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Sakata Gintoki is a samurai living in an era when samurai are no longer needed.
To add to his troubles, oppressive aliens have moved in to invade. Gintoki lives with Kagura and Shinpachi, taking on odd jobs to make the world a better place... and to pay their rent.

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Utsuru Sanada is a professional photographer at the age of 17, he can guess the exact 3 sizes of any girl, he can memorize anything he sees, and he can counterattack karate moves (most guys would want these abilities). Why? Because he has superb photographic memory called “Shutter Eye” (as in the shutter of a camera). He meets Niko Kurihara, the female protagonist, who dislikes men, is a master of martial arts, and is of course beautiful. Utsuru attempts to prove to Niko that he is not the guy she thinks he is so that he can take a picture of her. He starts by investigating Niko’s friend’s date, who appears to be a deceptive guy according to rumors…

Ran as a one-shot in 2009; started serialization in 2010.