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Long ago, there existed a land divided into four countries: Sou, Kou, Do, and Ah. The King of Ah took on a wife from Kou and soon thereafter one from Do, creating a shaky alliance between the three nations. When the Second Queen gave birth to a son, the King cast aside the sickly First Queen and her daughter Aki into the depths of the Palace. But as Fate would have it, Princess Aki encounters a slave named Hakusei, who has peculiar golden hair and sky blue eyes. He promises his life to her and helps her train in the Six Arts under the guidance of the enigmatic merchant Seitetsu. However, when Aki outshines the Prince during a hunt in an attempt to gain her father's acknowledgement, she inadvertently sparks a war by besmirching Do's honor and drives the Second Queen to poison her mother. With nothing left but her faithful Hakusei, Aki is banished to the small country of Kou with a vow to return to Ah one day for revenge. But in the face of the mighty allied nations of Do and Ah, will the two survive long enough to carry out Aki’s vow?

Winner of the 60th Shogakukan Manga Awards for Best Shoujo.
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  • 2,112,691
  • 354
In a large mansion lives a boy, an aristocrat who was cursed by the witch to "let everything he touches die." With him is his maid Alice, who besides serving him, likes to tease him. The boy who is interested in her doesn't mind the teasing, but not being able to touch her is painful!

If they are unable to hold hands, how will their love ever bloom?
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Shiharu is a high-school student who loves kids, lives in an orphanage, and works at a daycare... Until the handsome uncle of two-year-old twins offers her a raise if she'll be their babysitter. Often relying on memories of her mother's actions for guidance, Shiharu quickly finds herself falling in love with her new makeshift family.

From: Mangaupdates

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Aoi has always been the delinquent kind of girl, not taking her future seriously. She's always being compared to her talented older sister, and she's already so fed up with it. As a child, she has always loved the flute, but even then, she gave up because of her lack of self-confidence. While in her secret quiet place, she runs into genius photographer Yohsuke who can hopefully give her the confidence to move on in life.

(Source: Intercross)

Trama Italiana:
Fin da piccola Aoi è sempre stata un maschiaccio, e veniva messa sempre a confronto con sua sorella maggiore, molto talentuosa. Stanca ormai della situazione, non prende sul serio il suo futuro. Fin da bambina amava suonare il flauto, ma anche in quella circostanza decise di mollare per la mancanza di autostima. Un giorno, nel suo posto segreto si imbatte' in un giovane e talentuoso fotografo, Yohsuke il quale le darà la spinta per andare avanti...
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  • 6,262
Ayaka has always been reserved and guarded, afraid to open up her heart. Are chocolates the key to her heart and love?
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  • 660,247
  • 242
Kyouko Mogami lived solely for her childhood friend Shoutaro "Shou" Fuwa. She follows Shou to Tokyo so that he may realize his dream of becoming a famous singer. When his dream is realized, Kyouko overhears the truth behind his decision to bringing her with him: he was using her as a maid.

Shocked and enraged, Kyouko swears to take revenge by outdoing him in show business. With a new look and a new attitude, she joins LME, the agency where Ren Tsuruga (Shou's rival and the #1 actor of LME) works, in the hopes of achieving her goal of destroying Shou's pride.

Along the way, she discovers her true self, makes new friends (and enemies), and finds herself at the heart of some interesting situations that will change her life, and the lives of all others involved, forever.
  • -- (8.78)
  • 9,833
  • 286,914
  • 69
Kurosaki Mafuyu was a juvenile delinquent and head of her gang before her subsequent arrest got her expelled from high school. Now that she's transferred to a new high school, she's determined to become an "ultra-shiny, super feminine high school student." But with a new friend like Hayasaka-kun and a homeroom teacher like Saeki Takaomi (who may be more than he seems), will Mafuyu really be able to live a girly-girl high school life?

Official Oresama Teacher PV:
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The twins, Aoi and Akane, have been living with their grandparents from their late mother's side and their father. They are now fifth graders and are about to start taking steps towards life while embracing new encounters and new experiences on their own.
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Out of the blue, protagonist Snow White finds herself transported to a strange world. Here, many unusual creatures roam, and all the signs and words are backwards.
To leave this world, Snow White must fulfill one condition:

“Make Alice the King.”

For the sake of returning back to her own world, Snow White must team up with Alice but…

A strange yet wondrous fairytale-like fantasy awaits you.

Russian / Русский:
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1: Oeufs D'ange (Tenshi no Tamago)
A man is asked by a young painter to be her model.

2: Velvet Going Underground
A doll becomes a super idol. Hijinks ensue.

3: Childhood's End
Alastair runs away and meets the Rabbit.

4: Bite Me Something
Allistaire followed Mr. Rabbit all the way to Wonderland. Will he be able to find him among the crowd?

5: Long Along Alonging
A girl asks a vampire to be his apprentice. But what is her motive?

6: Till Dawn
In a dark tower, a caged voice is singing until a hunted man enters the darkness.

7: Leçon Un
Sequel to Long Along Alonging.

8: My Skin On My Back

9: Highland Walker
Sequel to Leçon un.

10: Perfect World
The story of a young wife whose husband is infected with a fatal disease called Flower-Blossomitis.

11: Perfect Lady
Sequel to Perfect World and drawn especially for this book.

12-13: Looks Like A Teaspoon
A boy named Allistaire is often teased at his all-boys school. One night he dresses like a girl and stumbles upon the boy who often bullies him, Simon. Allistaire runs off into a tower and as Simon runs after him, we see the sign "Welcome to Wonderland" hanging by the tower's door.

14: The Pearl Blue Story
Do you believe in mermaids? Coggy, a young boy finds a mysterious lady laying down near the shore of the beach. He brings her home to help her.

15: I Am A Piano
A piano tells the story of her life and the people she encounters.

16: Parade
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Hana is a normal teenager who goes to school normally, that is until she gets ran over by a car... or did she? Suddenly she finds herself in a weird place, and finds herself in the Red Light District... in EDO PERIOD?! She just wants to get back to her own time. She gets mistaken for a Prostitute and has to escape. She was not expecting to be saved by a gentleman, but suddenly she ends up in a house for geshias but then ends up being bought by the same guy who helped her earlier?!
  • -- (8.18)
  • 2,717
  • 68,755
  • 12
After the death of her parents, Himura Ryou is taken in by grandparents and starts to attend the super elite high school, Souseikan Gakuen. Ryou gets lost within the school's spacious area and it leads her to a guy wearing tuxedo. He is Kanzawa Hakuou who attends the butler training course knowing that Ryou is...?!
  • -- (7.99)
  • 354
  • 12,132
  • 3
1. Makka na Tulip wo Kimi ni (Red Tulips for You)
Red tulips for you, and you, and you.

2. Nostalgia
3. Kinmokusei
4. Yume no Hanashi

5. Dandan (Warmth)
Matsuki and Nishimori have been best friends, but when Matsuki develops romantic feelings for her, he decides to confess. His unrequited love means little to Nishimori because she doesn't see him the same way and she's perfectly content with the friendship they have now. Can the flames ever be rekindled or will it remain cold?

6. Makka na Tulip no Hanakotoba
  • -- (8.03)
  • 2,563
  • 58,588
  • 19
A young girl named Rahzel is booted out of her house one day by her father with the instructions to 'see the world.' And so her journey begins. However, she won't be doing it alone... for she befriends a stoic young man named Alzeid seeking revenge for his father's murder.
Alzeid and Rahzel are like oil and water... but even still, they feel strangely drawn to one another. This could be either the result of an underlying attraction -- or their shared powers with magic. And so, the two reluctant allies travel from town to town, using their powers to help the helpless, while discovering their own respective places in the world
  • -- (7.94)
  • 1,815
  • 46,044
  • 5
Was a bi-monthly yuri anthology published by Houbunsha.
  • -- (7.87)
  • 1,636
  • 16,493
  • 4
Chigira Ruiji is a man born with the face of a demon. Trouble follows him wherever he goes. However, he just wants to live a normal high school life and make some friends, and even fall in love...
  • -- (7.85)
  • 292
  • 7,119
  • 1
Life was a mundane chore for student council member Hasumi Ryou until he picked up a charm on the floor. Suddenly, a junior high-school student with bad grades appears in his room calling him Kami-sama (God-sama) and asks for help to pass her high school entrance exam. Not to mention that it doesn't make sense that his room changes into hers everyday after school. Ryou abandons all logic and decides to go with the flow, his heart touched by the earnest desire of the girl who wants to graduate to high school.
  • -- (8.28)
  • 1,534
  • 20,150
  • 13
Demons will grant any human wishes in exchange for their soul. Anzamnia, an ambitious demon, has fallen to the bottom of the chart, having collected zero souls. After being kicked out to earth by the police, he found himself in Japan, in search of a human contractor in order to get back home. Then he crosses his way with a lonely little girl, who is convinced he is an angel sent from Heaven and insists that he grant her wish and form a contract with her, knowing it will take away her life? Anzamnia's first contract is formed, and her wish is... for them to get married?! So starts the blissful married life of this adorable and idiotic couple.
  • -- (7.85)
  • 211
  • 8,982
While Hara Sakutarou grieves because of the loss of his parents in an accident, he meets an enigmatic young man who calls himself Al. They eventually start living together. Where did Al come from and why is he always so bewildered and detached from this transient world? Sakutarou is immediately captivated by Al's mysterious and nostalgic ways. Before long, Sakutarou takes advantage of the situation and violently embraces Al. However just he starts, Al’' secret is exposed…!?

Polish / Polski:
  • -- (7.85)
  • 180
  • 10,119
Koyama Kei lost his mother when he was still in elementary school and never connected again with his distant, workaholic father. The only real light in his home life is his sister Moe: a bright college student who obviously adores him. But Kei has intimacy issues that even his sister can't pick up on.

At 15 years old, Kei's never been in love, but he has sex with anyone who shows him interest. While he's in someone else's arms, he can forget the void in his own life. One day in late spring, Koyama discovers what's missing: a slightly spacey med-student named Fujii. Unfortunately, Fujii is his sister's boyfriend...

Polish / Polski:
  • -- (7.96)
  • 7,755
  • 138,106
  • 6
Shiba Tatsuya is an honors student without magic capability at First High School, a magic high School along with his sister who happens to be the top student among the freshmen. What will happen to him, and how will he live his school life where he is one of the many reserves in the school looked down upon by the chosen magical students?

Adaptation of the original novel's volumes 1-2.
  • -- (7.92)
  • 350
  • 8,294
  • 3
1. Nee, Dare ni mo Himitsu da yo
The super plain protagonist whose special skill is studying is asked to help a handsome but arrongant guy study. "Let's do something more fun than studying." However, what was supposed to have been a heart-throbbing moment... ends up taking a weird turn?

2. Joou-sama Melancholic

3. Monolog Monochrome

4. Ouji-sama Urajijou

5. Akuma ga Kitarite
Ruiji is secretly in love with Wakatsuki. But how can he declare his love when she's frightened to death every time she meets his eyes?
  • -- (7.56)
  • 363
  • 18,925
1) Love is Here
Hina, a 20-year-old assistant to a photographer, has always admired Kouzuki, a beautiful model. He wants nothing more than to be his stylist, but Kouzuki has other ideas.

2) Music Hour
Taka, bass player for an up-and-coming band, has always liked the boy who works the concession stand at the live house, Shibuya Juice. But then Hina, Taka's friend, comes to visit and is mistaken for Taka's love interest...

3) Shiawase no Kamisama
Starry-eyed high school boy, Kageyama, has been dumped nine times in three years and while cursing the sunset falls in love at first sight with the misunderstood Ryuuji Izumi... Kouzuki from the first story makes an appearance here as Kageyama's friend.

4) Ashita Tenki ni Naare (Let It Be Sunny Tomorrow)
Ryuuya, brother of Ryuuji Izumi from the previous story, is playing soccer with his teammates when he accidentally nails a flower delivery guy right in the face. Fortunately for Ryuuya, the flower guy is accustomed to taking balls to the face, and he shows the soccer kid some of his sweet moves.

5) Killing Me
The number one host from Club Butterfly finds a boy getting the crap kicked out of him in an alley and indirectly rescues him. After taking him home, the boy's existence begins to push the boundaries of the jaded host's beliefs.

5.5) A Day In Hana's Life
A short extra from the perspective of Izumi's little sister, Hana, bringing together all the couples from the previous chapters.

6) Ma Chérie
A mysterious mansion master who believes himself incapable of love because of his profession, has found a mythical bat boy that shocks him.

Polish / Polski:
  • -- (8.15)
  • 3,393
  • 97,545
  • 24
The story follows Yuta and Mio, two completely opposite twin siblings.
Suddenly one day Yuta falls in love with a concert artist and decides to follow her to Australia, but for that he needs his sister, who is an antisocial, to take his place in the school and in the volleyball team...
Can Mio take her brother's place without problems...?
  • -- (6.90)
  • 15,354
  • 390,370
  • 44
The dog trainer Yui was summoned into another world as a "Guiding Hand" to raise a baby dragon. The dragon is a "Holy Dragon", who have protected the humans from the invading demons for many generations!
  • -- (7.91)
  • 70
  • 5,021
  • 1
High-school student Sawatari has his usual customers and doesn't get emotional about it. So why is it that he always seems to let "that person" drag him around? A very short story.
  • -- (7.94)
  • 1,815
  • 38,994
  • 6
"I want to smell... I want to touch... I want to kiss..." Feelings that cannot be satisfied by just staring at the boy you fall in love with. Kiss... is the desire emitted by a girl in love. An omnibus of oneshots by Fuji Momo.
  • -- (7.70)
  • 1,370
  • 18,268
  • 1
Origawa Industry Public High School is a school filled with rough men. There's only one girl in this high school packed with wolves. But this little sheep isn't an ordinary person!

Also includes the following short story:
Konna watashi ja nashi desu ka?!
  • -- (7.71)
  • 2,025
  • 40,517
  • 14
Touzuka High School is a public school with a pretty low grade point average. One day, a girl who has been expelled from the state’s top school, St. Katria Girls’ School, transfers in… her name is Kawai Maria. The reason for her expulsion was “violence against the teacher.” Because of her non-adorned, straight comments, Maria starts to become isolated from her class… What is hidden in her past and what will happen to her?
  • -- (8.85)
  • 12,930
  • 162,919
  • 39
Yanagi is rich, smart, a girl-magnet, and always at the top of his class... well, until Kujou transferred in his primary school. She was quiet, plain, and poor, yet not once has she failed at beating Yanagi, both in academics and sports! Yanagi has made it his life goal to defeat her and thus, followed her from elementary until college over the past 10 years. Only when he decides to change the rules might he finally win. Here comes their last game!

  • -- (7.78)
  • 381
  • 10,266
  • 2
Nanao came from a rich family before their business failed. Now the only hope for her family to pay off their debts is if she can cement a marriage with the prestigious Takatsuki family within a week. How will Nanao overcome this problem when one of the three eligible Takatsuki men is her former arrogant schoolmate, Yoshito, who completely distrusts people? And did we forget to mention that Nanao is already the ninety-ninth candidate for the position of future wife?! But is she really there to pay her family's debts or is it for....
  • -- (7.80)
  • 2,004
  • 35,253
  • 9
Tsubaki is a girl who loves making her younger sister's hair pretty every morning, but she doesn't think that kind of style suits herself! The day of her High School Beginning Ceremony, after she failed in being the top student (who usually makes the ceremony speech), she finds herself sitting next to the actual top student of the first years, the worst rude guy ever, Kyouta. She ends up cutting his hair on purpose because of the bad things he says to her. Kyouta demands that Tsubaki pay him back with her body, but Tsubaki fixes his hair instead--making it even shorter! After that, Kyouta unexpectedly kisses Tsubaki and swears that he'll make her his woman.
  • -- (7.65)
  • 863
  • 16,020
  • 6
After failing the entrance exams to her school of choice, Hiyo Osora gets an acceptance letter from SM Academy. But she didn't even apply or take its exam! When she arrives, there's something amiss -- all the students are... monsters!? And the head of the student council says he's her fiancé right before he sprouts giant black wings! What strange fate brought Osora to SM Academy, and what supernatural fate awaits her after this!?
  • -- (7.73)
  • 356
  • 8,429
  • 2
Risa and Takumi are childhood friends, but due to a fight in the past, they stopped talking to each other. Now university students, Takumi is a famous playboy who goes out with a different girl every day, and Risa still regrets not having been able to apologize for what she did six years ago…
  • -- (8.03)
  • 274
  • 10,250
  • 2
The turbulent relationship between a straight-laced newscaster and his eccentric weatherman.

Note: This series has been on hiatus since 2008.

Polish / Polski:
  • -- (8.21)
  • 888
  • 11,548
  • 5
My world has always been a colorless bubble. But she burst it with nothing more than her smile and her words, turning it into a kaleidoscope of vibrant colors.

(Source: Batoto)
  • -- (7.70)
  • 172
  • 8,897
  • 1
Shiina has 2 secrets. She loves her brother Kiri a lot, and Kiri doesn't know that they are not blood related. She doesn't know what to do, she's been hiding it for a long time, and no one knows she loves him. "This love is secret. Secret to anybody. However, my heart is trembling. ---Hey, I've become aware of these feelings. Please don't notice.---"
  • -- (7.87)
  • 365
  • 9,386
Onda Miku was just a regular high school girl who loves nails. But suddenly, she got into a terrible accident, and the shinigami (death god) Sei fastened his chain of death onto her wrist! Sei may be hot, but he is a bit scary. Being tied together with him, just what kind of fate awaits Miku!?
  • -- (7.83)
  • 121
  • 5,095
1) Love Laboratory
The chemistry club invented a special hormone potion. Each bottle cost 500 yen. Riko-chan's boyfriend, Yuuki-kun himself is extremely cold towards love. Riko-chan hopes to move their relationship one step ahead, but in the end...?

2) Merry Kiss

3) Perfect Doll

4) Twinkle Twinkle

5) Cupid's Arrow
  • -- (7.82)
  • 153
  • 6,545
Chino Houjo is just an ordinary high school girl. But when her childhood friend Souma is suddenly attacked, she’s forced to purchase a ‘prince’ from the alternate dimension Albox to save his life. And now she’s got to go after the person who’s stolen Souma’s soul?!

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