunt, passive man and a cynical, persistent woman.
  • -- (7.98)
  • 1,219
  • 11,496
  • 13
  • -- (7.87)
  • 568
  • 14,495
  • 7
"What is about to happen is mere coincidence. Never dream for such miracle to reoccur." After the ancient kingdom ‘Jyushin’ has perished, the only surviving secret royal inspector Munsu travels about the world, judging the evil.

Movie (anime)