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odyssey - noun
od·ys·sey | \หˆä-dษ™-sฤ“ \
plural - odysseys
Definition of odyssey
1 : a long wandering or voyage usually marked by many changes of fortune

Join along the odyssey as we adventure through manhuas! Let's not sink the ship... with needless pings and messages asking for releases. we’re a fan group translating for fun k?

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hey im a big fan of the groups work,

is the group not translating some stuff or just taking a break? not trying to harass, im jw, again ty for all the series you work on
I read and like all your work, When the next release for I Was Trash, Against the Gods, Yong Heng Zhi Zun and Peerless Martial God ?

Thank you and really appreciate your work
Thank you for your work
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we don't have a website for some simple reasons.
1. it's a pain to make a good quality one, and there's no use making a website that's worse than mangadex if we're going to mostly upload here
2. it would be a pain to host the website unless we try to make money off this, which we're not (and will not be anytime soon because of legal reasons and simply because this is a hobby which happens to be considered pirating). I don't see the purpose of dumping money into a site if we don't make any money off it
3. There is no purpose to make a site as long as mangadex remains stable.
So mostly we won't be making a site in the foreseeable future unless managdex crashes and dies.
Does this group have a website?
Thank you guys for the chapters.
Great work! Loving "I was Trash" and "Rise of The Demon King" ?
Great Work Guys! Thanks :)
Great work guys! Thanks :)