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I have finished the volume 2 of Okashiratsuki. Now begins another hiatus until January of 2020 for the volume 3 release.

Yurusaba is delayed for the moment because the chapter has a truckload of hand-written Kanji that takes a lot more time to decipher and translate.

Super Cub, and Skip to Loafer were all last released around December, 2018 to January 2019 so their next volume should drop sometime in July or very soon after.

I've slowed down the release speed over last few months and that's because I ran into some health issues. I'm still going to continue my primary series (Yurusaba, Shougakusei ga Mama demo Iidesuka, Okashiratsuki, Super Cub, and Skip to Loafer) but all others I've done should be considered either secondary or dropped. If anyone wants to pick up the secondary series as their next project, please feel free.

The main difference you will find between my primary series and secondary series is that I will be more thorough in cleaning/redrawing and translating sfx in the primary series. You may see more fonts being used, to suit the tone and the mood of what is being said. The secondary series will usually not have that kind of detailed approach. I may not translate sfx that are obvious in context, and even if I do, I'll make a TL note under the panel instead of cleaning and typesetting the sfx. All others should be the same. I will spend just as much time and effort to make sure that the translation is both accurate and appropriate in both approach.

Lastly, I make my cleaned PDN (Paint.NET file, should be openable in Photoshop) files available for re-translation into another language so just ask. In most of them, translated text is on another layer and the background layer is cleaned and ready to be typeset, so it should save a significant amount of time.

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