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Founded: 2015-04-05
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Leader: yunomi
Upload restriction: Group members only
Group delay: 2 weeks
We release the series we enjoy, but we also take requests. We are always open for more members to join us.
If you have any questions, you can join our discord server at: https://discord.gg/ynG7kXS

You can also email us at: jaiminisbox@gmail.com

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Avatar TheBard 9 days ago
This is one of the reasons I still mostly use other websites instead of using just Mangadex
Avatar ixlone 2 mo ago

JB have said they will reduce their delay at some point.

If you mean the new thumbnail view on beta vs the list view on live version, you can swap back to list view in your settings on beta - or just click the latest updates text for a simple view.
Avatar mommy 2 mo ago
Two weeks is really way too much and I have gotten so used to the list style setting on mangadex that I don't foresee a future I can go on without it anymore

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Avatar w4tchdoge 2 mo ago
Is there a specific reason why the delay is two weeks instead of one?
Avatar Oatison 2 mo ago
Good lord that delay
Avatar speedysam0 2 mo ago
The two week delay is a bit long, especially when you mass upload old stuff. Good thing the site has the ability to link to your website from a chapter in queue.
Avatar shogun01 2 mo ago
What are you talking about? I was reading a couple chapters from their site last night. Just click on the "Reader" button on the top of the page. They rarely update the news section, but their reader is updated almost daily.
Avatar eSPiYa 2 mo ago
Looks like a fake group. After checking their site, there are no actual chapters. Maybe they just want to earn page views.
Avatar Starscream 2 mo ago
Thank you for uploading on Mangadex as well even with the delay, much appreciated!

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Avatar jamull2013 2 mo ago
Glad to see you guys uploading here, but the delays....UGH.
Avatar kurozaku 2 mo ago
Welcome back, Bro
Avatar Lucky 2 mo ago
Oh you guys are uploading here again? Great!
Avatar henry9960 3 mo ago
second 😄
Avatar yunomi 3 mo ago
First 😀