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October 5th UPDATE: Recovered well ( not due to that ) so the next chapters will be released soon and as planned.

【 Current Projects 】
Amegashi (Complete) ー Working on Chapter 4/4.5
Chiisako no Niwa (Complete) ー Working on Garden 4
I Don't Mind Being Eaten by You (Hiatus) ー Working on 5 & 6
Namida Ame to Serenade (Ongoing) ー Working on 17 <soon> & 18
Reiwa Hanamaru Gakuen (Complete) ー Working on Chapter 14 <soon> 15 & 16 ー Licensed (2021) but NOT Dropped
Torimania (Ongoing) ー Working on Chapter 7/7.5

【 Upcoming Projects 】
Musashino Rondo (Ongoing) ー Working on Chapter 1 (Possibly Waiting for Volume 1 Release)

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【 Completed Projects 】
Itsuka no Haru
Kimi ga Futte Kita Hi
The Weird Relationship Between a Twisted Angel and a Gloomy Devil
They Who Shouldn't Have Loved, The Story of Their Cursed Love
A Nyakuza Manga (Oneshot)
The Ghost and... (Oneshot)
The Love and Lies of a... (Oneshot)
The Mermaid and... (Oneshot)
The Story of a Scientist and... (Oneshot)
The Story of an Ogre and... (Oneshot)
Watashi no Maou-sama (Oneshot)

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