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The ordinary Mikami Satoru found himself dying after being stabbed by a slasher. It should have been the end of his meager 37 years, but he found himself deaf and blind after hearing a mysterious voice.
He had been reincarnated into a slime!

While complaining about becoming the weak but famous slime and enjoying the life of a slime at the same time, Mikami Satoru met with the Catastrophe-level monster “Storm Dragon Veldora”, and his fate began to move.

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  • Anime Season 1 on ANN
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    Shirokuro Sansui, a Japanese student, was accidentally killed by God, then sent to another world in apology. There, he received training from a sage for 500 years in order to become “the strongest.” After training enough to be considered the strongest by the world’s current standards, he happened upon a baby near his training grounds, thus beginning his otherworld adventure. His training was normal, his moves are boring… even though he’s the strongest person in the world, everything else about him is just plain. The curtain opens on the sword saint who fights with just a normal wooden sword.

    Official English LN release: J-Novel Club
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    "I'm terribly sorry!"

    A god was suddenly prostrating in front of Kayano Takumi. He was apparently killed by a mistake. Moreover, he can't be reborn again. However, according to god, he would be able to live in a different world, but he made a mistake again and transferred him into a dangerous forest... where he finds a pair of children and decides to take care of them.

    Italian/Italiano :
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    Is being unable to see the red string of fate better?!
    Since the encounter on the day of the high school entrance ceremony, dog-like boy, Makita Keita and cat-like girl, Ohara Tamaki have had the worst relationship.
    The story starts to progress when the both of them are put in the same class.
    A little mysterious heart racing school youth graffiti begins!

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