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Effective immediately, every NEW volume with have the first chapter released on MangaDex with a note detailing the purchase instruction for that volume. Below is an example:

Then I will continue to scanlate the rest of the chapters in that volume and send the chapters to those who have provided proof of purchase to me. I will continue that until all the chapters in that volume have been scanlated, and then upload them to MD with 1 week delay. So the people who have purchased the manga will have at least that week to ... I don't know, feel superior to everyone else who is waiting. Most volumes will probably take me 1 or 2 months to scanlate completely. Some might take longer, 3 to 4 months.

This was what I had in mind when I transitioned to tankoubon only release some time ago. I don't pretend to believe that this makes me any more legitimate than any other pirate scanlators (which we ALL are). And I don't plan to put the QR code for purchase on any other chapter than the first chapter of the each volume of tankoubon and will not nag or pressure people in any way other than that. And it's not all bad. People who don't buy the volume will still be able to enjoy all the chapters in a volume all in a row. Just a month or so (2 or 3 or 4 in some cases) later than some other people...

So hey, if you got few bucks sitting around, scan that QR code and purchase that copy from CDJapan or other retailers the QR code sends you to. Most times, it'll be e-manga so there's no shipping. I usually prefer to buy from ebookjapan but the purchase process in entirely in Japanese and you need Yahoo Japan account... If you have $3-4 extra, you can opt for a physical manga and have it shipped to you. They look great on your shelf. Don't think so much as buying something that is useless (since you can't read it) but more like paying someone (not me!) for their effort that you enjoyed.

I'm going to stick to tankobon releases from now on. That's how I started and how I wanted to do, but I've drifted away from it somewhat with certain titles I enjoyed personally. My Japanese isn't so good that I can read it on the fly and comprehend all of it, so the ones I really enjoy, I have to translate it word for word to truly enjoy it. And if I'm going to do that, then might as well scanlate it so others can enjoy it. Still, I decided to stick to tank releases for a reason, and I'm going to return to that... Non-tank titles should still see releases, but slower now until the volume releases catch up with it, if that makes sense.

I don't feel like it's my place to put any restrictions on how people should enjoy my contributions but I am going to draw one line: self prints. Some people are paying to have scanlated manga printed and bound like tankoubons and I strongly feel that if you have the money to do that, buy a legitimate copy first. I know people are resistant to buying manga in the language they cannot understand, but it's not like they don't have ways to follow it, like my shitty translation for example. Seriously, if you have the money to spend on something like that. buy a legitimate copy first and give the creator his due.

I used to make my cleaned files available for others but due to some abuse, I'm going to have to put a stop to that practice.

Suck it, Michigan State. Again.


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