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“Private Shiratori Academy is a very prestigious school that strongly encourages its students to develop their own capabilities.” And the best students, four teen geniuses, live in the Meisen Dorm. But their sickly dorm manager is replaced by her granddaughter–a first-year high-school student. Kamiya Makota is dismayed by the boys’ imperious demands, and the jealousy of her classmates. Can Kamiya trust these brainy hooligans? And can she even trust herself to do the job?
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In the only neutral country surrounded by many other countries, Kourozen, also known as God's country the princess, Matsurika, is troubled by a proposal from Prince Orland of Cantabria, a major power. One night, Matsurika is suddenly kidnapped by an intruder and brought to the open sea.
The man, Raju, who calls himself a pirate, says he will sacrifice Matsurika on the legendary altar, to attain his wish---

The princess of God's country, the pirate surrounded by mystery.
A pirate tale about an ancient lore and the legendary altar. Let the battle begin!!!
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Minami has been living with Kuriko's family ever since his parents passed away when he was a child. Over the past fifteen years, things have stayed pretty much the same, but when Minami unintentionally reveals his 'more than friendly' feelings for her, their relationship is changed irrevocably. This is a very funny, sweet story about two life-long friends who fall in love.
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After losing her parents when she was young, Rio has been supporting herself and her brother. Rio believes that it's useless to rely on others. One day, she buys a trump card of the jack of club, modeled after Sir Lancelot, believing she could gain good money auctioning it off the internet. That night she meets Sir Lancelot in her dreams, which recur every time she sleeps. When Yuuki-kun asks her to go out with him and nearly kisses her, Lancelot suddenly appears out of nowhere and says he has come to save her?!
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Collection of short stories:

  • Tongari Root
    Ruu is a high school student who studies seriously everyday, aiming to become like her genius brother, Shikyu. At this time, at Ruu's side, comes Jijyou, Shikyu's friend, who become's Ruu's teacher at home. Although Ruu's life has been messed up by the daring Jijyou, she has started to have feelings for him...

  • Monochrome Candy
    It can't be cast off, it's fascinating, that silver wrapped candy.

  • Bye-bye Babe
    Flowers will bloom upon the earth.

  • Love Fight
    So Beautiful! With this thought, my body just moves by itself. I really want them to see him now.
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    Kayako is an enthusiastic exorcist from an isolated island who’s been newly-appointed to the big city. She has two familiar spirits (shikigami) that help her who help her cleanse impure spirits: Kagari and Kohaku. They are mighty spirits who have to take an alternate form among humans: Kagari, who takes a form of a pirate bird and Kohaku, who takes a form of a silver fox. She’s been determined to continue cleansing spirits as her dead brother has done in the past. But what happens when her faith is shaken and she learns that she doesn’t want to save evil spirits anymore?
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    Aoi has always been the delinquent kind of girl, not taking her future seriously. She's always being compared to her talented older sister, and she's already so fed up with it. As a child, she has always loved the flute, but even then, she gave up because of her lack of self-confidence. While in her secret quiet place, she runs into genius photographer Yohsuke who can hopefully give her the confidence to move on in life.

    (Source: Intercross)

    Trama Italiana:
    Fin da piccola Aoi è sempre stata un maschiaccio, e veniva messa sempre a confronto con sua sorella maggiore, molto talentuosa. Stanca ormai della situazione, non prende sul serio il suo futuro. Fin da bambina amava suonare il flauto, ma anche in quella circostanza decise di mollare per la mancanza di autostima. Un giorno, nel suo posto segreto si imbatte' in un giovane e talentuoso fotografo, Yohsuke il quale le darà la spinta per andare avanti...
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    Runa has always had a fear of boys. When she's confronted by a confession from the school's most popular guy, Kizuna, she just burst out in tears. However, she calms down when Kizuna says he wants to start out as being friends.
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    Ayaka has always been reserved and guarded, afraid to open up her heart. Are chocolates the key to her heart and love?
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    From volume one's backcover:

    「 Don't Interfere with My Life!! 」

    Handsome face and all around sportsman, also the young master of an enormous rich family...Chung-sol High school's No. 1 Han Sang-Ah!! This young master who doesn't lack anything ventures running away from home?! Officially permitted runaway time is 3 years! During this time there is something he says he must get in his hands...!! From then on starting to confront him are woman!! woman!! women!!!

    Harem Flood Mixed with Comedy and Action! Explosion of Heart Fluttering Pink that would tail all Korea's Bookstores!!
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    A Collection of Oneshots.

  • Sentimental

  • Kimi Shika Mienai

  • BlackxBlack
    Mayuka Fujisawa is lonely. Having lost her parents in a car accident several years ago, she's lived her life alone; she has no friends by her side, and no one she loves. However, one day, Mayuka returns home from school and finds a beautiful man collapsed in her yard - his name is Marshall, and he's a demon who fell from the sky. His red stone pendant is missing along with his wings, and thus he begrudgingly stays with Mayuka for the purpose of home-cooked meals and a place to stay until he can find his stone. Mayuka loves spending time with Marshall and is happy to not be alone again, but she also knows he wants to return to the sky...

  • Tokenai Yuki

  • Black x Black - Bangai Hen
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    Hana is a normal teenager who goes to school normally, that is until she gets ran over by a car... or did she? Suddenly she finds herself in a weird place, and finds herself in the Red Light District... in EDO PERIOD?! She just wants to get back to her own time. She gets mistaken for a Prostitute and has to escape. She was not expecting to be saved by a gentleman, but suddenly she ends up in a house for geshias but then ends up being bought by the same guy who helped her earlier?!
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    Collection of short stories:

    1. Ikenie no Koiwazurai (Oblation Love)
    Suzuki Noriko is this year's Freshman Oblation. For the sake of peace for all freshman, she must be sacrificed! What's more this has been ordained by the most troublesome person in school, Sakikimi!

    2. Daisuki na Hito, Sayonara

    3. Binetsu Snow
    Rui is eagerly awaiting a visit from her cousin Ricchan, unfortunately the girl she was expecting turns out to be a boy! Rui is afraid of men and she's expected to share a house with Ricchan?

    4. Dare nimo Ienai

    5. Mayonaka no Kichiku Shounen
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    Iori and Nachi are the "perfect pair" of the bodyguard agency Shelter. Partners since childhood, they bicker constantly, but when the latest mission threatens to separate them, is that really okay...?
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    This short oneshot tells the adventures of Alice, but with a slightly darker tone.

    Uploader's note: Published in Gothic Lolita Bible which doesn't focus on manga, so it has no target demographics.
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    For the sake of getting back the present she is going to give her admired senpai, Yuzuki agrees to date the merchant Riichi. Is that a good decision or not...
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    Meet Queen Sakura Himeko. She is smart, good at sports, and most importantly, beautiful. Perfect at everything she does, Himeko has lots of loyal supporters and followers. She states that her boyfriend must be as perfect as her, and kneel before her all the time. This is a qualification not many can meet. However, after switching schools, she meets Ozora Ren, a guy just as perfect as her… and somehow even better than her?! He’s now her new rival, and he’s definitely going to make life at her new school harder. What can Himeko do to stay at the top as #1?

    Note: An omake was included in Megane - Hazushitemo Ii desu ka? as the third story, Kimi wo Choudai.
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    Zenbu, Hajimete
    Because of a job transfer, Ookawa transfers to Shirakiran academy for girls. At this Academy she runs into a university student who used to live in her neighborhood 4 years ago, and is now a teacher at her school. A sweet teacher-student love story ensues.

    Contains two extra stories:

    ・Sakura Yuki

    ・Baby Magic

    French :
    Suite à la mutation de son père, Ookawa est transférée à l'académie pour filles Shirakiran. Dans cette académie, elle tombe sur un universitaire qui vivait dans son quartier ' ans auparavant et est maintenant professeur dans sa nouvelle école. S'ensuit une douce romance entre un professeur et une élève et tout ça dans le style de Mitsuki Kako.
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    Karin is a student of an institute that's very strict, but then leaves class to be dedicated to street dance in a club called "Free Square," that is in fact, one of the best. One day while dancing with her friends a group of boys who play basketball arrive and Karin falls in love at first sight with their leader, Yuuma Seta. Some thugs want to be in the club and Yuuma challenges them to a game of basketball, but the thugs are cheating...

    Included one-shots:
    Volume 1: Pop'n Eight Beat
    Volume 2:
    - Bokura no Kokoro
    - Hug!:
    • -- (7.74)
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    From Storm in Heaven:

    Chidori absolutely hates men. For her entire life, she's been forced to put up with a bunch of irresponsible, useless slackers, and she's sick of it. Can one innocent little lie change how she feels about men?
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    Dear God, there’s a super perverted and devilish guy in this sacred academy…! And yet for some reason, I can’t keep my heart from racing for him…Oh dear God, would you forgive me for falling in love with such an outrageous priest…?
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    Toudou Rinko is a serious and reliable class representative, now in 2nd year of high school. It happens that the first male person she starts to notice is her homeroom teacher, Saku Makoto. She ends up helping the nonchalant and playful teacher with his "Love Guidance Room."

    Also included is Tanaka sensei's earlier 1998 work "Light Right Rabbit"
    Usami is a high-school student who likes children. After an incident on a school trip, he plays with the children at their kindergarten. The children call him "Usagi" because of his magic trick. He also happens to be in love with one of the kindergarten teachers.
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    Seri, a girl who loves cute boys, finds herself being zeroed in by Shin, a boy who calls himself "ore-sama"... Read this manga from right to left.
    • -- (7.63)
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    Saya is an ordinary, lethargic female high school student. While she was alone at karaoke, singing enthusiastically a song of her favorite artist, Takase Kazuki, the person himself was watching her…?!
    • -- (7.70)
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    From Shoujo Manga Maniac:
    Tsubaki Beniko, 16 years old. After being rescued by the handsome prince of the school Kendo Club, Shirotae Shiki-kun, she fell in love with him! But even after becoming a couple, Beniko sees him always distant, and she wants him to be more like a boyfriend should be! But once Beniko's childhood friend, Kurosu Yui-kun, comes back, maybe that'll be the time for Shiki to show his real feelings for her!
    • -- (7.61)
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    16-year-old Jounouchi Youko is a young girl who has just transferred to a new high school due to her family's recent financial losses. During her first week there, she is assigned to the weekly infirmary duty with a the most dangerous guy in school, Tsukina-kun! How will she deal with Tsukina-kun and her infirmary duties at the same time?
    • -- (7.80)
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    Yuuka has always had the hots for her classmate, Suzuki-kun, and tried to kiss him to show how she feels about him. However, when the chance came, she kissed the arrogant Makita-kun instead! She has always hated Makita, and they quarrel a lot. What will happen now that Makita thinks she liked him?!
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    Yuuchi is a girl who has a passion for art.... or rather, HAD a passion for art. Because of her mother's disapproval, Yuuchi had to give up painting. Still, she had made a promise to her baseball-loving friend, Natsu, that she'd paint a picture of him. Having given up on her dreams, Yuuchi now must find the "hope" within herself to continue.

    (Source: Intercross)
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    Little girls have gone missing. Among them is….
    "Father, my little sister was kidnapped!”, cried Wilhelm.
    The priests gives him hope, “Let’s pray for the Lord to drive the demon away”.
    But Wilhelm believes that praying won’t change anything.
    He would do anything to save his little sister….
    Even if he has to pay with his soul in exchange.

    He confronts the demon that lives in the outskirts of town.
    “AREN’T YOU…”, Wilhelm openly suspects the creature, “THE ONE RESPONSIBLE?!”
    …… the demon smiles maliciously.

    Młode dziewczęta znikają jedna po drugiej. Wśród nich znalazła się młodsza siostra Wilhelma, który zrobiłby wszystko, aby ją ocalić. Oddałby nawet swoją duszę. Udał się więc do demonów mieszkających na obrzeżach miasta. „Nie jesteście za to odpowiedzialni?!” - wrzasnął. Demony odpowiedziały mu uśmiechem.
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    Koharu is dating the prince in school, Suwa. But things don't turn out as planned when Koharu tells him to keep their relationship a secret!
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    Five years ago, Shin was Yumika's private tutor. Now this Shin-kun comes to Yumika's high school as a teacher trainee! But their love from five years ago will most probably start to bloom again?!

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