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Sorry about the slow pace lately. I've talked about my health issues but even though I have fully recovered and am doing wonderfully, I have to catch up on a lot of real life stuff, including the one that pays me, now that I'm better. This means I'm going to have to pare down some of my commitments, and you'll see some series dropped or a really long period between updates. I don't lay claim to any of my stuff so if anyone wants to jump in and take over at any time, please be my guest.

Having said that, announcing 3 new titles, 2 of which have already been uploaded. I took over Hatsukoi Losstime and finished the first volume. It's on hiatus until the second volume is released, which unfortunately may not be for some time. Second title is Tonari no Seki no Satou-san. I have released all 7 chapters from volume 1 so that's on hiatus as well until the release of the second volume. The third is Aoi-san wa 16-sai Toshishita. Due to how I expect it to be received, I'm going to finish scanlating the entire volume before releasing it. It's a relatively short (130~ pages) single volume tankoubon so I don't expect it to take long. As of today (10/22/19) I have scanlated 5 out of 8 chapters.

I'm going to stick to tankobon releases from now on. That's how I started and how I wanted to do, but I've drifted away from it somewhat with certain titles I enjoyed personally. My Japanese isn't so good that I can read it on the fly and comprehend all of it, so the ones I really enjoy, I have to translate it word for word to truly enjoy it. And if I'm going to do that, then might as well scanlate it so others can enjoy it. Still, I decided to stick to tank releases for a reason, and I'm going to return to that... Non-tank titles should still see releases, but slower now until the volume releases catch up with it, if that makes sense.

Lastly, I make my cleaned PDN (Paint.NET file, should be openable in Photoshop) files available for re-translation into another language so just ask. In most of them, translated text is on another layer and the background layer is cleaned and ready to be typeset, so it should save a significant amount of time.

Suck it, Michigan State


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