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    Hachimitsu Scans is a group mostly dedicated to scanlating gender bender-related manga, but we occasionally also work on non-gender bender series.
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    A guy unexpectedly receives chocolate from his classmate Sentarou Yamanaka on Valentine's Day. If that wasn't surprising enough, Sentarou does this while dressed as a girl.

    Author's Twitter: @kuranonn
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    This surrealist collection of stories follows the lives of several girls and their interactions with dicks that have been chopped off. Once off a guy's body, the dicks act as separate living creatures with a mind of their own.
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    Tougo Ushiwaka reunites with his childhood friend and first love Ren Ryuugasaki after about 10 years. However, Ushiwaka had been traumatized to discover that Ryuugasaki, who he had thought was a girl, is actually a guy with a fondness for cross-dressing.
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    Hime Sakuragaike has secretly been in love with her childhood friend Akira Yonezawa since they were kids, but Hime only recently found out that Akira identifies as female. Although surprised, Hime offers her full support, and this is initially kept secret between them for a few years, but Akira decides to start living as a girl full-time upon starting high school with Hime. However, since Akira garners a certain amount of attention, Hime takes it upon herself to aggressively stick up for Akira whenever necessary. Not wanting Akira to be singled out as an object of ridicule, Hime decides that her only option is to put herself in Akira's shoes.

    >Please stop messing with the tags. Also, please do leave this note, as there's always someone overeager to do the "right thing".<
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    High school student Tetsu Iwaoka notices that his classmate Mogumo is always alone at school. Wanting to give Mogumo a chance to make some friends, Tetsu invites Mogumo to work at his family’s maid cafe. Although Mogumo is initially enthusiastic, there is just one problem: this is a girlyboy cafe, but Mogumo is adamant about being neither a boy nor a girl.

    Lycéen, Iwaoka Tetsu remarque que son camarade de classe Mogumo est toujours seul à l'école. Voulant lui donner la chance de se faire des amis, Tetsu invite Mogumo à travailler dans le maid café de sa famille. Bien que Mogumo soit enthousiaste au début, il y a un petit problème : il s'agit d'un café otokonoko, mais Mogumo ne se considère ni comme un garçon, ni comme une fille.

    Other links:
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    Gen Shiomi, the 56-year-old boss of the Hitotsubashi mob syndicate, must go into hiding to protect his life from potential assassins. He opts to get plastic surgery, only to end up looking like a teenage girl, but he resolves to stay like this until his life is no longer in danger. However, he finds it hard to not be suspicious, but he is saved from being the target of police by a teenage boy named Tatsuya Umemiya. After helping Tatsuya out of some troubles of his own, Gen is forced to enroll into junior high school as "Shiomi Iwao", only to discover that one of his new classmates is Tatsuya.
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    Former porn star turned author Kaoru Ooshima details his autobiographical account of his daily life as a pansexual cross-dresser and what led him into working in the adult film industry. Along the way, he meets another porn star similar to him who he calls Michelle and the two start dating.
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    Kaito Odagiri is a normal fifth grade boy who can hold his own in a fight and loves to show off. This attracts the attention of Makoto Kaibara, a boy at Kaito's school who reveals to him that he can use magic, but he needs Kaito's help to protect the peace of their town. Kaito jumps at the chance of being a magic-wielding superhero, but his excitement turns to horror when he realizes that he'll be protecting the town dressed as a typical magical girl under the name Thrilling Pink. Although initially reluctant, Kaito soon discovers that there’s more to being a magical boy than simply looking cute in a skirt.
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    Mei Sengoku is an independent girl and captain of her high school kendo club who enjoys helping others in need. This has earned her a lot of admirers among the girls at her school, as well as a guy named Shirou Fuji well-known at school for his girly way of speaking and gestures. When Shirou asks Mei to go out with him, she simply rejects him, but he comes back the next day and tells her he's not going to give up on her so easily.
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    Konatsu Amano is a high school girl who has just moved to a seaside town in Ehime Prefecture after her father is transferred overseas for his job. Lonely and unsure of her new surroundings, Konatsu finds herself gravitating towards Koyuki Honami, an older girl at her school who is popular but is seen as out of reach by her peers who view her as too perfect. Koyuki is also the sole member of the Aquarium Club, which in turn makes her feel cut off from others. In an attempt to help ease Koyuki’s and her own feelings of loneliness, Konatsu befriends Koyuki and the two gradually grow closer together.

    Portuguese / Português
    Konatsu Amano é uma garota do ensino médio, que acabou de se mudar, muito solitária e insegura com a nova vizinhança, ela conhece Koyuki Honami, uma aluna mais velha e membro do clube de aquário, uma linda amizade nasce entre as duas na medida em que vão se aproximando...
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    Hakone asks out his classmate Nekomiya who he fell in love at first sight with, only for Nekomiya to admit to being a cross-dresser, but is Nekomiya telling the truth?

    Author's Twitter: @reverse_frog
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    After a guy wakes up as a girl one morning, his roommate wants him to turn back.

  • Author's Twitter
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    These are one-shot manga anthologies featuring Josou Shounen (Cross-dressing Boys). There have been 17 volumes published to date. Each volume carries a subtitle. They are:

    1. White Group (Shiro-gumi)
    2. Peach Group (Momo-gumi)
    3. Princess Group (Hime-gumi)
    4. Blue Group (Ao-gumi)
    5. Red Group (Aka-gumi)
    6. Cherry Blossom Group (Sakura-gumi)
    7. Plum Group (Sumomo-gumi)
    8. Melon Group (Melon-gumi)
    9. Apple Group (Ringo-gumi)
    10. Satsuma Group (Mikan-gumi)
    11. Grape Group (Budou-gumi)
    12. Banana Group (Banana-gumi)
    13. Plum Group (Plum-gumi)
    14. Watermelon Group (Suika-gumi)
    15. Ribbon Group (Ribon-gumi)
    16. Princess Strawberry Group (Hime Ichigo-gumi)
    17. Princess Apple Group (Hime Ringo-gumi)

    Summary of each oneshot here.
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    This is an autobiography that tells the story of Akiko Hayashi, the author as she was in her third year of high school at the beginning of the story. Through her friend Futami, Akiko starts going to an art class led by Kenzou Hidaka, an intimidating teacher who spends much of his time yelling at his students and keeping them focused on drawing with the use of a bamboo sword. Akiko is initially confused by the behavior of the teacher and her fellow students in the class, but she keeps going regardless, eventually becoming the manga author she is today.
    • -- (9.17)
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    Keitarou Itsuki is a junior high school student unhappy about the menacing look of his eyes. Keitarou tries to confess to the girl he likes, Aoi Tokujira, but she rejects him flat out. Thinking that his eyes were the reason why she rejected him, he confides in his older sister about it at her salon, who helps by giving him a complete makeover...as a pretty girl! Forced to head home like this, he runs into Aoi in town, but she doesn't recognize him and thinks he's a somewhat manly girl. Before he can leave, Aoi asks him to help her overcome a problem she's had for many years: an intense fear of men.

    • -- (7.27)
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    Kotarou Hayasaka is a new student at Oomiya High School, a prestigious boys school where the student council president is able to make a single school rule at the beginning of the year. This year, the student council president Izuki Jinguuji decides that all the students have to cross-dress during school activities, much to Kotarou's dismay.
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    In a country where women rule supreme lives a poor but happy boy named Albert. An excursion to the city turns dangerous when he and his friend are abducted by slave traders, and later purchased by a noblewoman's servant. If this wasn't crazy enough, it turns out Albert looks exactly like the noblewoman who purchased him. But she's no ordinary aristocrat. She's a princess! And he's to act as her double from today on!?
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    Kurashita Tsukimi is an 18 year old 'kurage otaku' (jellyfish fanatic). She lives in Tokyo in an all-female apartment complex full of various types of otaku. They fear and despise beautiful, fashionable people while existing happily in their no-man, no make-up world. That all changes when a 'hipster' saves the life of a jellyfish and intrudes upon Tsukimi's isolated existence. Things are made even more complicated when it turns out that the beautiful woman is actually a man in drag.

    A história conta com personagens diferentes em vários aspectos. Estamos falando de pessoas que normalmente seriam excluídas da sociedade japonesa, mas que, neste mangá, conseguem ganhar nossa total simpatia. Em uma pensão em Tóquio mora um grupo de fujoshis (mulheres otaku fãs de yaoi), todas com suas obsessões, vivendo sob o código de nunca deixar um homem entrar na pensão em que moram. Suas vidas pacatas estavam em harmonia, até que Tsukimi, a otaku por águas-vivas, aceita a ajuda de uma pessoa do tipo mais temido e odiado pelas fujoshis: uma princesa de Tóquio.
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    Hime Arikawa is a high school boy with a huge debt, and he is saved by the girls of his school's student council after being chased down by yakuza debt collectors. The student council agrees to pay off his debt if he'll join the student council and spend his high school life cross-dressing.

    Note: The series continue after chapter 16 to Himegoto (Febri) and then to Himegoto (Comic Rex)

    Portuguese / Português
    Hime Arikawa é um estudante do colegial com uma dívida enorme, e ele é salvo pelas meninas do conselho estudantil de sua escola depois de ser perseguido por cobradores da yakuza. As meninas do conselho estudantil se comprometem a pagar a sua dívida se ele, participar do conselho estudantil e passar a sua vida escolar vestido como uma garota.

    Russian / Русский
    Химэ (принцесса) Арикава - обычный себе такой ояш с кучей долгов и родителями путешественниками. В один прекрасный день по его душу являются якудза, переодевают его в костюм горничной и собираются продать ценителям ГБшного жанра. Но не тут то было, его спасают члены студсовета его же собственной школы и, приняв за симпатичную девушку, не долго думая, тащат к себе в совет. Где в последствии и узнают уууужасную правду, однако, быстро оправившись от шока, предлагают погасить его долг, а в обмен на это он станет... нет, не дворецким, а собачкой школьного совета до самого выпуска, и конечно же, в образе девушки.
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    A sequel to Boy Skirt.
    • -- (7.67)
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    After seeing a picture of Naotora Kusunoki as a kid, the crown prince of the Kingdom of Urunei in Southeast Asia fell in love at first sight. The only problem is that Naotora is the son of a bureaucrat in the Japanese Ministry of Foreign Affairs. Eager to please the prince, Naotora's father forces him to cross-dress and fly to Urunei to get married to the prince as "Nao". Once in Urunei, he unintentionally captures the hearts of the populace who see Nao as the return of Putri Harimau, the Tiger Girl of legend who had a hand in the founding of Urunei with the Dragon Prince long ago. However, there are some in Urunei who are not so happy about Nao's arrival.
    • -- (7.67)
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    Bonus story to the two Hybrid Boy oneshots from Josou Shounen Anthology Comic.
    • -- (8.48)
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    Three boys in junior-high who cross-dress because of differing reasons meet each other through a cross-dressing community website, and decide to meet up in real life. "Parou" started cross-dressing because he wanted to attract a heterosexual boy he liked. "Marika" is transgender and identifies as female. Lastly, "Yui" is an antagonistic boy who adopted the persona of his older sister after her death. In contrast to Parou and Marika, Yui is sorely disappointed at the meeting.
    • -- (7.26)
    • 482
    • 10,102
    Wataru starts his high-school life by getting forced to cross-dress by his senpai Ayane Takamura.
    • -- (6.94)
    • 1,725
    • 72,685
    • 64
    Three months after starting college, Gin Fujigaya is still having trouble meeting new people and fitting in. As an escape, Gin indulges in secretly cross-dressing and posting selfies of himself in drag online, which has garnered him a large following. This leads him to going outside dressed as a girl for the first time, and he soon discovers that the way people interact with him like this is vastly different than what he's used to. Over time, Gin's fondness for cross-dressing and looking cute allows him to meet others who are harboring their own secrets.
    • -- (7.93)
    • 3,007
    • 39,588
    • 33
    Jun Shiraishi has longed for years to be friends with another girl, something she tells a guy who tries to ask her out one day. Spurred on by his feelings for her, he grants her wish by cross-dressing and making friends with her as "Nai".
    • -- (7.62)
    • 169
    • 4,964
    • 1
    A boy who wonders why his younger brother Yuuki started dressing like a girl, and decides to see what all the fun is about by trying on some of Yuuki's clothes.
    • -- (8.33)
    • 759
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    • 10
    A guy gains a younger step-brother named Aoi after his mom remarries, only to discover later that Aoi enjoys cross-dressing.
    • -- (7.45)
    • 131
    • 3,644
    A one-shot and prequel to Onee-chan ga Mamotte Ageru. In it, Nanami Kousaka goes to an idol audition, and he ultimately makes his debut cross-dressing as Mi-Na, who is seen near the end of Onee-chan ga Mamotte Ageru chapter 1 a little bit older.
    • -- (7.75)
    • 218
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    • 8
    Cover by Hideyoshico

    Occasionally, there was a woman that appeared in BL ... it was a rival or a bystander or just a good understanding person. This anthology is told form that girls point of view. Boys Love painfully transmitted through the women's eyes and feelings. New world of Moe!

    1) Shoujo C 「少女C」 by Hideyoshico
    (From Must Be Endless) I’m nothing special, but Koizumi-kun is a very special guy whose looks and personality are seriously those of an angel. He’s our idol. This popular pair was introduced in "High School ☆ Lullaby" (Gesu BL).

    2) Tamaisan, Koi to Yuujou「玉井さん、恋と友情」 by SHIMURA Takako
    Sequel to Okite Saisho ni Suru Koto wa

    3) Donyoku no Hana 「貪欲な花」 by NISHIDA Higashi
    (From Must Be Endless) Greedy Flower: My precious, beloved children… When two shady salesmen come knocking on her door, what’s reflected in old lady Tanaka-san's eyes is… Thinking her life is almost over, the feelings of another time are resurrected in Tanaka-san's heart.

    4) Kami no Doutokuron Teki Shoumei 「神の道徳論的証明」 by FUMI Fumiko
    Later included in Josou Danshi to Menhera Oji-san

    5) Watashitachi wa Byplayer 「わたしたちはバイプレーヤー」 by Harada
    (From Must Be Endless) We’re Supporting Actors: There are love stories that you can’t say how they got so complicated. A three-way struggle with an ultra-popular woman, an ultra-popular man, and a guy with a plain face. The martial arts of love! (also included in Nega)

    6) Haihai, Kawaiine 「はいはい、かわいいね」 by KOBATO Mebaru

    7) Natura-turaly 「ナチュラチュラリィ」 by ICHIKAWA Kei
    (from Must Be Endless) We thought the world would forever continue with just the two of us. Twins Aki and Kana are always together. Then something steps between them…

    8) Stockholm 「ストックホルム」 by ITOI Nozo
    She's been kidnapped by two strange men, but she knows what they're doing in the next room…

    9) Taneda-kun to Tsukiai tai「種田くんと付き合いたい」 by Tamekou

    10) Oribonchan to Otokonoko 「おりぼんちゃんと男の子」 by Blue Chome
    • -- (8.11)
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    Arai is a member of the home economics club at his high school, and he gets roped into cross-dressing by the club president so he can talk to and ultimately confess to his first love, Ono.
    • -- (9.15)
    • 2,613
    • 58,029
    • 55
    After recently moving to Onomichi, Hiroshima, high school student Tasuku Kaname is thrown into despair at the possibility that he may have been outed for being gay. Convinced his life is over, his despair turns into shock when he sees a woman jump out of a window of a nearby house. Tasuku races to the house in a panic only to discover that it's a public meeting lounge owned by the woman he saw before. Tasuku comes face to face with the woman as she walks past him unharmed, but not before she implies that she had been watching him from afar. Confused, Tasuku follows her up to the top of a steep hill where she offers to briefly listen to what's on his mind. Although Tasuku doesn't go into too much detail, he later accepts her invitation to come to the lounge to meet others with similar troubles.
    • -- (7.78)
    • 102
    • 5,023
    Oneshot cross-over of Usotsuki Lily and Sold Out!.
    • -- (7.33)
    • 525
    • 21,613
    • 7
    Hikaru is coaxed into cross-dressing by his next door neighbor Aya, who gets him to participate in a girls-only singing contest as "Hikari".

    Portuguese / Português
    Hikaru é convencido pela sua irmã a se vestir como uma menina para participar de um festival de musica, porque ele canta muito bem mas, o concurso é só para meninas. Porem o que seria apenas uma vez, se complica um pouco, quando seu novo vizinho aparece em sua casa.
    • -- (7.93)
    • 355
    • 10,613
    • 5
    Shuusei has a dream of his friend, Hinata, wearing a maid's uniform. When they next meet, Shuusei reacts strangely, and Hinata eventually confronts him. Explaining his behavior, Shuusei is asked to meet Hinata at his home, where he'll soon understand.

    Portuguese / Português
    Shuusei tem um sonho com seu amigo, Hinata. Nesse sonho Hinata está usando um uniforme de empregada. Durante a aula, Shuusei está agindo de modo estranho, e quando Hinata resolve confronta-lo, ele acaba explicando o seu comportamento. Shuusei então é chamado por Hinata para ir na sua casa onde ele iria entender algumas coisas...
    • -- (7.77)
    • 573
    • 11,258
    • 8
    A pair of fraternal twins gripe to each other about having swapped bodies the month before.

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    • -- (7.65)
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    • 14
    Noa Kagura is a cross-dresser who gets asked out by Shinobu Takada, a boyish girl on their school's karate team.
    • -- (8.12)
    • 830
    • 13,210
    Hime Arikawa's large amount of debt left to him by his parents is paid off by the Shimoshina High School student council. In return, Hime has to join the student council and spend his high school life cross-dressing.
    • -- (7.55)
    • 359
    • 10,799
    • 5
    Takahashi wakes up one day to discover he's turned into a woman. Curious about what it feels like to have sex as a woman, he asks his friend Hirukawa if he wants to have sex.
    • -- (7.67)
    • 753
    • 15,789
    • 25
    A guy has a childhood friend who can change sexes at will. This friend is about to turn 15, at which point they will lose this ability.

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