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    An anthology of genderbending and cross-dressing. Each volume is referred to by a color:

    Volume 1 - Pink
    Volume 2 - Blue
    Volume 3 - Yellow
    Volume 4 - Green
    Volume 5 - Purple
    Volume 6 - Red
    Volume 7 - White
    Volume 8 - Orange
    Volume 9 - Red
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    Yuuta and Yui had their body swapped when Yuuta fell down from a tree.

    How will they co-operate in dealing with this as they grow up?

    Original Web Comic (Raw)
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    Asuka helped someone who turned out to be a witch and as thanks she offered him one wish. He said he had just been put in a women's dorm even though he's a boy. She misinterprets this, turns his body into a girl, and runs away before he can react. He must now attend school as a girl and look for the witch in his spare time so she can change him back.
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    Yuu's childhood friend Kei-kun is coming to stay for spring break, but in a world where someone can easily change their sex it's a freshly-minted Kei-chan who turns up at his door with a wish and a half-forgotten promise from a decade before.
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    Akiyama Youichi adores the cute Nana-chan from afar but he's clueless about girls and terrified of asking her out on a date. He discovers in a very peculiar manner that he has a love rival for Nana-chan's affections in the curvy and sexy shape of Natsuhara Yuri, a classmate and best friend of Nana-chan. The battle for Nana-chan's affections is joined with Youichi trapped in Yuri's body and Yuri using Youichi's body to ask Nana-chan out on a date. May the best, umm, person win!
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    Himenogi Marimo desperately wants to become an idol singer. When a TV contest for would-be idols is announced she begs her friend and neighbour Fujimura Ayumi to perform as her partner. Ayumi agrees and he and Marimo enter the singing competition as a duo with Ayumi disguised as a girl. Surprisingly, they win and are signed to a recording contract as a new group called "Twinkle". Now they must keep their hordes of fans (and everyone else) from finding out that Ayumi is actually a boy while steering their way through their showbusiness debut.
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    Kanna Haruhiko (male), for reasons unknown to him, was suddenly turned into a girl.

    He returned to his male form some time afterwards, but with the continuing cycles between turning into a girl and then back to being a guy, he is bewildered by the differences in both physical aspects and ways to communicate with other people.

    Plus the abrupt changes that happen to his relationship with other people including his best friend and his childhood friend.

    A dramatically depicted story about men and women...
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    It's a different world where puberty is the result of a butterfly-like metamorphosis rather than simple growing up. Sometimes it goes wrong...
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    The Arume, a dominating alien race of female humanoids (alien lesbians) has conquered Earth. With total control over the world they have begun live experiments on humans.

    One day, out of the blue, a girl that Shouta Yanami has never seen before in his life arrived at his house asking to have sex with him. How will this end for Shouta Yanami?
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    Kurita Yomi suffers from an unfortunate affliction -- when she sleeps her body can be possessed by others. She benefits in her own way from these experiences though...
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    Houdzuki Maika is a high school girl who, in a sense, is never alone. Her twin brother Maito, who could not survive birth, lives inside of her and shares her body. They switch between who gets to live each day and they share most of their memories. However, the only times they get to see and talk to each other is when they are both asleep, where they share the same dream. Perhaps as a result of this supernatural existence, they are able to see ghosts. There will surely be many mysterious incidents ahead for these twins to face!
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    Balance Policy is about Masaomi, a young boy who is trying to restore his friendship with Kenji-kun, a boy who has been changed in an unspecified manner into a girl with newest science technology in order to help maintain the human population after some kind of fertility failure worldwide resulting in the birth of few girl babies.

    From TS Anthology Change H!